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Manufacturer: V2 Cigs
Price: $59.95
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Affordable
  • Ease of use
  • Always changing
  • Not for Advanced Vapers
V2 Cigs Starter Kit Over the years, V2 Cigs has really stood the test of time. They are constantly adapting to create new and improved ecigs that appeal to their customers. This brand is well known for their superior cig-a-like standard kit.
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V2 Cigs has been a leading choice among ecig fans for several years now. They dominated the market with their cig-a-like design and continue to keep their loyal customers happy with updated vaping options and a great line of eliquids now too. Whether you’re new to vaping and want a cig-a-like or you are an experienced user looking for the coolest new trend in in the vape world, V2 Cigs has something that will work for you. They offer a nice variety of starter kits, cartridges, vaporizers, e-liquids, and disposables that appeal to vapers at many stages.

V2 Standard Starter Kits

The V2 starter kits are an affordable option for first time vapers. The standard kits come with prefilled cartridges in your choice of their flavors. You can also opt for blank cartridges and fill them yourself if you want more control over your eliquids. Nicotine strengths range from zero to 2.4 percent. If you want a little more power from your vape, try the V2 EX cartridges. You’ll get a much more consistent draw and more hits per cartridge. Plus, the EX batteries come in an exclusive line of colors and patterns so you can customize your ecig to show off your style.

The starter kits have 2 types to choose from as mentioned above. There is the classic kit and then the EX kit with both offering a different experience. The classic kits are made with the proven technology that has made V2 Cigs into the major cig-a-like brand they are today. They give you the opportunity to customize your experience the most with V2 but having a range of power options and battery lengths available. Then they also include the ability to use all 12 V2 flavors and special limited runs being offered through prefilled cartridges.

With the EX version of the kit, you can only use 6 of the flavors that focus on tobacco and menthol in prefilled cartridges. You can however use the EX blanks and fill up any of the flavors or another brand of eliquid if you so desire. So this shouldn’t hold you back from going with the EX kit. The EX versions have a new technology in the cartridges that offer a rich flavor experience from the first draw to the last creating the same amount of vapor regardless of the puff you are on. They also have an increased puff count and e-liquid viewing window so you’ll be able to tell when you are running low on juice ahead of time. The batteries in the EX kit come with designer patterns and a matching sleeve to cover your cartridge and increase performance on the draw. They certainly look slick and we think they perform well too so they are worth the the upgrade cost.

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In terms of performance, the V2 standard starter kits definitely outperform other cig-a-likes we’ve tested in the past. The EX line is definitely a step up in terms of how long the batteries last and consistency of each draw. One of the best things about V2’s standard ecig is the throat hit. If you are trying to cut out cigarettes, the V2 will go a long way to replicate the throat sensation that you get from smoking. The amount of vapor is comparable to the smoke you would draw from a cigarette.

For users that are brand new to vaping, V2 Cigs is going to be a smart pick. It is designed to help you become familiar with ecigs and how to use them properly. You can purchase the V2 Standard Kit online for $54.95, plus you’ll get 15% off if you use our exclusive Churnmag coupon code. That means you total cost for the kit will only be $46.71. Score!

Inside your Standard Kit, you will find two batteries, 10 cartridges, a USB smart charger, a wall charger, a user’s manual. You can select the battery color you like best and you can even choose between short, standard, and long batteries on classic kits and patterns on the EX kits. They offer both automatic and manual battery options so you can really customize this kit any way you like it.

The V2 Cig classic kit batteries have an LED light on the end and they light up when you take a puff. This gives the overall look of smoking a cigarettes, without any real flame. If you opt for the automatic battery, using it is super easy. Just inhale through the cartridge and the ecig will automatically activate and release vapor. If you opt for the manual battery, you press the button to activate the ecig and hold it down while you inhale. It has an automatic safety cut off after 10 seconds. Automatic batteries are generally a smart choice for new vapers or for those that need their hands free to multitask. But if you’re into thicker vapor and want more control over the device, the manual battery is definitely the way to go.

