Best Vaporizers Guide

Best Portable & Desktop Marijuana Vaporizers: Our 2019 Dry Herb Review Guide

In almost a decade since their explosion onto the scene, vaporizers have grown from being primarily aimed at smokers looking to quit, into a full-blown sub-culture. While nicotine e-liquid style devices still tend to dominate the market and were the original driver of the technology, weed vaporizers have developed off the same principle of heating, rather than burning.

Crafty VaporizerThey’ve come a long way from the earliest whip style desktop devices. Now you can find marijuana vaporizers of all shapes, sizes, and powers. Desktop vaporizers, like the ever famous Volcano brand, still offer the greatest punch, but portable vaporizers have also become a very viable option for weed enthusiasts. Many consider the high to be much cleaner and pleasant than if smoked, which has led to a shift in how they think about vaporizers.

With such a large number of different devices on the market, both desktop and portable, it can be difficult to gain a well-rounded understanding of the pros and cons of each. That’s why we’ve used our over 20 years of combined knowledge to help guide you to the best option. One of our experts, a medical marijuana card holder, has entirely converted to vaporizing weed, having seen the light after years of smoking. So you can bet that it’s not just a passing craze. Using a vaporizer is simply the superior way to get high!

We’ve already done a breakdown of the best pen style vaporizers of 2019, but the focus of that list and guide was on the pen style, e-cigarette side of things. This list is specifically made to point you to the best herbal vaporizer for your needs. So if you’re ready to take your vaping to the next level with a weed vaporizer, this guide is for you. It contains our picks for the Best Desktop Vaporizer, Best Portable Vaporizer, and Best Value Vaporizer of 2019. We also included reviews of eight additional fantastic desktop setups, as well as nine portable ones. We followed that up with an overview aimed at giving you the necessary knowledge to have an incredible experience with your new vaporizer consistently.

Disclosure: Our editors and staff personally test the box mods reviewed on ChurnMag. You may notice links to stores that stock the vape mods in question. If you decide to purchase from these stores, we may receive a commission. This compensation does not affect our opinion on a model, nor does it increase the price you pay. In fact, we strive to find our readers the best prices. See our vape deal section for the best offers we’ve collected across the web. The commissions we earn also help us pay for the costs of running ChurnMag.

Our Favorite 3 Vaporizers

Best Portable Vaporizer
AirVape X - Best Portable Vaporizer
AirVape X
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Best Desktop Vaporizer
Volcano Vaporizer - Best Desktop Vaporizer
Volcano Vaporizer
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Most Durable Vaporizer
Arizer Air 2 - Most Durable Vaporizer
Arizer Air 2
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AirVape X
AirVape X Box Mod
Best Portable Vaporizer
  • Easy Payment Plan
  • Convection and conduction heating
  • Perfect Ergonomics
  • Vapor could be improved

Full Specifications

  • Used for Loose-leaf and Oil Concentrates
  • Weighs Only 3.2 oz
  • 0.48″ Flat
  • Vibration when ready
  • 1300 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Heat-up Time: 20 Seconds to Optimal Level
  • 1.3 Inch Screen Displaying: Battery Level, Temperature, Automatic Shutoff Timer
  • Two button easy temperature control ↑↓
  • Micro USB Charging, Charge while use (if battery not depleted), 1 hr Charge Time
  • Dual Filter, 3 AirFlow Chamber Ceramic mouthpiece
  • 200 F – 428 F Adjustable Temperature Scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius (93 C – 220 C)
  • Oval Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • EZ AirPath (Isolated)
  • Sturdy, Metal Body
  • Measurements: 4.1″L x 1.85″W x .48″H
  • Materials: Steel, Li-Ion, Ceramic

The high-quality vaporizers of last year aren’t exclusively e-liquid vaporizers, as the cannabis vaping industry has grown faster than any other portion of the business over the past several years. AirVape has been right in the thick of things, releasing several high-quality vapes recently. But their most significant accomplishment yet is the update of their super successful AirVape Xs, The AirVape X. Built to use dry herbs, but fully functional with concentrates as well, the AirVape X is perfect for anyone looking for a super compact THC vape.

It’s powered by a 1300 mAh lithium-ion battery, which allows the user to precisely control the temperature between 200 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The dual chamber heating design ensures a consistently even and robust vape while keeping the outside cool to the touch. Using both convection and conduction heating the AirVape X heats up in under 20 seconds, and the high-quality screen displays all relevant information. A new feature to the AirVape X is support for concentrates, thanks to the included concentrate pad. Just insert into the chamber and apply a small bit of your preferred concentrate.

While AirVape remains a relatively unknown brand among the general public, the THC vaping community is well aware of what they bring to the table. This incredibly slim vaporizer is perfect for anyone who wants to vape on the go, but do so discreetly. It easily fits in your hand and is more than thin enough to fit in most any pocket or bag. You can get yours in one of three styles, either Black, Ocean Blue, or Rose Gold. It’s a bit on the expensive side at around $179.99 MSRP, but you’ll know where the money went as soon as you experience the high quality and robust vapor production the AirVape X provides.

Volcano Vaporizer
Volcano Vaporizer Box Mod
Best Desktop Vaporizer
  • Top Vapor Quality and Density
  • Large Oven
  • Great For Multiple Users
  • High Price Tag

Full Specifications

Voltage: 110-120 V / 50-60 Hz

Heat Output: 110 W

Air Pump Output: 11 W

Temperature Range:

VOLCANO CLASSIC: 266°F – 446°F (130°C – 230°C)

VOLCANO DIGIT: 104°F – 446°F (40°C – 230°C)

Air Flow: approx. 12 L/min

VOLCANO CLASSIC: approx. 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)

VOLCANO DIGIT: approx. 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

Dimensions: 8 inch (20 cm) Wide / 7 inch (18 cm) Height

The Volcano Vaporizer continues to be the premier name in the extremely efficient desktop vaporizer category. Which, is why we’ve named it the Best Desktop Vaporizer of 2018. Countless imitators have tried to replicate the quality of vapor produced by Volcanoes, but to this day none have been entirely able to do it. This feat is all the more impressive when you realize that Volcano Vaporizers have been around longer than almost any other brand. Opting for a Volcano means consistently having the highest quality vapor possible. Both models, the digital and analog versions, allow for a wide range of temperature control.

The flagship brand by German manufacturers, Storz and Bickel, Volcano Vaporizers are known the world over for their superior functionality. The design is exceptional, down to the type of metal used to construct the heating core. The aluminum core creates a very even distribution, and the substances high melting point helps keep your vapor pure. The temperature of the digital model can be set between 104 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit, while the analog model has a range of 266-446 degrees Fahrenheit.

This wide range of temps is excellent for vapers who like to test different things in search of their perfect setting. The standard package comes with one Volcano Vaporizer, two air filters, a high-quality grinder, as well as the user’s manual. In addition to that, the Easy Valve Starter Set comes with four of the brand new Easy Valve reusable balloons, one Easy Valve built for replaceable balloons, a screen set, filling chamber, liquid pad, and cleaning brush.

If you’re seriously ready to take your vaping to a whole new level, the Volcano Vaporizer is the tried and tested choice. For almost as long as there have been vaporizers the Volcano has reigned supreme, and for a good reason. They’re so powerful and intuitive that no matter what level vaper you are, you’ll be equal parts satisfied with the quality of vapor and ease of use.

The analog version only costs $479.99, while the digital model runs an extra $120, coming in at $599.99. For the extra money, you receive much more precise control over the temperature, as well as an automatic shutoff after 30-minutes of nonuse. If you’re looking to upgrade to a high-end desktop vaporizer, there is no better choice than the perennial favorite, Volcano Vaporizer.

Arizer Air 2
Arizer Air 2 Box Mod
Most Durable Vaporizer
  • Extremely Compact
  • Hybrid Heating System
  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Slower heat up time

Full Specifications


  • For Dry Herb
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Isolated Airpath
  • Digital Display
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ L x 6″ W x 2.5″ D


  • 1 x Arizer Air II Vaporizer
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Charger / USB /Power Adapter
  • 1 x Glass Aroma Tube 70mm
  • 1 x Glass Aroma Tube 70mm with Tip
  • 2 x Silicone Stem Caps
  • 4 x Stainless Steel Filter Screens
  • 1 x Glass Botanical Dish 1 x Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 1 x Package of Botanicals
  • 1 x Owner’s Manual

Arizer recently released a sequel to arguably their most popular device the Arizer Air. The Air 2 is built to be a durable and easy to use vaporizer, with plenty of emphasis placed on portability. In fact, in many ways, the Air 2 is the ideal portable dry herb vaporizer thanks to their design and included accessories. That makes it perfect for any vapers who always find themselves on the road and long wished for a perfect little to-go kit.

