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Electronic cigarettes have been around for more than 5 years, but it is only in the past year that they have exploded in popularity. You can see an e-cig practically anywhere now. They are available in gas stations, supermarkets, and pharmacies. Even big box stores now carry ecig starter kits and refill cartridges.

If you aren’t familiar with ecigs yet, it’s time to learn the ropes. Whereas tobacco cigarettes rely on combustion to provide nicotine to the smoker, electronic cigarettes operate with battery power. When you light up an analog cigarette, you are exposing your lungs to thousands of deadly toxins. It’s a well known fact that smoking increases risks for heart attack, stroke, cancer, and other respiratory diseases. With e-cigs, you eliminate the tobacco, the tar, and the toxic smoke.

Electronic cigarettes are fundamentally different than analog cigarettes. A battery heats up the atomizer insider the e-cig. Then the atomizer converts a nicotine liquid solution into vapor. The smoker inhales this vaper mist just like they would inhale cigarette smoke. However, the vaper is odorless and research shows that it poses no danger to lung function or to cardiac health.

Secondhand smoke is a thing of the past when a person switches to electronic cigarettes. E-cig vapor dissipates in seconds, leaving no odor behind. Whereas cigarette smoke can linger for up to 20 minutes, vapor dissolves within 15 seconds. That means you can vape indoors and no one would ever notice unless they see the vapor cloud in the first few seconds. There is no trace of odor or smoke left behind to tell your secret.

Ecigarettes are a cost effective solution for smokers as well. With tobacco taxes rising, it has become outrageously expensive to be a smoker. By switching to e-cigarettes, you can literally save thousands of dollars. After a one-time investment in a starter kit, you only have to buy e-liquids or refill cartridges to use with your rechargeable battery. This will cost a fraction of the price of cigarettes and you get the same amount of nicotine and “smoking time”.

As more people discover the power of electronic cigarettes, the industry has experienced a big boom in innovation as well. We’ve witnessed a move from basic rechargeable e-cigarettes to elaborate tank systems and mods with tons of power. More than 300 companies sell their own e-cigarettes in the United States now so the competition is fierce and only the best survive.

Big tobacco companies quickly saw the danger that e-cigs presented for their profits. As tobacco sales declined and more people switched to tobacco-free vaping, major tobacco players like Altria, Reynolds American, and Lorillard have all embraced e-cigarettes and expanded their product lines to include these products. With powerful companies with large financial reserves getting involved, it makes the competition even harder for manufacturers in the ecig industry.

The good news is that fierce competition leads to better products. There is no room for error in this cutting edge market so ecig manufacturers are working harder than ever to insure that consumers are pleased with their products. The result has been a spike in customization options. You can now find e-liquids in hundreds of flavors ranging from the basic tobacco and menthol to exotic flavors like Banana Nut and Mint Chocolate Chip.

E-cig accessories have also come a long way in the past few years with new technology making vaping easier than ever. Several brands have created personal charging packs that allow you to charge your e-cigs on the go. Instead of plugging the battery into a USB port or a wall outlet, you can just store it in the case and it will charge while it is not in use. This offers vapers the ultimate convenience, especially when life gets really busy.

The future looks incredibly bright for electronic cigarettes. While some speculate that the FDA could crack down on e-cigs in the future, the industry is so large that the regulations will have to be chosen carefully. There have already been battles in cities around the country where residents showed up to protest proposed e-cig bans. So far, e-cigs are only banned from public use in a few states. In most places, it is completely legal to vape anywhere and anytime.

No matter what the future holds for e-cigs, we are confident that our favorite vaping products are here to stay. Join us at ChurnMag as we explore the world of ecigarettes and learn what makes these products so incredible.