10 Awesome Moments at VaperSlam 2015


If you’ve never been to a vaping convention, you are really missing out on an incredible experience. Not only will you go home with a huge haul of new vaping gear, but you get to meet other likeminded people that are just as passionate about ecigs as you are. This weekend at VaperSlam 2015 in Winston-Salem, NC, we got a chance to sample some new products, meet some industry leaders, and even meet some of you, our loyal readers. For those that couldn’t make it out to the convention center, here are 10 awesome moments that you missed.

1# The Biggest Vapor Cloud in History


When we walked into the Benton Convention Center, it was like stepping into a dense fog that stretched through the whole building. From the lobby to the restrooms to the massive exhibit hall packed full of ecig fans, everyone was vaping and the resulting cloud was out of this world.

2# The Natur Vapor Mosh Pit


Natur Vapor managed to draw a massive crowd of people that were jumping and screaming as they caught freebies that were constantly flying through the air. The high energy of the Natur team was contagious and people just couldn’t wait to sample these new ejuices that are infused with all natural ingredients.

3# The Ultimate Ecig Raffle From Vaping Militia


Vaping Militia works hard to advocate for the ecig industry and they fight to keep laws fair and protect our right to vape. VaperSlam donated a booth so the Militia could do battle on the front lines and dozens of vendors donated some of their best selling gear for a big raffle to raise money for the cause.

4# The Roast of Grimm Green

Grimm Green is known as the nicest guy in the ecig industry so he was the perfect target for a big roast to kick off the event. It was all in good fun and vapers enjoyed a good laugh at the expense of one of our favorite faces of vaping.

5# A Steady Stream of Freebies


From the first second we walked through the doors, we started collecting freebies. Most vendors were giving out coupon cards for online shopping, free sample bottles of juice, and even t-shirts and some sweet accessories. This is by far one of the biggest perks of vape conventions and it’s a solid reason why you should visit one if you ever have the chance.

6# The Traveling Vape Bar


Smoke Crossroads from Greensboro, NC brought along their traveling vape bar for the show. They actually take out this trailer to do regular vape parties for their customers. Everyone gets free samples and smokers are converted to vaping and become loyal customers so it’s a win for everyone. As a side note, their Creekwater eliquid is out of this world and might be one of the best juices we’ve ever tried.

7# One Big Happy Family


One of the best parts of VaperSlam was the sense of community. Even though it was crowded and hot in the exhibit hall, everyone was nice and polite. Vapers moved out of the way to let those in wheelchairs pass through easily. There were no fights when freebies went flying to the crowd. Overall, it was like one big happy family. While the vapers spanned all ages from the college set to senior citizens, it was a tight knit community and everyone was there for the same reason – to support the vape industry.

8# The Chance to Try Brand New Gear


Several vendors launched their new mods for the first time at VaperSlam. Electra Vapor unveiled the new Copper FMJ mod by Mad Industries this weekend and it created a lot of buzz as people rushed to get the first chance to try this powerhouse new vape. 

9# Live Streaming from Vaping Underground


Vaping Underground was on scene during VaperSlam and broadcasted the event live on their 24/7 radio show. Visitors had a chance to make an appearance on camera and talk to some of their favorite radio hosts about some of their new purchases.

10# Helping Veterans Quit Smoking at Vape-a-Vet


We met a lot of incredible people at VaperSlam, but one of the best moments of the weekend was when we got a chance to meet the people behind Vape-a-Vet, an amazing charity that works to help eliminate smoking from the military. Vape-a-Vet was given a free booth at VaperSlam and they were selling BRV eliquids with 100% of proceeds going to provide free starter kits and eliquids to active and retired military personnel.

Overall, VaperSlam was a fun event. We walked away with lots of new gear, some new friends, and a better understanding of the vaping world. If you ever get a chance to visit a vaping convention, do it! You won’t regret a day spent sampling eliquids, meeting other ecig fans, and learning more about how you can protect the rights of vapers worldwide.



Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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