Powered by a single 18650 battery, which is included in your purchase, the Arizer Air 2 is surprisingly powerful and long-lasting. The temperature can be easily adjusted between 122 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit, making experimentation fun and simple. You can even use the Air 2 while it’s being charged, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice again. The flavor and mouthfeel are incredible thanks to the hybrid conduction and convection heating matched with a specially isolated airpath.

Arizer set out to improve on what they made with the original Air. By keeping what people loved and changing what needed improvement, Arizer has indeed created one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers ever made. The device itself is sleek and compact, but the star of the show is the spare chambers included with the carrying case, allowing you to carry pre-filled cartridges and extra batteries along with your Air 2. The Air 2 usually sells for around $239.99 MSRP, but you can get yours now direct from Arizer for the incredible price of just $167.99. If you’ve ever wanted to easily take your vaping with you no matter where you go, be sure to check out this fantastic little device.

Xmax Starry
Xmax Starry Box Mod
  • Ceramic Oven & Mouthpiece
  • Temperature Precision
  • Easy to Use
  • Shorter Battery Life

Full Specifications


  • Ultra Portable
  • 25s Heat up Time
  • Swappable Battery
  • Ceramic Conduction Oven
  • 1yr Warranty
  • Haptic Feedback (V3)

X Max is a relatively newer brand, but they’re quickly building a reputation for their incredible vaporizers at unbeatable prices. Their latest device is also their greatest, as the third version of their popular Starry vaporizer. This device was designed with one goal in mind, to provide quality and features not always found in vaporizers even twice as expensive. That’s why it’s one of the absolute best choices for anyone who wants a top tier experience for a discount price point.

It’s powered by a single 18650 battery, giving you the freedom to swap out batteries when they lose charge or begin to degrade in quality. It has a massive temperature control range, spanning from 212 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to cultivate any type of experience you’re looking for. The quality is apparent as soon as you hold the Starry, as it’s constructed from anodized aluminum unlike most cheaper vapes cased in plastic. It reaches full power in about 35 seconds, with version 3 implementing a haptic feedback feature to alert users when it’s ready.

X Max set out to create one of the best bargain vapes on the market with the Starry V3, and they absolutely succeeded. This device represents the crossroads between quality construction, robust feature sets, and affordable pricing. But that doesn’t mean it’s only good for those who need a deal. It’s actually a really solid dry herb vaporizer in its own right. You can get your hands on an X Max Starry for just 99.99 MSRP, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any special deals on top of this incredible offer.

Arizer ArGo
Arizer ArGo Box Mod
  • Very compact design
  • Great Flavor
  • Interchangeable Batteries
  • Difficult to Clean

Full Specifications


  • For Dry Herb
  • Made In Canada
  • Convection Heating
  • Easy-To-Use OLED Display For Control & Customization
  • Wide Temperature Range For Optimal Flavor Exploration
  • Borosilicate Glass Aroma Tubes
  • Powerful & Swappable 18650 Battery
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Dimensions: 8″L X 6″W X 4″D


  • 1x Arizer ArGo
  • 1x 18650 Battery
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 2x Borosilicate Glass Aroma Tubes
  • 1x Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • 2x Silicone Stem Caps
  • 1x Steel Stirring Tool
  • 4x Stainless Steel Screens
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Another fantastic portable device by Arizer is the ArGo, which gained a ton of popularity this year for being arguably their most discreet vaporizer. The ArGo implements many of the same features as other Arizer products but took extra care to ensure it’s the ultimate in portability, even for their high standard. That makes it a dream for all those vapers out there who strive to stay always under the radar.

Powered by a single 18650 battery, which is included, the ArGo is fully temperature controlled between 122 and 428 degrees Farenhiet. Even better, they provide a full year warranty on the battery in addition to the two-year warranty already covering your ArGo Vape. The ArGo is an especially great choice for vapers who want complete control over their experience without having to sacrifice portability. They pack a pretty impressive amount of control and information into a very compact device.

Arizer has truly found its niche with top quality portable mods that provide incredible dry herb vaping. One of the few criticisms of previous versions was the lack of airflow, but the ArGo rectified this problem and then some thanks to larger dedicated air paths. Between their commitment to improvement and resolve to stand behind all their products, it’s hard not to trust Arizer for your dry herb vaping needs. Arizer is currently offering the ArGo for $188.99, down from $269.99 MSRP, so if you’ve ever thought about making the jump now is a great opportunity.

DaVinci IQ
DaVinci IQ Box Mod
  • Great Ergonomics
  • Haptic Feedback
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Fast Staining Oven
  • Oven Door Ball Comes Loose Over Time

Full Specifications

Device Dimensions: 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D

Device Weight: 5 oz

Heat-up Time (to 230° F): 16 Sec

Battery: Rechargable / Replaceable 18650 Battery

Charging Time: 3 Hours

Warranty: 10 Year

The DaVinci IQ is one of the best dry herb vaporizers ever made. While it doesn’t have the versatility of some of the other portable vaporizers on this list, few can match the DaVinci in quality of dry herb vapor. The flavor is just out of this world. Even at very high temperatures, the flavor stays fantastic. At lower temperatures, you’ll still produce some big and robust clouds. Its unique zirconia material on the outside of the unit is both extremely durable as well as being a poor conductor of heat. Meaning that you’ll never have to worry about the device getting too hot for your hand again.

It takes less than a minute to heat up, but stays on longer than most devices, allowing for extended sessions. There is Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for complete control over everything from LED brightness to which of the smart paths is being used. Each path has an individual setting that is adjustable from the app. The app itself is one of the best we’ve ever used in the vaping space. It connects right away and doesn’t seem to have any significant glitches or flaws.

With the DaVinci IQ, you’ll receive USB charging cable, alcohol wipes, chimney brush, keychain tool, 10mm adapter, and a carrying can. For a limited time, you’ll even receive a free Santa Cruz Shredder 2-piece grinder. The $274.99 price tag is a bit on the high end for portable vaporizers, but with such a commitment to quality and consistency, it’s well worth the purchase. So if you’re someone who is only interested in vaping dry herbs on the go, the DaVinci IQ is likely your best option.

Pax 3
Pax 3 Box Mod
  • Great Vapor Quality
  • Fast Heating
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Concentrates Don't Work As Well
  • No E-Liquid Support

Full Specifications

Compatible with flower and concentrates

Haptic feedback (vibrations indicate when vapor is ready

when entering standby mode

and when the device is turned off)

High-polished anodized aluminum shell

15-second heat up (30 seconds faster than PAX 2)

4 temperature settings

Full-color LED interface indicating battery life


and more

Internal accelerometer saves energy and material

3500 mAh battery (16% larger than PAX 2)

Double the oven power of PAX 2

Bluetooth enabled; compatible with PAX Vapor app

Dimensions: 98.5 (H) x 30.6 (W) x 21.4 (D) mm

10-year warranty

4 colors available (Black Gold Silver and limited edition Rose Gold)

A tremendous 2-in-1 portable vaporizer option is the infamous Pax 3. Both of its inserts provide exceptional flavor and vapor quality. It has a very fast heat up time, taking only about 15 seconds to reach the optimal temperature. That is a significant improvement over the Pax 2 which took about twice as long to heat up. The high-quality materials used to build the Pax 3 are very evident when you hold the device. The style and feel are straight out of the future. They even have you covered in case anything happens since each Pax 3 comes with a ten-year warranty.

The dry herb cartridge allows you to select exactly how much material you want to use with its patented Half Pack Oven Lid. After you load in your cartridge, the Pax 3 will detect the correct settings, and once you hit the top button, you’re off to the races. A vibrating response will tell you when it’s ready to vape, but don’t worry this can be changed to a LED response if you’re worried about the noise.

The Pax 3 comes with one concentrate insert, one dry herb insert, a charging cable with dock, and a 2500mAh battery. Along with all of that, you’ll receive extra mouthpieces, a few screens, as well as a multi-tool for cleaning and maintenance. It’s no mystery why the Pax brand is perennially on these lists. Their high-quality parts and commitment to a high level of functionality make the Pax 3 an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable vaporizer.

