Electronic Cigarette Reviews

By Jimmy Hafrey

At ChurnMag.com, we provide a steady stream of e cigarette reviews for our readers to use as they navigate the world of e-cigarettes. There are hundreds of brands on the market and it’s difficult to decide which one is best electronic cigarette. All too often, consumer spend hundreds of dollars on starter kits only to feel disappointed with the e-cig and go back to smoking. That’s why we decided to do e-cigarette reviews. We want to take the guess work out of buying ecigs so you can always get a product you like even if you’ve never bought an ecig before.

Our reviews process is not quick and we give a lot of attention to each brand that we consider. We acquire our e-cigs in a couple of ways. Sometimes the brands come straight from the manufacturer and they request that we write reviews. However, we get so many e-cig kits that we don’t always have a chance to review them and some of them just simply aren’t good enough to pass on to our readers. Second, our team invests a lot of our own money on ecig kits that we want to try. When we see a new product that sparks our interest, we order it and test it out! If we like it, we’ll tell you about it in ChurnMag.com!

There are a lot of e cig reviews on the Internet these days, but most of them are just affiliate sites where online marketers are trying to sell products they have never tried. We want you to know upfront that ChurnMag.com is different. We are not affiliated with the brands we recommend and we give you honest feedback rather than a scripted sales pitch.

We also involve consumer opinions in forming our e cigs reviews. Even if we love a product, we want to make sure that others enjoy it too. So we poll other ecig users and find out how they feel about a new ecig before we form a final opinion. If we love it and they hate it, we won’t rank it well. Ultimately, it’s what the consumer wants that matters most.

Each time we write a new e-cigarette review, we make sure we use the products regularly for at least two weeks. You cannot get a comprehensive view of how a product works by using it once. Instead, we carry the ecig around, vape with it in the office, in the car, and at home. That gives us the best chance of finding out how it will work in everyday life. It’s also how we have each discovered our personal favorite brands along the way!

If you are searching for a great ecig that will work for your lifestyle, check out our e cigarette reviews below. We’ll give you a closer look at how each brand performs so you can decide it if is worth your time or not. We also invite you to share your opinions with us! Let us know how you feel about the brand we review at ChurnMag.com. Love them or hate them, we want to hear from you!