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Black Note is a company that is dedicated to providing quality tobacco flavored e-liquids that are of the utmost quality.  Black Note is the only naturally extracted tobacco vapor liquid in the world that focuses solely on pure tobacco flavors, which contain no synthetic flavors, dyes, chemical additives, or artificial flavoring.  They also grow their own tobacco and are involved in the entire creation process, using seeds they carefully select and cross-breed.  Black Note also provides secondary packaging for all of their products, and offers glass bottles to protect your e-liquid from light exposure and physical damage.  Because their e-liquids contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or additives, it does not degrade replaceable coils or wicks as quickly as synthetic e-liquids, which will save you money by extending the time needed to replace your coils.

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Black Note is a unique company that sets the bar very high for their competitors.  Instead of creating e-liquids that use laboratory concocted, synthetic flavors to create fruity, sweet, or candy flavors, Black Note creates solely tobacco flavored e-liquids.  One reason for this is because the FDA considers “characterizing flavors” as being appealing to minors, which is why Black Note is dedicated to creating products that will appeal only to adult cigarette and cigar smokers and vapers.  Black Note is also one of the few companies we’ve seen that gives a percentage of each sale to charity.  1% of all profits go to and Save the Music foundation.  Their mission statement says it all, which is “to create a smoke free world by providing the most authentic and enjoyable alternative to smoking”.

Black Note’s products are of such high quality because of their extensive creation process.  From start to finish, it’s about a two to three year process for each bottle of e-liquid.  We were really impressed with how attentive to detail this company is when it comes to producing their products.  Before crafting their e-liquids, they take the time to select the perfect tobacco variety.  This includes breeding and cross-breeding tobacco seeds a year prior to growing their crop.  This is so they ensure that only the healthiest cross-bred tobacco varieties are included in their e-liquids.  Black Note takes all kinds of factors into consideration when they plant their tobacco, such as finding the right location with the most fertile soil, the position of the land, ensuring precise growing conditions, and giving plenty of attention to each crop.  Once the plants mature, they carefully harvest the tobacco leaves and then cure them gradually inside specially constructed barns.  Depending on the type of tobacco that was grown, the leaves will then be further matured and dried using either sun-curing, air-curing, flue-curing, or fire-curing techniques.  Once the leaves are fully matured, they are conditioned in moistening chambers to protect against any breakage of the tobacco leaf.  Once moistened, the leaves are stripped and sorted into grades based on their quality, color, and size.  Only the top 50% of all leaves make it to the next step of the process, which is the conditioning and aging of the leaf to enhance its flavor.

To condition and age these perfected leaves, they are air dried once more and then have a uniform amount of moisture added to them.  Once the optimal moisture level is reached, the tobacco is then aged for an extended period of time, which allows the leaves to develop their signature flavor and aromas.  The tobaccos are then blended together with leaves from different growing areas and climates to create their signature flavors.  Once the blends are determined, the essence of each blend must be naturally extracted.  This is accomplished by steeping the tobacco leaves for 6 to 8 weeks, and then using a cold extraction technique to protect the e-liquid from any harshness or bitterness, resulting in a smooth vape with no harsh throat hit.  The entire extraction, filtration, mixing, and quality control process is done inside Black Note’s state-of-the-art laboratory, which is supervised by in-house expert chemists.

After looking into their extensive creation process, we were seriously impressed with how much time and dedication is put into creating each bottle of Black Note e-liquid.  They really do supervise the entire process, and use only the finest ingredients.  There are so many e-liquids we’ve tried that contain chemicals that we don’t even know how to pronounce.  Which is why we were so impressed upon hearing that Black Note’s e-liquids contain no artificial flavors, colors, dyes, or chemical additives, and you can definitely tell the difference.  Black Note stands firm behind their claims, and have a lab report of their products available on their website, which was performed by an independent US laboratory.  We were also impressed upon learning that their entire bottling and packaging process is completed entirely within the United States.

Their packaging is also something that sets them apart from their competitors.  Each bottle of e-liquid is packaged in glass bottles to ensure that no off-notes are imparted to the e-liquid.  The bottles are then encased in a secondary package, which protects the product from light exposure and any physical damage during transport.