Grenco Science G Pen Elite
Grenco Science G Pen Elite Box Mod
  • Very Sleek Design For Portability
  • Large Herb Chamber
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • Mouthpiece Needs Regular Cleaning

Full Specifications


  • For Aromatic Blends
  • Easily Fits in Pocket
  • Fully Ceramic and Coilless 360 Chamber
  • Custom Temperature
  • Large Capacity Chamber
  • Brilliant LED Interface


  • Rechargeable G Pen Elite Vaporizer for Ground Material
  • 1x G Pen USB Charging Cable
  • 1x G Pen Tool
  • 1x G Card

Grenco Science has been around for a while now, but up until now has primarily released third-party hardware licensed under their brand. These devices have tended to be hit or miss, but their first-ever original vape, the G Pen Elite, is certainly not a miss. This is a very compact vape, but don’t let that fool you. It actually has one of the largest chamber capacities for any dry herb vaporizer, at around half a gram when fully loaded. This makes it the perfect vape for heavy vapers who like to remain discreet.

Powered by an internal 2200 mAh battery, the G Pen Elite has a maximum output of 4V and is temperature controlled between 200 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The two buttons next to the display allow precise control, and the rapid heat up time means it’s at full power within 25 seconds of activation. Built using high-quality Stainless Steel and medical grade plastic, the G Pen Elite is made to take on the go and last. One of the key factors to this vape is the ceramic coil-less chamber, which ensures consistently even, flavorful, and robust vapor.

Grenco Science has shown they’ve got what it takes to make their own high-quality vaporizers that compete with the big boys. Even better, they’re doing it at incredible prices, with the G Pen Elite going for $119.95 MSRP. Your purchase comes with a one year warranty, which is always a welcomed bonus. While it’s not the highest quality vaporizer on our list, it is one of the best combinations of value and functionality. That makes the Grenco Science G Pen Elite an ideal choice for budget conscious vapers who don’t want to waste their time with something that won’t provide what’s advertised.

Herb-E Vaporizer
Herb-E Vaporizer Box Mod
  • Compact Design
  • Large Chamber for Size
  • Simple Controls
  • Aluminum Chamber

Full Specifications


  • 1 Alcohol Wipe for External Cleaning
  • Manual and Warranty Registration
  • Tweezers to Remove The Inside Mouthpiece
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • 3 Pipe Cleaners to Clean the Chamber

Our last vaporizer is actually one of the smallest ever created. The Herb-E by Mig Vapor is touted as the world’s smallest dry herb vaporizer, coming in at only 5 x 1 x 0.5 inches. But portability isn’t the only thing the Herb-E has to offer, as it features some useful and clever modes all wrapped up in an easy to use interface. That’s why this device is perfect for vapers who are just starting out vaping. It is easy enough to use for true beginners but has enough customization options to provide an ideal learning experience.

Powered by an internal 1200 mAh battery, the Herb-E can last up to 10 full sessions before needing to be recharged. This helps improve the overall portability of the device since you rarely need to worry about a charge during the course of a day. The body is built to last, constructed from aerospace quality aluminum, wrapped in carbon fiber. A unique feature of the Herb-E is the happy and angry eyes mode, which gives users a choice between a happy yellow eyes mode, ideal for relaxed vaping, and an angry red eyes mode which is meant for going all out.

Mig Vapor is one of the veterans of the dry herb vaping market, but where others have fallen off the map, Mig Vapor remains thanks to their innovative devices. The Herb-E is actually the most affordable vape on our list, at only $59.95 MSRP, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cheap product. Mig Vapor stripped away all the unnecessary bells and whistles and left users with a fantastic portable vaporizer that still provides a fair bit of functionality. If all you need is a no-frills vape you can take on the go, don’t miss out on the Mig Vapor Herb-E.

Crafty Vaporizer
Crafty Vaporizer Box Mod
  • Very Portable
  • Durable Design
  • Superior Performance
  • Higher Price
  • App Settings Can Be Hassle

Full Specifications

Warranty Info: 2 Years

Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 x 6.5 in.

Weight: 1.05 lbs.

Vaporizer Type: Portable

Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs, Waxes

Delivery Method: Direct Draw

Heat Source: Battery

Voltage: 110v

The Crafty Vaporizer is the latest creation from the makers of the Volcano, Storz and Bickel. It’s a super simple vaporizer, only sporting one button, but there is more than meets the eye. A range of settings can be altered using the connected app, including temperature adjustment by changing the mode. The Crafty is one of the absolute best dry herb vaporizers regarding overall performance and value, and it even comes with a concentrate pad.

One of the things that make the Crafty Vaporizer so easy to use is its consistency. With other devices, you often have to consider the perfect ratio of material to airspace. With the Crafty, seemingly no matter how you pack it, it works like a charm. It’s not quite as small as some of the most concealable vaporizers on this list, but it’s small enough that you can use it almost anywhere.

The battery isn’t replaceable by the user, so you’ll have to make sure you keep it charged. But that shouldn’t be much of a problem since it has a micro USB port, allowing charging almost anywhere. With your purchase, you’ll receive a wide range of parts and tools. In addition to the Crafty Vaporizer and charging cable, you’ll get a set of spare seal rings, three additional screens, a concentrate pad, one herb mill, a dosing capsule, cleaning brush, and an instruction manual. The $279.00 price is a bit high, but by buying from Storz and Bickel, you know that you’ll be receiving one of the highest quality devices possible.

Mighty Vaporizer
Mighty Vaporizer Box Mod
  • Top End Vapor Quality For Portables
  • Long Battery Life
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Too Big For Pockets
  • No Dedicated Apps

Full Specifications

Newest Version – Boost Mode / Updated Vibration

Hard Hitter, Thick Vapor Production

Convection / Conduction Heating

Temperature Range: 104-410F

8 Diffused Heat Jets

Minimal Draw Restriction

Ultra Precise Heater

Dual Li-ion Batteries

60 Second Heatup Time

90 Minute Run Time

Passthrough Charging

Draw Sensitive Sleep Timer

Unique Cooling Unit

Vibration Notifications

Dimensions: 3.2″ x 1.2″ x 5.5″

Weight: 0.5 lb

2 Year Limited Warranty

The Mighty Vaporizer is the big brother to another device on this list, the Crafty Vaporizer. Again, this means that you’re in the capable hands of Storz and Bickel, makers of the infamous Volcano. One of the most unique features of the Mighty Vaporizer is its combination of hot air convection with supplemental conduction heat. That allows for superior vapor quality right off the bat. The reasonably large chamber is perfect for use with dry herbs, but the included liquid pads make them viable for use with concentrates as well.

We love their flipping mouthpiece, which not only provides a robust flavor but also keeps the temperature way down. The dual battery design allows the Mighty Vaporizer to work all day long, and then some. It even has pass-through power so you can still use the device once your batteries drain while you charge it. The visible LED display shows essential information, while the simple plus and minus button design lets you quickly pick your desired temperature.

With your purchase, you’ll receive one Mighty Vaporizer, one power adapter, a set of spare seal rings, three additional screens, a liquid pad and filling aid, herb mill, dosing capsule, along with a cleaning brush and manual. At $349.00 it’s one of the most expensive vaporizers on our list. But if you’re someone who truly values the highest quality experience in a portable device, the Mighty Vaporizer is a fantastic choice.

Firefly 2
Firefly 2 Box Mod
  • Great With Concentrates
  • Amazing Vapor Production
  • Advanced Features With Ease Of Use
  • High Price Tag But Worth It

Full Specifications

  • Released: June 2016
  • Manufactured By: Firefly Vapor
  • Manufactured In: China
  • Designed In: Washington
  • Designed For: Dry Herb and Extract
  • Dry Herb Capacity: 10 grams
  • Extract Attachment: Pads
  • Heating Type: Convection
  • Heating Source: Battery
  • Heating Element: Unknown Alloy
  • Chamber Material: Unknown Alloy
  • Delivery Path Material:Glass
  • Mouthpiece Material: Silicone
  • Heat Up Time:5 seconds
  • Temperature Settings: Preset
  • # of Temperature Presets:6
  • Lowest Temperature:340 °F
  • Highest Temperature: 500 °F
  • Activation: Pull
  • Delivery Method: Direct Pull
  • Mobile Application: Yes
  • Warranties:2 year warranty for the materials and workmanship
  • Replaceable Battery: Yes
  • Average Battery Life:1 – 2 hours
  • Battery Recharge Time:45 minutes
  • Dimensions: 6″ (w) x .8″ (d) x 5″ (h)
  • Weight:0 grams

The Firefly 2 is the new and improved version of the extremely high-quality Firefly Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer. They’ve outdone themselves with this new addition to their family of portable vaporizers, adding unique convection heating to their already exceptionally easily cleaned design. It only takes an astounding five seconds to reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also temperature controllable, giving you flexibility between 340 and 420 degrees. What’s even better is that it comes with an extra battery, something you’ll rarely see in similar kits.

