Best Electronic Cigarettes

It seems like everyone is looking for the best electronic cigarette. Are you tired of spending your hard earned money on one e-cig after another, only to feel disappointed with the results? Have you been reading reviews for hours and all the information you find sounds pretty much identical? We understand. At, we take a practical approach to finding the best electronic cigarette.

We collect opinions from hundreds of vapers and test products for ourselves before we post reviews. It is our priority to give you honest information so you will fall in love with vaping rather than feeling cheated out of the money you spent on yet another disappointing starter kit. We follow a very detailed process to rank our e-cigs in order of performance. Here is an overview of what we analyze in the search for the best ecig.

First, we study the e-cig’s design. Is it a two-piece or three-piece electronic cigarette? Can you customize it with various colors? Does it resemble a real cigarette or is it obviously an e-cig? These are all questions we ask as we first study a new ecig. Next, we look at the battery performance. We examine how long it takes to charge the battery and then test how long it will last before we have to charge it again. The best ecigarette should have a long battery life and it should charge relatively quickly. Convenience is key is the ecig is going to be a success.

We also study how each e cig brands perform. The first thing we notice is the vapor production. Does it give us thick, satisfying clouds of vapor or is it just a tiny wisp that leaves us disappointed? Most vapers want full vapor so that is definitely a qualification we look for in choosing our best e-cigarette brands.

It’s also important that the ecig is easy to use and enjoyable. That’s why we actually vape each e-cig in the office so we can see firsthand how it feels. We look for that throat hit that resembles the feel of smoking because many smokers complain that weaker ecigs lack that sensation they had while smoking. The best ecigarette brands manage to closely mimic that little feeling in the back of the throat that smokers grow to enjoy.

We also look at how many flavor options and nicotine strengths the brand offers. If an e-cigarette wants to rank high at, they need to offer some solid customization options. Most people don’t always want to vape the same flavor and many smokers like to gradually dial down their nicotine usage so different strengths are essential.

Finally, we look at the overall price for the e cigarette brands we are testing. In a side-by-side comparison, the best e cig needs to be priced reasonably. After we compile all of this information, we decide how ecigs compare to the competition. Below, you will see a chart where we offer a side-by-side view of how some of our best electronic cigarettes compare in these important categories. Take a few minutes to study these brands and find the one that offers the features that are most important to you.

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