The LED light also serves as a battery indicator so you can see when it’s time to recharge. When the battery is low, the LED light will flash repeatedly to alert you. To recharge, just unscrew the cartridge and connect the battery to the smart charger. It will take an hour or two before your battery is fully charged, but once it is powered up, it will last from a day to a week depending on how often you vape. The batteries for the EX kits have no light on the end on the tip, instead they have 5 small circles on the top side of the battery to indicate battery life. The amount of circles are filled will indicate the battery life left before needing a charge. These are 4.7V batteries that should last you all day due to the length as well.

The cartridges included in the classic standard kit comes in several flavor options: V2 Red (American Tobacco), Congress (Refined Tobacco), Sahara (Turkish Tobacco), V2 Menthol (Refreshing Mint), Peppermint (Sweet Mint), Menthol Tea, Grape, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cola and Cherry. The EX kits can be ordered with V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint, and Menthol Tea. You can also select the nicotine strength you prefer the most with options in zero nicotine, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%. All of the cartridges are labeled with a batch number, which will show you when the cartridges were made and tested. V2 Cigs performs rigorous in-house testing to keep quality high. Not many companies that we have seen offer the batch processing let alone let you pull up records right on their site. So this is a huge plus in the industry for them. They put a huge emphasis on making sure every single starter kit and cartridge is top quality and safety is their number once concern.

Classic cartridges generally last for 150-250 puffs, depending how long you inhale each time. You will know it’s time to switch to a new cartridge when the taste gets weaker or you notice a slightly burnt flavor coming through. Just toss out the old cartridge and replace it with a new one and you can continue vaping immediately.The real advantage to the EX kits is that they offer 400+ puffs per cartridge. Keep in mind they also offer the same taste and performance from the first puff to the last with the build in chip regulating it. We’ve used both types of cartridges, and both are great, but the EX cartomizers are a step above the classic in technology, consistency, and duration of use.

Overall, the V2 Standard Kit offers a similar experience to smoking in a tobacco-free, electronic package. Ultimately, the V2 standard kit won’t be the right choice if you’re a cloud chaser, but for a newbie, it’s a smart pick.

V2 E-Liquids

While the V2 Pro Series will work with any eliquid you like, we definitely recommend that you try some of V2’s eliquids. There are 12 flavors to choose from so you might want to try sample pack to decide which ones you like best. They offer three different tobacco flavors, menthol, peppermint, green tea, cola, coffee, cherry, vanilla, grape, and chocolate. We tried them all and our top picks were the Peppermint and Cherry.

If you’re buying prefilled cartridges, you can get a sampler pack with all 12 flavors for under $19. They also offer an incredible deal on an eliquid sample pack that has a 10 ml bottle of each of the 12 flavors so you can vape them all before you commit to one in a bigger size. You get 12 bottles of eliquid for under $60 so it’s really a smart choice that won’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, V2 Cigs has really stood the test of time. They are constantly adapting to create new and improved ecigs that appeal to their customers. This brand is well known for their superior cig-a-like standard kit, but our favorite option is really the V2 Pro Series 7. It’s the first time we’ve encountered an open system vaporizer that truly gives you so many options in such a small, sleek design. If you’ve never tried V2 Cigs in the past, take a look at their current product line up. They have something for everyone and ultimately, V2 Cigs is just a brand that many vapers couldn’t live without. We recommend you check out their Warranty page to see how well they stand behind their products too.

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Over the years, V2 Cigs has really stood the test of time. They are constantly adapting to create new and improved ecigs that appeal to their customers. This brand is well known for their superior cig-a-like standard kit.
  • Affordable
  • Ease of use
  • Always changing
  • Not for Advanced Vapers






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Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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11 Responses

  1. Paul R. Laubhan says:

    I could have written this review myself. I switched to V-2 after 40 years of smoking Camel filters. My first puff on a V-2 ended all those years of poisoning myself. I have never smoked another cigarette. My wife is very happy, the house doesn’t stink any more, which I hadn’t even noticed until I had quit. Same for both of our clothing. I couldn’t possibly be happier with the result of having switched.

    I should also mention that their customer service is second to none. They must pay and treat their reps well, as they always sound happy and eager to please. I have had not one problem of any kind in over six years of using V-2. Not one. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

    Paul R. Laubhan, R.N.

