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Are you a fan of high-powered, technologically advanced vape products? If you are, then you’ve probably heard of Tesla, one of the most committed brands when it comes to research and development. They’ve been on our radar for a long time, and they’ve never let us down with their atomizers, mods, and accessories.

Teslacigs focuses on one thing: vape hardware. From box mods to atomizers down to even the coil you use for your own DIY coils, this is the brand to go to for your needs. Complete with a 90-day guarantee and after-sale support, you are sure to get the best of what the vape industry has to offer for products.

If you are looking to purchase a new mod, Teslacigs has your back covered. With eight different mods, varying in mode control, size, ergonomics, and even battery, you’ll find something that fits your needs. Two of the most popular mods, the Invader and the AIO, come with their own features.

The AIO, which stands for all-in-one, is a device that features an internal tank with a 70W mod that supports temperature control. The Invader, which is on its third iteration of the original mod, features a dual-battery volt-variable box mod that is best when paired with a high-wattage tank or an RDA atomizer. While these aren’t the only mods available, they are the best reviewed, and regardless of your vaping style, one of these will fit the build for you.

Each Tesla vape mod comes with firmware that can be updated; some even come with OLED screens. With customer service available directly through the brand’s social media, even if you run into a problem, the solution is at your fingertips. You can’t go wrong with a Teslacigs mod.

Tesla also offers a variety of accessories that you might find useful, including USB cables for adaptable charging, wires for coils, holders, and gift bags. For drip tip enthusiasts, Tesla has eight different versions, all of which maximize the flavor profile of any given e-liquid.

But Tesla cigs doesn’t stop there. Alongside its online presence on the website, which features manuals and product posters, the brand is also known for its social media presence. We’ve found them to be especially responsive on Twitter and Facebook, which is to be expected; as an Asian company, social media is the best way for customers in the US and the EU to get in touch.

Like many other brands, Tesla is devoted to informing its customers about changes in vape regulation around the world. With TDP and American regulations in flux, and other countries debating the use of vape products, it’s important that the brand makes any new information readily accessible to its customers. The news tab the brand features is especially relevant, indicating what countries are currently not accepting vape hardware through customers. If you’re in a different country and want to purchase Tesla products directly from the store, check out the news tab first.

Tesla has the best new mods on the market. We know, that’s easy for us to say, but it’s true. Every time a new technology shows up, Tesla is the first to try it out. We’ll be keeping our eye on the brand, and we hope you will too.

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