It was made to be one of the highest quality dry herb vaporizers ever imagined. The concentrate pads are an interesting take on how to best allow for the added functionality of concentrate vaping. This portable vape is also the premier model regarding efficiency, needing only about 0.15g of ground marijuana to get about five satisfying pulls. It’s just unmatched when it comes to saving money long term.

Right out of the package you’ll receive one Firefly 2 Vaporizer, two batteries, a charging dock and cable, three concentrate pads, as well as a cleaning kit. While it is one of the more expensive portable vaporizers on our list, the quality will not disappoint one bit. As soon as you hold and use the Firefly 2, you’ll understand where the extra money went. The feel and consistency are unmatched by almost any other portable vaporizer. Serious weed vapers should take the Firefly 2 into serious consideration. Few things can step up your game the way that the Firefly 2 can.

Noir Muad-Dib Concentrate Magic Launch Box
Noir Muad-Dib Concentrate Magic Launch Box Box Mod
  • Superior Performance
  • Priced Affordably
  • Low Maintenance
  • Limited To Only Concentrates
  • Learning Curve To use

Full Specifications

Warranty Info: Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 4 in.

Weight: 0.40 lbs.

Vaporizer Type: Portable

Vaporizer Compatibility: Waxes

Delivery Method: Direct Draw

Heat Source: Battery

Voltage: 110v

The Magic Flight Launch Box is something very different compare to most of the vaporizers on our list. Instead of being your average portable vaporizer, this exceptionally stylish box is a one hitter made for use with concentrates. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers a lightweight and quick concentrate experience. The craftsmanship is unmatched on the Magic Flight Launch Box. It’s easily one of the most beautiful vaporizers I’ve ever used.

The amazingly low-tech device is made mostly out of wood and glass while being powered by rechargeable AA batteries. It only takes one to power the Magic Flight Launch Box for dozens of hits. The brass lined hole contains two bars where the screen is attached. The battery heats up the bars and vaporizes whatever type of concentrate you placed on the screen.

With your purchase, you’ll receive one launch box, two rechargeable batteries/charger, glass draw stem, cleaning brush, manual, and decorative tin. Each unit is a product of the US, which is a nice bonus. At $119.00 it’s one of the cheaper options on our list, but don’t mistake that for lack of quality. The Magic Flight Launch Box is perfect for anyone looking to take their one hit dab setup on the go.

Arizer Solo II
Arizer Solo II Box Mod
  • Seven Heat Settings
  • Great Ergonomics
  • Pure Flavor
  • Learning Curve For Beginners
  • Not Very Discrete

Full Specifications

Diameter: 1.75 in / 4.5 cm

Height: 4.5 in / 11.4 cm

Weight: 6.4 oz / 181.4 g

Temperature Settings: 365° F – 410° F / 185° C – 210° C

Heater: Ceramic

Oven: Stainless Steel Oven

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty + 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Arizer Solo II is our last portable vaporizer for 2018, but it’s certainly not the least. Arizer has upgraded everything that made the original Solo so popular. The Solo II heats up twice as fast, while still allowing for around 20 cycles per charge. It’s also much more efficient with power than the original Solo, with Arizer claiming it’ll “last long into the night.”

The Solo II is powered by an internal battery, keeping things nice and simple. The digital panel gives you control over whatever temperature you desire. The flavor enhances by use of their fantastic all-glass air path, which is said to ensure a purer taste than most any other portable vaporizer. Just hold the power button for five seconds to engage the heat up cycle. After a short while, the digital panel will tell you that the device is ready to go.

Possibly the best feature of the Arizer Solo II is their ease when it comes to clean up. Since the only thing that comes into contact with the material is the all-glass air path, that’s the only thing that ever needs cleaning. In addition to the Solo II vaporizer, your purchase comes with two glass tubes, aroma dish, stirring tool, travel pouch, and charger. They even include some lavender so you can get an aromatherapy experience if you desire. At $249.99 the Arizer Solo II is a considerable investment, but the quality and ease of cleanup are more than enough to make it a worthwhile one.

Easy Vape Pop Vaporizer
Easy Vape Pop Vaporizer Box Mod
  • Low Price For Desktop
  • Easy To Use
  • Precise Temperature Controls
  • Limited Accessories Included
  • Lacks Advanced Features

Full Specifications

Warranty Info: 5 Year Warranty – Heating Element and Electronics

Note: Glass components are not covered under the warrany.

Dimensions: 4.75 x 8.50 x 10.25 in.

Weight: 1.90 lbs.

Vaporizer Type: Whip-Style

Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs

Delivery Method: Hands Free

Voltage: 110v

The Easy Vape Pop Vaporizer is an update on the classic box style desktop vaporizer. The new school integrated screen displays all the vital information, such as designated temp, current temp, and cycle timer. The ground glass on glass design, however, has been lifted directly from old-school models. By focusing on an old favorite design, Easy Vape was able to create a satisfying fusion of the best modern and traditional desktop vaporizers have to offer.

To operate the device, just select your temperature and allow the vaporizer to heat up. While it’s doing its thing, firmly pack the bowl portion of the glass wand, and place it onto the heating element. That is where the ground glass comes in handy, creating a perfect airtight seal that allows for hands-free operation.

The simple kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started, although not much else. However, for the $99.99 price tag, this should be expected. If you’re someone who loved the old school box models or are just mainly interested in using direct-draw style whips, then the Easy Vape Pop Vaporizer is likely a perfect fit for you.

Arizer V-Tower
Arizer V-Tower Box Mod
  • Very Easy For Desktop Model
  • Reasonably Priced Comparatively
  • Superior Vapor Quality
  • Glass Gets Very Hot
  • Not Portable

Full Specifications

Warranty Info: Lifetime Warranty – Heating Element / 3 Year Warranty – Electronics

Note: Glass Components are not covered under the warranty.

Dimensions: 8.75 x 7.75 x 10 in.

Weight: 3.00 lbs.

Vaporizer Type: Whip-Style

Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs

Delivery Method: Hands Free

Voltage: Dual (110v + 220v)

The Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is one of the best value desktop vaporizers around. For a very reasonable price tag (currently only $99.99) you receive one of the best whip style vaporizers on the market. Compared with the cost of most desktop vaporizers, this is an absolute steal. The digital controls allow for fine-tuned adjustments, as well giving the user the ability to set an auto-shutoff timer.

They aimed to make a device that would be affordable for most enthusiasts, but still pack a powerful punch. The cone-shaped vaporizer was made to be extremely easy to use, even for beginners. Just pack the chamber, select the temperature, and you’re ready to go. The temperature adjusts in increments of one degree between 122-500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The variety of tools and attachments included in the standard box also help to make it a fantastic budget choice. You’ll receive one V-Tower Vaporizer, one glass cyclone bowl, a long whip, 3 ft. of tubing, glass elbow adapter, glass potpourri dish with a sample of potpourri, plus cleaning tools and extra screens. Given how useful the V-Tower is, and how many things you receive right in the box, it’s easily one of the best deals all year. The Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is the must buy option at only $99.99 for anyone looking to upgrade on a budget.

Between the high degree of functionality and the budgeted price, the Arizer V-Tower is perfect if you value a premium experience, but would like to avoid the top-of-the-line costs usually associated with them. If you’re one of these individuals, you can’t go wrong with this kit. The price has now dropped from $120 to $99.99, making the fantastic deal that much better. So don’t miss out on this unbelievable price!

Arizer Extreme Q
Arizer Extreme Q Box Mod
  • Great Value For Price
  • Nearly Silent Operation
  • Precise Temperature Controls
  • Glass Gets Hot / Is Fragile
  • No Valve On Bags

Full Specifications

Model: Latest 2017 Model

Heating Element: Ceramic Heating Element

Height: 6 in / 15 cm

Width: 6 in / 15 cm

Depth: 7.5 in / 19 cm

Heat Up Time: 2 Minutes

Power: 100 – 240V Power

Warranty: 3 Year Warranty + 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Arizer Extreme Q is an extremely versatile vaporizer. This high-quality device can do it all, with both forced-air technology as well as the traditional direct draw. Better still, the forced-air mode can use the whip in addition to the included balloon bags. You’ll also be able to adjust the settings on the fly from wherever you are using the included remote. It’s one of the few models that comes with a standard remote, but after using it for a few days, it becomes second nature rather than using the built-in buttons.