Black Note offers 8 different e-liquid flavors in 6 different nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24mgs.  Their e-liquids are available in 30mL bottles for $29 in the flavors Prelude, Forte, Cadenza, Sonata, Adagio, Legato, and Solo.  Prelude is a Virginia blend, noted for its light, bright taste and aroma. Prelude uses Virginia tobacco that is grown at the foot of the Italian alps. This one was definitely one of our top favorites, because it’s very rich and sweet, yet not overwhelming.  Prelude is definitely a great all-day vape.  Forte is a burley blend with a subtle, slightly sweet undertone, but with a full-bodied flavor.  The burley tobacco used in Forte is cultivated in the volcanic soils around Naples, Italy, and is ripened in the sun before being shade dried and light-air cured.  This blend would be a great option for those who like a full-bodied flavor that’s similar to a pipe or cigarette tobacco.  It’s one of the “stronger” flavors that they have, but it also has a slight sweetness to it as well.  Cadenza is a basma blend, which some consider to be the finest aromatic tobacco in the world.  This basma tobacco is grown exclusively in the in the mountainous area of northeastern Greece.  This e-liquid is highly aromatic and mildly spicy. After trying it, I can see why basma has earned the reputation as the “king of tobaccos”.  It’s kind of reminiscent of smoking a fine cigar or some good pipe tobacco.  It gives a good throat hit too.

Bravura is a perique blend, which features deep, earthy notes with a hint of fruit flavor.  It’s air-cured and naturally fermented, with undertones of the finest red burley.  This blend tastes like a premium pipe tobacco with some sweetness and spice mixed in.  It’s kind of similar to Forte, but it’s definitely stronger tasting.  Sonata is a Cavendish blend that uses Virginia tobacco, which is steamed and cured under pressure to ensure that it has a rich, robust flavor.  This flavor is super smooth and tasty, but may be too rich in taste to be used as an all-day vape.  Adagio is a Havana blend, which uses Havana tobacco, grown in the tropical climate of Cuba.  This e-liquid has a great tobacco taste that has rich and smoky undertones to it.  It tastes very smooth, yet bold, and reminds us of an expensive Cuban cigar.

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Legato is an Italian Kentucky blend, and is grown on the slopes of Tuscany.  This one is flue-cured to give you a mildly nutty flavor, while maintaining an earthy taste.  This one was also one of our favorites.  It has almost a peppery taste to it, which is complemented perfectly by a touch of sweetness.  It’s definitely an all-day vape in our opinion.  Solo is Black Note’s menthol option, but derives none of its flavor from any chemicals or additives.  They use a Virginia tobacco as a base and then add a layer of natural and fresh menthol crystals, which they extract from matured dried mint leaves.  Solo has all the rich, flavorful Virginia tobacco flavor, with a refreshing menthol taste.  It’s super smooth and doesn’t have a “bite”, like some menthol e-liquids we’ve tried.  This one is definitely a good all-day vape, although we wish it was just a little bit stronger.  If you can’t decide which flavors to buy, you can always get The Notebook, which comes with all 8 flavors in 7.5mL bottles for only $58.

Black Note also has a limited edition flavor, Quartet.  Quartet is a latakia blend, and is a rich, smoky-peppery tobacco.  To achieve this unique taste, they use the Syrian Latakia process of sun-curing the tobacco, then smoke-curing it over the controlled fires of Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Lebanon cedar, Greek juniper, and indigenous aromatic herbs.  Although this flavor is $39, we think it’s well worth the price.  It has a very unique flavor profile, in that it has strong peppery and smoky notes, yet it also has undertones of wood and herbs.  This one may be a bit too strong for some people, but in our opinion it tastes great.

In addition to providing authentic tobacco flavored e-liquids, Black Note also provides some extra bonuses when you decide to purchase e-liquids from them.  They offer free shipping on all orders, with a 1-3 day delivery.  We think you’ll love these pure tobacco flavors, but if for some reason you’re not thrilled with your purchase, Black Note offers a 60-day money back guarantee, with free returns on all US orders.  Black Note also offers a recycling program, where you receive a free 30mL bottle of your choice when you send in 5 empty tubes.  They even let you make a customized label for your e-liquids, free of charge.  There’s also a reward program available on their website, where you can earn 25 points just for registering, 25 points for each review you post, 1 point for every dollar spent, and a $10 gift for each friend that you refer to their site.  The only downside to their reward program is that you have to have a minimum of 500 points in order to redeem them towards your purchase.

Overall, we were really impressed with Black Note’s e-liquids and their dedication to making quality products.  It says a lot about a company when they’re involved in every step of the production process, from the tobacco seeds to the final bottling of their e-liquids.  It’s also very impressive that they grow their tobaccos all over the world in the best growing conditions.  In addition, it’s really refreshing to see a company that’s dedicated to keeping e-liquids out of the hands of minors.  The quality of their e-liquids is outstanding, and they have a flavor for pretty much anyone.  If you’re not sure which flavor most appeals to you, check out The Notebook so you can try them all.  Although it would be nice if they offered a max VG option, we think the unique flavors and outstanding quality make up for it.  Their quality products, free shipping and returns, and their reward program are all great reasons to make the switch to Black Note.  If you’re looking for unique and tasty tobacco flavors, Black Note is definitely a brand to check out.

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