14 Electronic Cigarette Studies That Shame the Critics


Lack of research is one of the biggest myths we hear from e-cigarette critics. Many people assume that e-cigs have not been studied in detail because the research is not heavily published by the main stream media. However, there have already been many clinical trials and research projects conducted that found promising results for e-cigarettes. Here is a look at some of the most important studies we have seen to date.

1) Secondhand Vapor Contains Nicotine, But No Combustible Toxins

The Oxford Journal published a study in December 2013 where scientists looked at what toxins might be in secondhand vapor. They found that e-cigs have no combustion related toxins present in the vapor and only a small amount of nicotine was found in secondhand vapor. Researchers concluded that more studies were needed to determine if there was any risk involved with secondhand nicotine exposure.

2) E-Cigs Do Not Stiffen the Arteries

The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Greece compared the impact of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes on heart function. The researchers discovered that smoking even two tobacco cigarettes will cause the aorta to stiffen, but e-cigarettes caused no difference to the aorta and no stiffening of the arteries.

3) Flavored E-Liquids Help Smokers Stop Using Tobacco

Dr. Konstantino Farsalinos headed up a study to determine whether flavored e-liquids had any impact on the success rate of smokers seeking to quit. He concluded that e-liquid flavoring “are important contributors in reducing or eliminating smoking consumption.”

4) Smoking Kills, and So Might E-Cig Regulation

Dr. Gilbert Ross, medical and executive director of the American Council on Science and Health offered a comprehensive report on e-cigarettes, concluding that e-cigarettes are much healthier than tobacco cigarettes according to common sense. He suggested that regulating e-cigs could be a deadly decision for public health.

5) E-Cigs Are Effective for Smoking Cessation and Prevent Relapse

Researchers at the University of Auckland and the University of Geneva studied the impact of e-cigarettes on former smokers. They concluded that e-cigs could prevent former smokers from relapsing into tobacco use and they could effectively help current smokers quit.

6) E-Cigs Are Not a Gateway to Tobacco Use Among Teens

Dr. Ted Wagener from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center studied the impact of e-cigarette use on 1,300 college students. He discovered that only one person that first used nicotine in the form of e-cigs went on to start smoking tobacco cigarettes. He concluded that e-cigs were not a gateway to tobacco use.

7) E-Liquid Has No Adverse Effects on Heart Health

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published a study on how e-liquids impact heart cells. After testing 20 different e-liquids, the researchers concluded that vapor had no adverse effect on cardiac cells.

8) E-Cig Use Has No Impact on the Oxygenation of the Heart

Dr. Konstantino Farsalinos studied how e-cig use impacted oxygenation of the heart. He concluded that vaping had no impact on oxygen supply and coronary circulation. These findings were revealed at the European Society of Cardiology Annual Congress in Amsterdam in 2013.

9) E-Liquids Pose No Concerns for Public Health

Professor Igor Burstyn of Drexel University School of Public Health studied e-liquids to determine if the chemicals in e-liquid could be dangerous. He refuted all the most widespread health concerns about e-liquids (P.s. Thanks Reddit!).

10) Health Improves After Smokers Switch to E-Cigarettes

Independent university researchers conducted a study to find out whether switching to e-cigs had any influence on health. They concluded that 91 percent of smokers that switched to electronic cigarettes had notably improved health. They also noted that 97 percent had reduced or completely eliminated chronic coughs.

11) E-Cigs Reduce Risk of Tobacco-Related Death

Boston University of Public Health conducted a study to see how e-cigarettes impacted mortality risks related to tobacco. Researchers concluded, “Electronic cigarettes are a much safer alternative to tobacco.”

12) Electronic Cigarettes Are Effective for Smoking Cessation

The University of Catania conducted a study to learn whether e-cigs would be effective as smoking cessation devices. After six months, nearly 25 percent of participants had quit smoking completely. Over 50 percent had cut cigarette use in half.

13) E-Cigs Cause No Major Respiratory Impact

Researchers compared first and second hand impacts of exposure to e-cigarette vapor to learn how it would impact respiratory function. The result was that secondhand exposure to tobacco smoke was more damaging to lung function than first hand exposure to vapor from e-cigarettes. They concluded that e-cigs cause no acute respiratory impact.

14) Second Hand Exposure to E-Cig Vapor Poses No Risks

In a French study, researchers found that e-cig vapor dissipated within 11 seconds on average. In contrast, cigarette smoke lingered for an average of 20 minutes. They concluded that secondhand exposure to e-cig vapor causes no public risk.

These studies are just the beginning. Every month, we find out about new studies all over the world to discover the true impact of electronic cigarettes. So far, research clearly shows that e-cigarettes are a better alternative to tobacco use. What are other studies that you hope to see in the future?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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25 Responses

  1. Ray Yeates says:

    Thanks for posting this Jimmy. I’m an old timer but just a newbie to vaping. I caught it just in time. At times I get down with all the negative crap going around…especially when it’s coming from Health Care. The one really bothers me. To think my kids and their children are going to inherit all this deception and corruption. You a young fellow. You smart keep on and don’t ever give up either. My generation got a little too complacent for our own good. Thank God my the younger ones these day are smart enough to know corruption and deception when they see it. Great work and thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  2. David Goerlitz says:

    Enjoyed your post. Very well laid out. I’ll be doing a lot of radio and tv interviews and have compiled a very similar list of explanations to the fear mongering and scare tactics being used by the antis. I’m the former Winston Man and am quite passionate about the life saving device this is and want it kept as a viable option for smokers who want to quit or cutdown. Nice blog and thanks. David Goerlitz, former Winston Man.