While the sleek design is sure to catch the eye, its functionality will make you fall in love. The temperature adjusts in one-degree increments from 122-500 degrees Fahrenheit. Just like the other offerings from Arizer, the Extreme Q comes with a ton of extra attachments and pieces right in the box. In addition to the vaporizer and remote, you will receive two glass cyclone bowls, a whip for direct draw, an all-glass mini whip, two reusable balloons, glass stir tool, glass potpourri dish, and more. Given everything that comes with this highly versatile vaporizer, it’s not hard to see why it receives such high praise.

The Arizer Extreme Q can do everything from the traditional direct draw to an easy going forced-air whip setup. The added glass bowls allow for the diffusion of different herbs and flowers, also giving the remote that much more functionality. The price has recently been dropped from $220 down to an incredible $149.99. It’s never been a better time to invest in an Arizer Extreme Q. If you’re looking for something that can do everything, but you don’t want to break the bank, be sure not to miss out on this fantastic deal!

The Plenty Vaporizer
The Plenty Vaporizer Box Mod
  • Fast Heat Up Times
  • Best Vapor Production
  • High Quality Construction
  • Can Be Too Hot To Handle
  • No Temperature Marks On Controls

Full Specifications

Heat source: Double helix heating chamber provides consistency and control

Dimensions: 6.1″ x 8.9″ x 2″ (15.2 cm x 22.6 cm x 5 cm)

Weight: 1.5 lb (0.68 kg) plus power cord.

Heat up time: 3 minutes

Inhalation method: Direct inhalation via the stainless steel cooling coil

Power: 110 volt power cord with US plug.

Temperature range: 266°F to 395°F (130°C to 202°C

Made in Germany by Stroz & Bickle

Warranty: 3 years

The Plenty Vaporizer, by the makers of the Volcano, Storz and Bickel, is one of the best direct draw only vaporizers on the market today. They took the same high-quality construction and parts of the Volcano and applied it to a more straightforward type of vaporizer. The result is a device that produces a very similar quality vapor for a much lower price, now only around $249.99. That makes it especially great for vapers who desire the vapor quality of a Volcano, but who do not want the forced-air aspects of the device.

The vaporizer has seven temperature settings, so it’s important to test several out before deciding what works best for you. The incredibly unique design of the Plenty Vaporizer may seem odd, but after careful inspection, it’s clear that every design choice is with functionality in mind. For example, the whip resembles a metal spring, as opposed to a traditional plastic, or glass whip. But this is done to efficiently cool the vapor before it’s inhaled, even after continued use.

Another unique choice made by the manufacturers is the shape of the device itself. Instead of sticking with conventional wisdom on how they ought to look, they put their focus squarely on the ergonomics of the situation. Storz and Bickel’s attention to detail has been what sets them apart in the high-end vaporizer market for years now. The Plenty Vaporizer proves that this philosophy works for mid-range devices as well.

Da Buddha Vaporizer
Da Buddha Vaporizer Box Mod
  • Great Value For Price
  • Simple To Use Desktop
  • Solid Craftsmanship
  • Temperature Not Indicated
  • Unattractive Design

Full Specifications

Warranty Info: 3 Year Warranty – Heating Element

Note: Glass Components are not covered under the warranty.

Dimensions: 7.85 x 11.75 x 13.25 in.

Weight: 3.10 lbs.

Vaporizer Type: Whip-Style

Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs

Delivery Method: Hands Free

Voltage: 110v

Screen Size: 5/8 Inch

Da Buddha Vaporizer by 7th Floor is essentially the value model of their popular Silver Surfer device. It retains most of the function while costing quite a bit less. They accomplished this by not spending as much time and money on the design, but rather focusing their resources on retaining the same level of quality. That meant they kept the high-quality aluminum housing, as well as the fully ceramic heater, but lost some of the extra frills and design choices.

The output temperature is still fully controllable but lacks specific temperature indicator lines, so it’s best to experiment around before deciding what setting will be right for you. As with the Silver Surfer, the wand uses ground glass to allow for an airtight, hands-free seal. It’s important to note that unlike some other vaporizers, Da Buddha works best when only a small amount of herb is loaded in at a time, around a fifth of a gram.

As a budget conscious vaporizer, it doesn’t come with lots of bells and whistles, but it does have everything you’ll need to get started. Included in the box are tubing, a ground glass wand, replacement screens, and user manual. It even comes with a padded storage bag, which is a nice little bonus. The $199.95 price makes it a fair bit cheaper than the other 7th floor offerings, but it still lives up to the brand’s reputation for quality. The Da Buddha Vaporizer is for those who want to take their vaping to the next level, but don’t want to jump right in on a $300+ device. It offers a legitimate glimpse into what the more high-end desktop vaporizers have to offer, so it may offering you a stepping stone to more high-end models.

Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Box Mod
  • Exceptional Vapor
  • Great Price Point
  • Quality Vapor From All Mediums
  • Glass Heats Up Over Extended Use
  • Can Be Fragile

Full Specifications

Warranty Info: 3 Year Warranty – Heating Element and Electronics

Note: Glass components are not covered under the warranty.

Dimensions: 6.75 x 9 x 9.25 in.

Weight: 3.50 lbs.

Vaporizer Type: Whip-Style

Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs

Delivery Method: Other

Voltage: 110v

The Silver Surfer is one of the most stylish desktop vaporizers around. They were once the premium brand in whip style vaporizers, but the explosion of rivals in recent years has seen them lose the sole right to that title. But the Silver Surfer is still a fantastic option for anyone looking to invest in a forced-air whip vaporizer. The high-grade stainless steel alloy and detailed construction ensure a durable product.

The device heats up in around four minutes with just a turn of the custom glass knob. Another fantastic feature is its support for not only dry herbs but also concentrates, such as oil and wax. That gives it a definite leg up on most other whips only vaporizers.

Made in the USA by 7th Floor, the Silver Surfer utilizes a full chamber to vaporize whatever material you’re using more efficiently than rivals. It’s $269.95 price tag is pretty standard for a mid-level desktop vaporizer, but don’t be fooled, the Silver Surfer is anything but average. If you’re looking to have one of the best quality vaping experiences possible and you don’t enjoy balloon intake, the Silver Surfer remains a quality option, even after all these years.

Summit+ Vaporizer
Summit+ Vaporizer Box Mod
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Durable In All Conditions
  • Good Sized Oven
  • Lacks Fancy Features
  • Battery Life Could Be Better

Full Specifications

Dimensions: 4.5×1.1×1.4″

Package Dimensions: 7.6×4.4×1.9″

Weight: 250g

Charging: USB

Battery: Lithium-Ion Rechargable

Vaporization Type: Conduction

Vapor Path: Stainless Steel

Method: Direct Draw

Warranty: 1 Year

The Summit+ by Vapium is all about durability. They focused on making a vaporizer that could be taken out into the wilderness and make it out the other side no worse for wear. Everything you need to vape on the go comes with the Summit+; it even has a stir tool that slides out of the body. Don’t worry if it starts to rain, as the Summit+ is splashproof and encased in an ultrasonic welded dual injection, high impact polycarbonate housing. Fancy!

The LED indicators tell you how much charge remains in your battery, as well as which temperature setting it’s currently on. The temperature adjusts to eight different settings, ranging from 330 to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. The 3300mAh battery charges via a USB-C port on the side. Bluetooth connected, the Summit+ can be paired with smartphones and tablets to allow for precise temperature control, power boost functionality, as well as a session timer.

One of the coolest features of the Summit+ is the advanced airway that allows for continuous airflow all the way from the bottom of the device. If your Summit+ somehow does break, you’ll have coverage to protect you with their two-year limited warranty. At only $149.99, the Summit+ makes an excellent vaporizer for anyone planning on spending more than their fair share of time out in the world. You can be sure that Vapium’s attention to detail will ensure consistent production out of your Summit+ for years to come.

Herbalizer Box Mod
  • Top of the Line Device
  • Superior Vapor Production
  • More Features Than Other Devices
  • Very High Price

Full Specifications

Warranty Info: 2 Year Warranty (Only Valid in USA/Canada)

Dimensions: 7 x 10.5 x 11.25 in.

Weight: 4.45 lbs.

