10 Reasons Why Guys Hate Girls Who Smoke


If you are hoping to land your dream guy anytime in the near future, you’ve got to quit smoking. Cigarettes are a major turn off and most men tend to avoid girls that smoke. When a man spots a beautiful girl on a crowded street, his interest might be immediately peaked. But then as soon as he spots the cigarette in her hand, he just keeps walking. Here are 10 common reasons why men hate it when girls smoke.

1. She Smells Bad


Men want a woman that smells nice. That’s why the perfume business is so huge! Unfortunately, there is no amount of perfume that can cover up the stench of cigarette smoke. It clings to your skin, your nails, and especially your hair.

2. She Tastes Horrible


Kissing a smoker is a lot like licking an ashtray. Most men just won’t do it. Guys want their girls to have fresh breath so you need to avoid cigarettes at all costs.

3. Her Teeth Are Yellow


Nothing is worse than a drop dead gorgeous girl with yellow teeth. Even if you are beautiful and a guy finds you attractive, your smoker’s smile will be a dead giveaway that you are a tobacco user.

4. She Looks Old


Smoking makes you age faster. You’ll get wrinkles, bags under your eyes, and thinning hair. It’s just generally unattractive. If you want to look young and radiant, you have to ditch the cigarettes ASAP.

5. That Smoker’s Cough!


That horrible, rattling smoker’s cough is just gross. Why would any guy want to make out with a girl after she coughs up half of her lungs? The good news is that if you quit smoking, the cough will disappear pretty quickly.

6. No Self Respect


Most men want a woman that takes care of her body. If you smoke, it shows that you don’t have much self respect and you certainly don’t care about your health.

7. She is Always Busy Smoking


Women who smoke spend a lot of time tied to their cigarettes. Nothing ruins a date faster than when the girl has to step outside every hour to smoke a cigarette. He doesn’t want to compete with your smoking habit so kick it to the curb now.

8. Her Car Smells Unbearable


Men hate it when a girl has a filthy, smelly car and that’s a given if you smoke. Even if you aren’t smoking in your vehicle, the smell is still lingering there because it’s stuck on you.

9. You Can’t Take Her Home to Meet the Parents


When a guy imagines the girl that he will take home to meet mom, he isn’t picturing a smoker. You will definitely make a bad first impression on the parents if you meet them with a cigarette between your teeth.

10. Not Wife Material


While a lot of men are not looking for a serious relationship, in the back of their minds, they do think about the future. A smoker is definitely not going to be wife material so if you do want to settle down, you need to think about how cigarettes are getting in the way of your goal. Men don’t want to date smokers, much less marry them.


Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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24 Responses

  1. Yves says:

    What utter marketing bullshit. Vaping can never replace the sex appeal of smoking. Many men are turned on by girls who smoke because they are generally more passionate and sexier than non-smokers or “vapers”.

  2. Smokerssuck says:

    So true, I can’t date women who smoke because they’ll always be up another guys ass asking him for cigarettes, once had a smoker chick leave me on the first date for a guy who had cigarettes, not kidding.

    • Julie Thornton says:

      Really you really wrote that wow.
      When I smoked I was never up any man’s arse, you will find females can buy their own cigarettes. The question you have to ask yourself is why did the smoker chick leave you. I bet it wasn’t anything to do with cigarettes

  3. Madison says:

    Probably one of the most sexiest things I’ve ever read

  4. Melissa says:

    yeah, bc everything I do is valued by how a man might perceive. how dare I do something that a man doesnt like!

  5. Sudipa adak says:

    Buddy.. get this straight in your stupid head.. girls who smoke do have self respect and they don’t smell bad.. and another thing same goes with the boys and they go through the same pros and cons but they do turn me on at times so as a girl who smokes ,i will say get your facts right

  6. Ian Coleman says:

    Have you never been in love? When a guy loves a girl, he’ll forgive a lot worse things than smoking. There are quite a few girls who are so attractive that most guys helplessly fall in love with them in the first half hour after meeting them, and those girls may smoke all they want without diminishing their appeal in any appreciable way.

    Suppose you wrote a column called, why guys hate girls who are ugly, or girls who are stupid, or socially awkward. See, those positions would have been inherently cruel, but also accurate. But it is empirically false that guys do not hate otherwise attractive girls who smoke. That doesn’t happen, or if it has happened to you you’re short a basic understanding of sexual attraction. Or you’re utterly psycho nuts in your aversion to smoking.

