10 Things Your Non-Smoking Friends Won’t Tell You


If you are a smoker, your friends definitely notice. They might not tell you, but your cigarette use is probably getting on their nerves. While your friends might be too nice to tell you the truth, here are 10 things your nonsmoking friends are probably thinking every time you light up.

1. Your Breath Stinks!


After you smoke a cigarette, your breath is horrible. Sitting next to you in a restaurant is brutal because it’s like sniffing an ashtray every time you speak. Mints don’t help either. When you smoke a cigarette and pop a breath mint, it just smells like a minty ashtray.

2. Your House Grosses Us Out


Your house smells bad and we’re pretty sure that cancer is lurking on your coffee table. We know that you can’t possibly go outside when you need a smoke, but we can’t possibly linger in your home because the smell is overwhelming an we are sure the carcinogens are circulating in the air even now.

3. We Don’t Want to Carpool


When it’s time to go somewhere, we have this inner battle going on in our mind. We don’t want to hurt your feelings, but we’d really prefer not to carpool. There is no way we will ride in your car because it smells like a big pile of cigarette butts. But we also don’t want you riding in our car because you will make it stink too.

4. You Hair Smells Bad Even After You Take a Shower


Sorry to harp on the smell again, but your hair really smells bad. It’s like all that smoke just clings to your scalp. Even after you take a shower, we can smell the smoke in your hair and it is baffling to us. Did you smoke in the shower or is the smell just that infused in your hair follicles? Either way, we love you, but your hair stinks.

5. It’s Annoying When You Have to Take Smoke Breaks Constantly


Nicotine addiction must be awful because you are taking smoke breaks every half hour and it’s really annoying. When we want to move on to the next part of the day, we are forced to wait around while you go have yet another cigarette.

6. We Really Don’t Want to Go Outside With You While You Smoke


It’s really nice of you to invite us outside so we can continue our conversation while you smoke, but we’d rather not. The whole reason why you have to go outside to smoke is so that people like us don’t have to inhale the fumes. So why would we voluntarily follow you outside? No thanks.

7. Your Cough is Definitely from Smoking


That chronic, rattily, disgusting cough that you insist is from allergies is actually from cigarettes. You constantly complain about your allergies or speculate that you might have bronchitis or pneumonia, but secretly, we are always thinking that you could just quit smoking and the cough would inevitably disappear.

8. You’re Only Broke Because You Spend Your Money on Cigarettes


It is endlessly annoying when you claim to be broke. We know how much you smoke and we also know how much cigarettes cost. Don’t complain about not having money for rent while chain smoking. You are making yourself look stupid.

9. Yes, We Do Mind if You Smoke Around Us.


Thanks for asking, but it makes us feel awkward when you ask if we mind your smoking. If we ask you not to smoke, you are going to be offended and likely leave early. But if we say it’s fine for you to light up, we are really going to be miserable the whole night. So it’s a losing situation for us. Just be courteous and refrain from smoking around your nonsmoking friends please.

10. Everyone Knows that You Smoke.


You might think that no one knows about your secret smoking addiction, but we’ve got to be honest… everyone knows. No matter how much air freshener you spray on your clothes and car or how many mints you eat, you still smell like cigarettes. Your teeth are kind of yellow from the nicotine and it’s suspicious how you make up excuses to go out to your car every half hour. It’s obvious that you’re a smoker so why are you trying to pretend you’re not?


Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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9 Responses

  1. Non says:

    This. All of this. I have one friend who is an extremely heavy smoker and I’ve become really sensitive to smoke because of it. #7 gave me a chuckle. Do they all do that? She has this cough so bad she can’t hold a conversation, turns blue and puffy, and blames her allergies. It’s ridiculous. Today i used 3 different excuses to not come over to her house and finally had to text her that my lungs hurt from her cigarettes. She has not responded. Ugh!

  2. yourmom says:

    I choose not to be friends with smokers… it’s not fair to choose a friend with an addiction and expect them to just be able to live like a non smoker… It’s deff a deal breaker in the friendship department if someone smokes.

  3. FactChecker says:

    Just to set it straight, a smoker’s teeth aren’t yellow because of the nicotine, it’s because of the “tar” additives in cigarettes. Nicotine is colorless and odorless.

  4. Drew says:

    Hahahaha this is so funny and true. Numbers 1,2,3,5,8 apply to my friend Lol!!! The reason why I found this, is I was asking google, “should I tell my friend his place smells like an ash tray?” He always invites me over but not just reaking, its messy and dirty.

    Someone said being a smoker is a deal breaker in a friendship. Weird. Dating I could understand. But straight up not being friends with someone. Lol wow, douche bag alert.

  5. Anon says:

    I am 16 and live with my grandma and she smokes in the house !!! I always smell no matter what i do and it causes me so much anxiety at school bc numerous people have pointed out the smoke smell. It’s so unfair because I don’t smoke and do NOT plan on it. Oh and when i say something about it she says ” i don’t wanna hear it” or “don’t start” and hacks a lung up . *cough cough*

  6. Lizzy says:

    I totally understand not wanting to go in a house where people smoke it stinks sometimes but a lot of people i know only smoke outside. But some of its ridiculous you know how many people second hand smoke has killed in the world 0 thats right 0 people. And if you stop being friends with someone because they smoke then you werent actually their friend there are tons of things people do besides smoking that i personally cant stand but i dont constantly berate them for it that wouldnt make me a very good person now if ypur friend wants to quit smoking it would be great to help them but dont bw an ass hole because they do something you dont like.

  7. Jamal Mahmoud says:

    I believe that smokers have a hard time fighting their addictions. That is what we are constantly fighting—our inner demons. I agree with the writer’s post comments; that vaping has revolutionized how we can use devices to supplement our nicotine cravings.

    Another issue is that we should not be critical of smokers. I am guilty of this crime, my father always gets upset with me when I try to tell him to cut down on smoking. But he loves it so much; and it is sad, because it has been very detrimental to his health. I could see what cigarettes are doing to him. And I hate the fact that it has gotten the best of him.

    Last but not least, we should keep fighting tobacco companies. And we should be inventing new products and services to help people quit or cut down on smoking cigarettes. There is a new product that I invented and it is scented body oils with nicotine. Thank you so much, and the fight continues against Big Tobacco.


  8. Dadsdf says:

    More proof that non smokers are the most annoying people on the earth.

    You’re still going to get cancer from all the pollution in the city that you inhale into your lungs and you’re deluded if you think otherwise.

    Smoking kills less than cars and alcohol but I imagine most of you drive around in cars that pollute and regularly drink alcohol.

    This list is nonsense implying every smoker smokes around people, in their house and in their car. Oh and if your skin and breath smelt after smoking, it’s because you don’t know how to wash properly or clean your teeth.

  9. Kar says:

    I don’t believe smoking cigarettes causes cancer. If it did these smokers would be nonexistent. And if it did- What good is it if smoking causes cancer and they live into their 70s – their life is already over other than the fact theyre broke. I wish the federal govt would stay out of it and let more of the poisons in Cigarettes expose the smoker so they die off sooner and leave the world healthier to breath in.

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