Vaporizer Type: Dual (Balloon + Whip)

Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs, E-Juice, Waxes

Delivery Method: Balloon Bag

Voltage: 110v

The Herbalizer has quickly become one of the most widely praised desktop vaporizers on the market. By combining the best parts of different desktop models, the manufacturers have created what many see as the ultimate vaporizer. The multi-function device works equally well with dry herbs as well as concentrates. It also features the undisputed fastest heat-up-time available, taking only around five seconds to peak. The halogen light bulb technology not only provides an insanely quick heat up time but also precise control over the temperature, between 290-445 degrees Fahrenheit.

Being a multi-function vaporizer means that it also comes standard with the ability to use a whip or balloon bag. Not only this, but the Herbalizer also has an aromatherapy setting for those looking to relax using calming scents. The design is like nothing you’ve ever seen, employing a sort of clam shape that allows for extra storage and effortless transport.

As a very high-end device, the package comes with everything you could need to get started, including 3 ft. of tubing, a magnetic bowl head, stash box, two aroma pads, two spare bowl screens, a stash box, grinder card, and much more. The price is right at the top of our list, coming in at $600. However, everyone who has invested agrees that it was worth every penny. Given how fast and powerful this desktop vaporizer is, I can’t say that I disagree with them at all. So if you’ve got the extra money to spend, you should seriously consider investing in a Herbalizer. It’s rapidly becoming the go-to choice for the most seasoned vapers.

Vapir Rise 2.0
Vapir Rise 2.0 Box Mod
  • Great Price vs Value
  • Quick Heat Up Time
  • Lots Of Accessories
  • Not For Beginners
  • Oils Do Not Vape Well

Full Specifications

Warranty Info: 2 Year Warranty – Heating Element

Dimensions: 6.75 x 7.25 x 9 in.

Weight: 3.40 lbs.

Vaporizer Type: Dual (Balloon + Whip)

Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs, Waxes

Delivery Method: Balloon Bag

Voltage: 110v

Screen Size: Vapir Rise Plunger Mesh Screen – Vapir Rise Chamber Mesh Screen

The Vapir Rise 2.0 is the latest product from Vapir, who have been making aromatic vaporizers since the late 90s. They have a well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality products, with a few legendary vaporizers already under their belt. The Rise 2.0 is made to be super easy to use right out of the box, as well as including some unique features not found in other devices. For starters, it’s one of the only desktop vaporizers that uses a HEPA filter, making it the perfect choice for anyone particularly concerned with unwanted microparticles.

It has a maximum output of 420 degrees Fahrenheit, but can be adjusted to fit specific parameters. The updated 2.0 now includes the ability to shut off the forced-air fan, saving a ton of wasted vapor. As a multi-functional device, the vapor it produces can be fed into their unique balloon bag, or through a traditional whip. What’s unique to the Vapir Rise 2.0 is the included multi-user attachment, allowing up to four people to vape at the same time. For those who are always having friends over, this proves to be an invaluable perk.

The Vapir Rise 2.0 was constructed using only the highest quality parts and components. Vapir boasts that their device is more durable than any other currently on the market. As a mid-level desktop vaporizer, it only costs around $250, but their loyal users claim that the Rise 2.0 is every bit as good as higher level models. The Vapir Rise 2.0 is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy very flavorful vapor in a multitude of ways.


The Best Vaporizer Guide 2019



Our guide is designed to give you the information you need to make the right choice when deciding on your first, or next, marijuana vaporizer. First, we’ll do a breakdown of precisely what a vaporizer is and how they work. Next, we’ll discuss different types of vaporizers and what the ideal temperatures are. We’ll even talk about the differences between smoking and vaping weed, such as the smell and potency. To round out our general vaporizer discussion, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the health risks of vaping.

From there we’ll go into an in-depth analysis of portable and then desktop vaporizers. Covering what they are, how they work, what materials they commonly work with, as well as their pros and cons. We hope that this guide will answer any questions you may have, and get you on track to a better future with vaping.

General Vaporizer Info


What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electronic device that heats up material into a vapor. In this case, we’re talking about weed vaporizers, which use marijuana, either in dry herb or concentrate form. This process allows for ingestion of the active ingredient in weed, THC, without the conventional combustion required with smoking. These devices have become popular due to their reported cleaner and more extended highs.

Most marijuana vaporizers use either conduction or convection heat. The difference being is that convection places the material on an intermediary that is then heated, whereas conduction places the material directly onto the heating element. Most older models used convection exclusively, as back in the day it was a common problem for the material to become accidentally combusted with conduction. While convection is still in use, conduction has become the primary choice for manufacturers, since the improved technology allows for much more precise temperature control over convection.

What is a weed vaporizer?

People often ask if weed vaporizers are legal. The truth is that the devices themselves are perfectly legal in the United States, but marijuana has a much more complicated legal status. If you’re in one of the growing number of states where they recognize weed as a medical or recreational drug, then you’re mostly in the clear. If you’re unclear, you should refer to online resources to make sure of its legal status where you live.

Optimal Vaping Temperature

Temperature is one of the most significant factors in the quality of your vaping experience. Too much or too little heat both lead to poor performance. That means a proper understanding of the optimal ranges is key to producing a consistently good vapor. Generally speaking, between 370 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit is best for any material you vape. Optimal Vaping TemperatureThe higher end of this range provides more vapor, as well as being more potent, while the lower end fosters flavor better, as well as being less harsh when inhaling.

If you go too far beyond this range in either direction, you risk mostly wasting your material. Extremely high temperatures lead to a very harsh vapor, and extremely low temperatures produce a minimal effect. However, another big part of this puzzle is how you pack the bowl. If you’re using dry herbs, it’s best to keep things somewhat loose. Otherwise, you won’t get a consistent vaporizing experience. Concentrates are a bit more forgiving, but you’ll want to avoid overpacking, as you may end up losing some in the cleanup. The range discussed above can change slightly depending on how much you’re trying to vaporize. If you fill to the brim, you can try a  higher temperature, and if you’re conserving but still looking for a superior flavor, it may be a good idea to lower the temperature.

Types of Vaporizers

There are countless different types of vaporizers, but a significant portion can fit into one of three categories, vape pens, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. These types are usually focused on weed vaporizing, whereas cig-a-likes and box mods are for e-liquid vapers by design.

Vape pens are designed to be extremely compact and somewhat resemble pens (hence the name). They’ve quickly become a trendy choice over the last five years among both e-liquid and weed vapers. We’ve already made our 2019 guide of the best vape pens on the market, so check that out if you think they’re right for you. Portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers, on the other hand, are both higher quality devices that tend to be focus solely on weed vaping.

Types of Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers, like vape pens, are made to be taken out into the world with you. The difference being their size and functionality. Pens are usually very slim devices, where portable vaporizers can often resemble box mods. This added size allows for more quality features, with most portable vaporizers on our list able to outmatch anything widely considered a vape pen.

Desktop vaporizers, on the other hand, are much larger and meant for home use only. Again, their added size allows desktop vaporizers to have a much wider range of features than portable counterparts. But the added features and quality come at a cost, with this category of models the most expensive of all. We have a section dedicated to further breaking down portable and desktop vaporizers below. If you’re interested in a vape pen, check out our 2019 guide to the best vape pens.

Is there a smell when using a Vaporizer?

Vaporizer OdorProbably our most frequently asked question is whether or not vaping weed smells. Like everything else, it depends. Your material and settings will have the most significant impact on the scent. For instance, if you’re vaping dry herbs at an extremely high temperature, then people directly near you will probably smell something. Alternatively, if you’re vaping concentrates at lower temperatures, the smell is indiscernible. In fact, the aroma, even when particularly noticeable, is different than weed smoke.

Most importantly, no matter how you vape weed, it’ll smell a whole lot less than smoking it. Smoke, in general, has a much more lingering and overpowering scent than vaping. Even at its most noticeable, the smell of weed vapor will dissipate much faster than smoking. The bottom line is that vaping weed is the hands down choice if you’re hoping to get high stealthily.

Are there Health or Side Effect Concerns?

Another regularly asked question is if the risk of vaping is similar to that of smoking? The answer is that, like almost anything, you should carefully consider anything you put into your body. Weed isn’t anything new, but vaporizing weed is. Vaping is such a new technology that long-term studies haven’t been able to confirm one way or the other if vaping is safe. Health and Side EffectsWith that, a growing number of peer-reviewed articles have found that nicotine vaping is at least 95% safer than cigarette smoke. But when it comes to weed smoke, very little has been tested.