  2. Young Gun says:

    First of all, new EX batteries look really slick compared to any similar batteries or kits out there. I got a carbon fiber and a brushed nickel EX battery set. It also includes a matching cover for concealing the cartridge to keep it looking on point. All in all, they look like a really slick pen or something. Unlike disposals, there is no red led light at the tip, but it has a battery life indicator (this is really great as we know when to replace it) along the edge of the unit by the tip. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the quality and appearance.Vape on Friends

  3. Gabe says:

    The Ex Standard Kit is all you’ll ever really need, excluding more cartridges if you ask me. These new ex batteries charge really fast compared to the old standard batteries. Of course I never let them go all the way down and out of power but if you do the same they will be done charging in about an hour from my experience. I LOVE how clean looking the new batteries are with the special designs and the tip that doesn’t light up. It really is fresh. The cartridge sleeve completes the batteries over all clean look. The new Ex Cartridges are very nice too and add a significant more amount of puffs per cartridge. These new carts last me 3-4 days. (old ones last about a day to a day and a half) The window indicator is very accurate too since you’re just looking right at the liquid in the cartridge! I peeled one of the windows back to see if went with the bottom, and it did so when that’s empty you can know for sure you’re done.

    Over all excellent product from v2! A very Happy customer here!

  4. Laura says:

    I have owned my starter kit just over a month now.

    The batteries are well made and quickly charge. I ordered a second kit, one for my husband. I got the Black and got him the Silver battery. The charge on the battery lasts all day for him, not as long for me as I chain vape while sitting at my computer. I just love vaping so much lol.

    I just keep asking myself why did I wait so long to order this awesome e-cig. One of the reasons I chose V2 was the reviews and the Customer support i found online. Also the forums are great filled with an awesome Moderator Samantha and the people are so helpful to each other

    The lifetime warranty was also part of the reason I chose V2 so I knew I’d have nothing to worry about

    Thank you for such a great product and support to go with it.

  5. DJ T says:

    My better half, aka my wife, got this for me as a gift for my birthday. I was a little skeptical at first but she had a bunch of friends who swore by e-cigs. It’s probably the best gift she’s ever gotten me as I haven’t touched a cigarette since getting my V2 EX kit. The flavors are smooth and extremely effective. The change over was really painless and I enjoy it every day. I’ve since come down in the level nicotine I use but the throat hit is still great.

  6. Tony says:

    There is a time when I started out using the V2 kit before switching to a bigger mod. As far as cig-a-likes go, this was a solid unit for me. Vaping has since turned into a hobby for me and I use a lot of other units now, but I’ll always have a place in my heart for the V2 Cigs kit.

  7. Mike says:

    The EX upgrade was way better than I ever expected. It truly is the same from the first puff to the last and the cartridges last so long. The flavor is always good and the vapor is consistent without needing priming. I also like the looks of it much better than the traditional kit. So if I were you, I’d spend the little extra to get the EX kit and have the better technology deliver you a better experience.

  8. Thomas P says:

    The EX Kit is awesome, it’s as simple as that. I’m impressed with the vapor production from the size unit and the quality of the tanks and batteries is great. When I’ve contacted customer service, it’s always been top notch for me. I have several v2 cigs products and I recommend them all to my friends all the time.

  9. Stefi says:

    V2 was the the first vape I ever used and it was awesome. I did a lot of research into the different brands and I came across the V2 Kits and have loved them since using them as a cig-a-like option. I didn’t ever smoke more than half a pack a day so this kit more than meets my needs. I recommend it to social smokers like me.

  10. Bradley says:

    If you get a V2 starter kit, you’re going to get everything you need regardless of which kit you choose in my opinion. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 2 years thanks to switching to v2. I’m not into mods so this was the perfect choice for me and I couldn’t be happier with it. For me it’s about having the similar cigarette appearance to meeting my mental desire for cigarettes since I’m still getting nicotine.

  11. Lester says:

    I like the V2 product but the issue I have run into a few times was stock. I’m being told that won’t be a problem going forward in the new year and I hope that’s accurate.

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