    One day I’m going to catch you writing a blog post called, “Why people hated Winston Churchill,” and it will be because he had yellow teeth and smelled like stale tobacco smoke. The first rule of being an effective writer is that what you write must be true. Not what you wish were true.

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      You won’t catch us writing that 😉 We just wanted to share this perspective related to vaping.

    • Jimbob Jumpbak says:

      Totally stupid comment sir
      I made the mistake of dating and marrying a smoker.
      Yes I love her but I hate it when she steps into the house and imediately stinks up the whole room when she opens her mouth.
      Fortunately she at least takes it out side but she still stinks.
      Also now after a life time of smoking I watch every day as she gets closer to death from COPD. I have to make sure she has back up bottles of O2 just in case her O2 concentrator quits or we have an extende power outage. I have to make sure she has a good supply in her car plus her portable because she always thinks she won”t need it.
      But one flight of stairs and she is on her knees. A walk at normal speed can last only about ten minutes. It really hurts to watch someone die from smoking. It is a dreadful way to die. No way is good but COPD is a terribly painful and extended way to go.
      Looks are not the only thing to love for. If you think so you are a very, very shallow person.

  7. Lisa says:

    Honestly, the points made in this article are pretty accurate; e.i. 1, 2, 5, and 8 I agree with 100%. My ex didn’t really admire the fact I smoke and would constantly mention I smell like an “ashtray”. My go to response, “Of course I do. I just smoked.” So, in closing either find a guy who also smokes (you both won’t even notice the ashtray sip you swap) or one who understands it. Also, a dandy tip is brush your fucking teeth after smoking… I noticed they are less likely to complain if the ashtray tongue you have tastes like mint as well. ??

  8. Tom says:

    It is a big waste of money and in a lot of my experience leads to people who do a lot more unhealthy things.. weakens lung capacity as well

  9. LMAO says:

    Lmao. Was this written in this century? Who has parents like that. I don’t smoke just love these articles from uptight dbag guys who don’t know a thing about women. Damn

  10. Anonymous says:

    I would really like to see some proof for the last one regarding how smoking women are automatically not wife material…? Where does that even come from, clearly this was written out of a bad experience and this person was angry and is now taking it out on the world. The other points made may have been somewhat accurate but you just gave yourself away with the last one. I’m glad you use writing as a way to vent though we all need our outlets to let off steam about disappointing life experiences 🙂

    • Mark says:

      Huh? They’re not wife material because smoking leads to life long illnesses as well as birth defects for potential children!! Plus, I find someone who smokes to be just plain “gross,” and I don’t consider gross people who smell up the house to be wife material. You need to wake up.

  11. Winter says:

    Um. Vaping is not any better for your health, just saying. And no, I don’t smoke. I’m just sick of the vaping propaganda and sexist a******* like you.

  12. jr. says:

    I have seen studies where the divorce rate of a non smoking male who marries a female that smokes is 50-75% higher than being married to a non smoking female. The same goes for a male that smokes. Smokers, rather male or female, have higher divorce rates. Look at your own circle of friends and I’d be willing to bet you can see this pattern. It’s not just the fact of the act of smoking, but in general, women or men who smoke are in poorer health, look older, tend to not work out and stay in shape, are less disciplined, and have higher rates of anxiety and depression, as well as many other factors that men or women who become addicted to smoking tend to possess. Yes, there are exceptions, but I’m not willing to take that chance with the high divorce rate that smokers have.

  13. Suzie says:

    I am a woman. I smoke. I wish some miracle would occur and I’d wake up one day and forget I ever smoked. It is disgusting! My breath, teeth, hair, skin, overall health and energy levels are affected. I work 10x harder than most woman to stay in shape, to look after my skin, teeth, hair etc. but all along I know if I didn’t smoke, I wouldn’t have to go to such great lengths. I have stopped in the past and been super fit and felt so attractive! I looked, felt & smelt amazing. Regardless of any attraction, smoking does make a difference. It tastes disgusting so why should any man or woman subject themselves to ashtray kissing if they have a choice. I am wife and mother material though, married for many years. Have tried to be an exceptional mother but this horrible addiction is the only thing that has ever reduced me to question myself. It is feral, expensive and downright dangerous! You would think my views would be enough to stop me but I am so addicted it takes control of my life! Smoking IS disgusting! If you do it and can stop, why wouldn’t you!
    I constantly have men telling me to stop. It is unattractive to them, 100%! There is nothing sexy about this habit!

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