Naturally, this also means that no evidence is indicating that vaping weed has any adverse health effects. Until scientists complete more long-term research proving otherwise, it’s safe to assume that vaping marijuana is much less dangerous than smoking weed. Much in the same way that we don’t know for sure if nicotine vaping is harmless, scientifically it’s becoming agreed upon that it dramatically reduces the harm. Additionally, there are no known extra side effects of vaping weed compared with smoking it. The only difference widely noted by users is the cleaner and more potent high produced through vaping.

Determining what type of vaporizer to go with

One of the most critical questions in deciding which kind of vaporizer is right for you is where and when you’re going to use it most. If you’re more of a homebody or only like to get high at the end of the day, a desktop vaporizer is probably the best option. As you don’t need them to be portable, their combination of size and power make them the best choice for a super high-quality experience. Alternatively, if you are always out and about on adventures, or you just like to share with friends throughout the day, a portable vaporizer is your best bet. They lack some of the power of desktop models but are made to be easily transported and used on the go.

Now, let’s take a close look at the specifics of portable and desktop vaporizers.

Portable Vaporizers


What is a portable vaporizer?

The name portable vaporizer technically refers to any vaporizer that can be taken on the go easily. We’ve gone over different types of these vaporizers at length in our other guides, but this time we’re referring to portable devices that are a bit larger, and tend to be optimized for use with weed. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from small pen like tubes, to more extensive boxes that resemble a traditional box mod.

Batteries power most of these devices, but some also use butane. In fact, butane powered vapes have become a more and more popular choice with the rise of concentrates. What all of these devices have in common is that they can transport easily, either in a pocket or an included carrying case. That makes them the perfect choice for anyone who plans on vaping on the go often.

Types of mediums used

Portable vaporizers are generally for use with weed. That can mean that they work with either dry herbs or concentrates. But many companies have decided that multi-purpose vaporizers are the way of the future. Weed MediumsBecause of this, many new vaporizers have support for both dry herbs and concentrates. That is accomplished either by offering a specialized cartridge or in some cases including concentrate pads which allow consumers to use concentrates in devices usually optimized for dry herbs.

The most versatile of these portable vaporizers even have support for e-liquids as well. Those devices will offer an e-liquid chamber that is almost always a tank. This wide variety of options can make it a bit more challenging to decide which one is best for you. So it’s always a good idea to know beforehand which type of material you’ll be using most often. Don’t worry if you’re not sure because plenty of vaporizers support both dry herbs and concentrates right out of the box.

Portability vs. Functionality

The most significant tradeoff that you make when choosing between portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers is between power and portability. Generally speaking, a compact vaporizer is always easy to transport, but it may lack the power of a more extensive desktop model. Similarly, portable vaporizers are smaller, but they sometimes lack the same level of functionality you’ll find in desktop models. That is important to keep in mind when you’re making your choice. If you’re more concerned with having a consistently top-level experience, it’s probably best to opt for the desktop vaporizers that have more features. If you want a solid mix of portability and power, the portable vaporizers on our list all make for great choices.

Power Sources

Vaporizer Power SourcesAs mentioned previously, there are two main ways they can be powered, with both batteries and butane. Battery powered devices are like most vaporizers that simply use electricity to activate an atomizer which vaporizes the material. These types of devices should be familiar to anyone who has spent any time vaping. The other kind of power source is butane, and these devices are a bit different than your average vaporizer.

Butane powered vaporizers use convection heat almost exclusively. That is because a butane torch is typically used to heat up a glass nozzle which the leads to the chamber holding the dry herbs or concentrates. These type of vaporizers have proven to be especially popular among the concentrate crowds, as they provide a very clean hit without needing to worry about keeping batteries charged. No matter what choice you make, you can be sure that all the vaporizers on our list are hand-picked for being the best options out there.

Desktop Vaporizers


What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

Desktop vaporizers have continued to be the go-to option for the very serious weed vapers. Most models are designed to plug into the wall, but some of the newer models also have car charging adapters. This unifying characteristic aside, these devices come in more shapes and sizes than any other type of vaporizer.

What is a desktop vaporizer?As you can imagine by their corded nature, they’re called desktop vaporizers because most are meant to be on a tabletop during use. The explosion of portable vaping over the last ten years has overshadowed their growth, but there has still been a dramatic increase in the efficiency of desktop models over the years. The manufacturers have expanded and modified these models as much as any vaporizer type.

Being that they come in so many different styles, it can seem hard to pinpoint what’s precisely best for you. It’s a good idea to first understand the differences between the major categories, such as whip style and forced air, or digital and analog temperature controls.

We’ll go through each category to make sure you understand what you’re getting before making your final choice. Let’s get started by going over what all desktop vaporizers are suited for best.

What is the best application for desktop vaporizers?

By in large, desktop vaporizers are the best option for vapers who are looking for the most high-quality experience possible. While box mods, and even pens, have come a long way from their earlier incarnations, nothing is quite as potent or flavorful as vapor taken from one of the best vaporizers money can buy. As you may assume, this much higher quality comes at a higher price, with the most expensive models coming in around $700. But for the average vaper who is dissatisfied with their current setup, a desktop vaporizer may be just what the doctor ordered. No matter what type you end up going for, they are all likely to have the more advanced technology and a more extensive range of function than a comparably priced portable vaporizer.

How do Desktop Vaporizers Work?

Vaporizer Heating MethodsThe next thing that you should understand about desktop vaporizers is how they work. Like all vaporizers, they either use convection or conduction heating to vaporize the material. Most older models of desktop vaporizers used convection, which requires the material be touching the heating element. That includes the classic whip style of desktop vape. More advanced models have tended to use conduction heating, in which heated air passes over the material instead of directly contacting the heating element itself. Both are still very viable, but each has their pros and cons.

Convection was the main way vaporizing was done in the early days of the technology. In these early days, it wasn’t uncommon for herbs to end up combusted or at the very least, unevenly vaporized. That’s no longer much of a concern with modern models. These days it’s not uncommon for vapers to feel that convection produces a much cleaner taste than conduction.

Conduction is much more common in modern vaporizers than convection. The reason for this comes down to one simple thing, temperature control. It’s entirely possible to control the temp of a convection vaporizer, but it will always be more natural and efficient in a conduction setup. It’s also true that conduction presents a lower risk of accidental combustion, but with modern, high-quality vaporizers of all types, this problem has been mostly phased out.

Types of Vaporizers



As mentioned above, desktop vaporizers usually come in two distinct styles, whip, and forced-air. Both types come in countless different shapes and sizes, each with their pros and cons, but in general, this is the most basic distinctions between different desktop devices.

Vaporizer WhipWhip style vaporizers were one of the first kinds to become commercially available, over 15 years ago. Primarily consisting of a boxed heating element, glass wand, surgical grade tubing, and mouthpiece, these simple devices have come a long way from their modest starts. While they should still be considered the more simple type of desktop vaporizer, they now boast many of the same functions that advanced devices have, such as temperature control.

Most devices of this type still work using convection instead of conduction. Generally speaking, the herbs load into the wand, which attaches to the heating device through the use of ground glass. The added friction not only allows the glass wand to stay connected, but it also improves the quality of the air-tight seal. The design of these devices have remained similar throughout the years, but more and more manufacturers are starting to take advantage of their larger size and created new and exciting designs. But regardless of the updates, whip style vaporizers remain the ideal choice for vapers interested in a high-quality vape, without a complicated system.


Forced-Air vaporizers are the top dog in regards to high-quality vaping. The name forced-air refers to internal fans that force hot air over the material in a consistent and precisely controlled stream. This type of vaporizer is usually fed into a plastic bag, giving them the nickname of balloon bag devices.Forced Air The advanced fan systems in these devices can produce vapor on their own, so in both whip, or balloon setups it puts almost no strain on your lungs at all.

These devices tend to use conduction heating, as it allows for much more precise temperature control. The steps vary based on precisely the device build, but that being said they all follow the same system. You fill a cartridge with dry herbs or concentrates and then load it into the desktop vaporizer itself. In addition to the cartridge, you attach a plastic bag to the top of the vaporizer, which catches all of the vapor produced. After selecting your specific settings, such as temperature and fan speed, the device begins to heat the material and force it into the bag rapidly. When the cycle is complete, you can remove the bag, attach a mouthpiece and you’re ready to roll.


It’s not uncommon these days for vaporizers to be hybrids of whip and balloon style. These combination vaporizers are known as multi-functional devices. As you could imagine, they’re the most versatile of desktop models, although they almost exclusively come in conduction style. It’s also true that most multi-functional devices are technically forced-air devices, though they can efficiently use a whip.

The difference is that with most whip-only vaporizers, the user has to manually draw from the whip to produce any vapor, where multi-functional devices can provide a consistent stream of vapor to either a bag or through a traditional whip. It’s not uncommon for these devices to give the user an option between forced-air or traditional draw when using the whip attachment.

Controlling The Temperature

The other overarching difference between the major types of desktop vaporizers is the temperature control method. The two major types are digital and analog. More advanced vaporizers tend to have digital controls, while simpler models usually use analog. Regardless of which type you opt for, appropriately controlling the temperature of your device is key to having the best experience. Using too much power can lead to it burning material, and therefore creating harmful smoke. Vaporizer TemperatureWhile it’s less common with devices made these days, it’s still something to always keep in mind. Not only that, but testing around and finding the correct setting for you is key to consistently having an excellent experience.

Digital units typically have plus and minus buttons that correspond to the display on the device. Depending on the specific model, the temperature can be adjusted down to a single degree. Because of this, they are more accurate than analog devices, even often showing the target temperature next to the current temperature. As you might expect, digitally controlled vaporizers tend to be more expensive than their analog counterparts. But there is a reason why they are also the much popular choice in spite of the higher cost. The ability to precisely control temperature has a significant impact on the quality and consistency of your vaping experience.

When you consider everything, analog vaporizers are still a fantastic choice, especially if you’re cost conscious. Instead of using buttons to select a target temperature, a knob is usually used to choose how hot the heating element should get. Many come with notches to give the user some idea of their location, but some do not. Some of the most straightforward models don’t even offer control at all, and instead merely function using an on/off switch. But don’t be fooled by their relative lack of precision, these devices still routinely produce a quality of vapor that cannot be matched by even the more expensive portable models.


Final Points Summary

As you have seen, there is a whole lot to consider when choosing the best weed vaporizer for your needs. There are tons of options out there, and that number is only increasing every month. That can make it especially tough to find the right model. Whether you’ve decided that a desktop vaporizer, with all of its power and features, or a portable vaporizer, designed to be sleek yet robust, is right for you, we hope we’ve given you a solid start. Our expert panel curated this list and guide to hopefully make a potentially frustrating task, one that you’ll enjoy. It’s important to keep in mind that no particular device is going to be perfect for everyone, so it’s ultimately up to you to decide what is right.

Vaporizers Choices

Desktop Vaporizers are the highest grade of vaporizer available on the market. The prices are often much higher, but so is the quality of vapor. Portable vaporizers are slightly less powerful and versatile, but when it comes to mobile vaporizers, nothing compares with these devices. Whether you’re a serious marijuana vaper or just someone who is always striving for the best possible experience, there’s no better option than a high-quality desktop or portable weed vaporizer. Their unique combination of power, style, and range of functionality is better than any other category of vaporizer.

We gave you our picks for the Best Desktop Vaporizer: the Volcano, Best Portable Vaporizer: Prohibited in the 5th Degree, and Best Value Vaporizer: the V2 Pro Series 3X. These three choices should give you a reliable barometer to use when comparing other models. In addition to our top picks, we also included eight different desktop vaporizer choices, and nine portable ones that our expert panel agrees are well worthwhile. Each one has been personally tested and rated by at least one member, but often it was a team effort.

We did our best to cover everything you may want or need to know about portable and desktop vaporizers in our comprehensive guide. If you find yourself with a question or two, feel free to send it our way via Facebook or Twitter. We’ve always got people ready to help answer any final issues. Leaving a comment below will also enable us to give you the best possible information directly.

Bonus Beginners Guide

Getting The Most Out Of Your New Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaping with dry herbs can prove a bit challenging for newcomers, so we made this guide to give you the proper foundation.

Vaping continues to grow as a new industry, with more and more businesses popping up every day. So it’s no wonder why it can be so hard to get a straight picture of what the latest technology is and how it works. Luckily, this also means that no matter what you’re into, there’s a device that’s specifically designed to give you that experience. But for weed vapers it can extra challenging to get the hands-on knowledge nicotine vapers find in vape shops. So we created this guide to help you get the most out of your brand new dry herb vaporizer.

It’s important first to have a solid understanding of dry herb vaporizers and how they’re constructed. The two main types of heating used in dry herb vaporizers are conduction and convection. Convection places whatever material is being used directly onto the heating element, while conduction keeps them separate and instead uses heated air to facilitate the vaporization. The best way to understand what this means is to think about the difference between an oven and stove top. Convection has become increasingly popular as the temperature control technology advances, but both types have their loyal followers. So no matter what kind of dry herb vaporizer you end up with, here are four tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Adequate Grinding

The first thing you’ve got to do to ensure a fantastic experience is adequately grinding your herbs. While that means they need to be dry, they also should not be so dry that they crumble into dust between your fingers. Investing in a quality grinder will save you a lot of time and effort, not to mention do a better job than your hands alone. The key to dry herb vaping is having as much surface area as possible. The better the grind, the more efficient the vaporization will be. But be careful as over grinding can cause you to inhale some unwanted pieces. But between over and under grinding, always take over grinding. If you don’t break them down enough, you’ll make it extremely hard for your device to heat the herbs evenly. This leads to potentially burned portions while other parts are left untouched. You must find the proper balance for you and your device, which will take a little trial and error.

Proper Temperature

Almost any type of vaporizer you buy today is going to have some type of temperature control. Lower end devices tend to opt for a set of preselected temperatures that the user can pick from, while increasingly manufacturers are giving users precise control over exactly how much power the vaporizer is getting. These controls have become so widespread because different types of materials require different settings for the ideal experience. When you’re talking about dry herbs, the perfect range is around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go too low, you won’t experience any effect, while going too high can burn the material and deteriorate much of the available THC.

But it’s important to try different things when you’re starting out with a new device. Lower temps are best for getting a more flavorful and smooth vapor, while higher temps increase the potency, but may decrease the flavor quality. Not everyone is going to agree on what is the perfect settings, so you’ll have to test a few different things until you find what’s right for you. Be sure to experiment around and give each setting a shot to compare the produced effect.

Slow Draws

Those who are just making the switch from smoking to vaping tend to take huge, deep hits. But this is not the proper technique for most vaporizers, as pulling too hard can even negatively impact the vapor quality. The temperature may become lower which decreases the potency of the herbs. While some manufacturers have attempted to phase out this problem, most don’t see it as enough of an issue to warrant intervention. You don’t need to pull hard to produce a satisfying cloud, in fact, long and slow draws actually create better results.

The other thing to remember is that vapor isn’t as harsh on your lungs so if you’re used to massive hits of smoke, you may not feel like you’re getting anything while you draw. But rest assured, once you exhale you’ll see just how well your device is working. Long and slow pulls supposedly even increase the flavor profile of your hits. If things just don’t feel right at first, don’t get discouraged. For many vapers, it takes about a week to become fully acclimated to the new process.

Device Maintenance

While tips for proper use are valuable, the most important thing you can do to increase the quality and life of your dry herb vaporizer is adequate maintenance. This is a straightforward process, and it’s well worth it once you see the results. If you don’t, it doesn’t take long for things to start getting messy and clogged up. Over time this can cause severe damage or even destroy your coils, so it’s critical to take care. Most dry herb vaporizers are conduction heat, meaning the actual heating element is separate from the material, but lots of new devices are opting for convection making things harder.

Either way, the best time to clean your chamber is directly after use, as it’ll still be hot enough for much of the material to come right off. If you wait then this can become hard or sticky and make cleaning things up a considerable hassle. Most conduction style vaporizers will come with a brush tool designed to clean out the inside of the chamber. With a convection style device, it’s going to be important to use the included tools and use proper care. Most devices of this type come with a unique set of tools designed specifically for cleaning that device. It will take a little time to do things right, but take your time and be careful. Whatever you do, be sure to do something. Because cleaning can be a bit annoying, but it’s much better than the alternative which is a broken device.


Dry herb vaporizers can often seem like a bigger hassle than other types of vaporizers. But all it takes to do things right is a little time, knowledge, and effort. Once you find your ideal method, you will truly understand why vaping is the best way to use your dry herbs. Not only is the flavor impeccable, but the potency is also top notch, creating a clean and comfortable high. If you’re having trouble getting the most out of your new dry herb vaporizer, take your time and figure out what’s going wrong. You won’t regret it.

Do you vape your dry herbs? What’s the hardest part of dry herb vaping? Any tips or tricks you think we may have missed? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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