    • Ray Yeates says:

      ” Guilty by Association” Very powerful statement David. I have listened to some of your audios and read a bit about your association with the anti smokers and what we are all feeling is a drive to use us as a means with no end. Just the the $$$$ count and the body bags. Seems the only issue is who get to share the profits. I have to ask you, like I have asked others in a position to have more insight than me; a number in that count. “Where do you really honestly think this fight againts those zelots you mentioned, with all their money and power is going to end up?” Honestly!

      Don’t get me wrong . I admire you coming forward and I certainly admire your acknowledgement of morals and coming forward with a level of honesty, at least enough to get many people fired up. In the real world though, can you offer some insight on how we can overcome at least a portion of the odds against us. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. Our children ( the future) need us to fight for this now.

  3. hetty says:

    Goodmorning, this is excellent info . Would you be so kind as to send this to my Facebook timeline so that I can share it for people to see. There is a lot of vape bashing going on at the moment & im feeling very harrassed & unsupported. I would be very grateful. Thank you very much Hetty 🙂

    • Scotty TheInsane says:

      Just click on the Facebook button near the bottom o the article and you can share it on your facebook feed from there. 🙂

  4. MikeT says:

    @Ray Yeates
    One way is to use theses studies to refute the bad,misleading arguments
    coming from the antis. Very good resource which I’ll be coming back to regularly I think.

  5. John Strange says:

    The effects of ecig vs smoking and E.D. and the effects between bigger/stronger erections between ecig and smokers.

  6. Keith Stammers says:

    Well documented Jimmy, it’s not that they can’t find the research, it’s that they can’t find research to support their stance against electronic cigarettes. They ignore what they don’t like and deny even their own findings when they run counter to their agenda. Tobacco taxes, Big Pharma’s NRT and tobacco related disease drugs, the Tobacco Companies, the charity’s that live off the misery, the Tobacco farmers[ subsidised] and the distribution market for tobacco -including retailers, all this lot lined up against the poor tobacco smoker looking for a gateway out.

  7. Kevin O'Dea says:

    Excellent article.
    I have just shared this on my FaceBook

  8. Gil Ross MD/ACSH says:

    Thanks for citing my article in The American (#4). I’m honored to be among such erudite company. I have written numerous other essays calling attention to the science-basis for e-cigs actual and likely benefits, while attacking and exposing the hypocrisy and manipulations of those opposed, especially in positions of authority (e.g., the CDC’s Frieden). I think this is a valuable although obviously skimming-the-surface review of some of the academic studies supporting e-cigs. I am certain that 2014 will be a watershed year, both epidemiologically–as millions more smokers become vapers–and scientifically, as more and more studies get published showing the lack of harm for vapers and bystanders. Hopefully not too late to stop the madness of hyper-regulation (now coming to NYState, I fear). Gil Ross MD/ACSH

    • Robert S says:

      ​Too early to tell if they are even marginally healthier than regular cigs, for the vapers or for those of getting hit with second hand vapor. The long-term effects of smoking can easily take 20 – 50 years to show up. A handful of studies, often with so few participants to be meaningless, doesn’t prove anything conclusively. Unheated PG and heated PG are two vastly different kettles of fish. Several of the studies limited their research so much as to be useless.

      • David says:

        We know what’s in the ingredients of the liquid. We don’t know all the ingredients and cigarettes and when their combusted before me even more compounds that are harmful. None of the products in e-cigarette or harmful in and of themselves. Other than that I can attest to four years of not smoking and they being instead and I am much much healthier than I was when I was smoking. It is a no-brainer that if I continue this trend instead of smoking that I’m going to be healthier for much much longer. That’s all the proof that I need.

      • William West says:

        You must work for the tobacco industry, Robert S. It’s not just one study, there are many, many more that indicate that vaping is vastly less damaging to the human body than smoking tobacco.

  9. Alisha says:

    Thanks Jimmy, this is an excellent roundup of studies that every vaper should read. I’ll share this on my Facebook page.

  10. Soren A. says:

    “From 20 to 4 cigs a day, instantly..” Thats all the proof I needed, when I started vaporing a month ago 🙂 Now I use liquid without nicotine and still I only smoke a few cigarettes every day and I’m confident I’m soon ready to quit tobacco 100%.

    The only thing Id like to know, is what negative effects e-cigs have on my health long term, not just what happens when you inhale vapor. I’m sure it much healthier than cigarette-smoke, but I´d still like to know what the vapor does to my lunges ect..

    Any links to clinical tests?

  11. Ginny says:

    Haven’t touched a cigarette in 14 month’s !. My morning cough gone. Now the whole family vapes, we all quit smoking. This would be a crime to let big tobacco stop this.

  12. Riley T. says:

    All the big tobacco companies sell their own e-cigarette, and I know it accounts for a decent percentage of their sales now. Maybe they won’t try too hard to regulate e-cigs if they sell them themselves.

    • mary says:

      Hello fellow vapours. I have quit smoking cold turkey with the help of my vape. I LOVE vaping its been 5 weeks today at 12:30 I cant say that stopping smoking was easy, but with my vape I haven’t had 1 cigarette since. normally I have pneumonia or bronchitis this time of year but im great so far. 3 family members are now vaping and I gave up smoking accidently. my sis gave me a puff on hers I thought wat an awesome alternative that’s not harming people around me. And my bro and sis are responsible for me giving up to have some one who understands why us ex-smokers need vape to quit. I loved smoking but couldn’t handle watching my teeth rot from smoking im only bloody 35.
      To anyone vaping instead of smoking welldone,

  13. Henriette H. says:

    Bought 1 eGo beginning August 2013. Since then haven’t touched a cigarett! The most easiest and efficient way to quit smoking and hopefully in time to lengthen my life with family. Tobacco kills 6 millions every year, half of all the smokers. http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs339/en/ And still the WHO meens tobacco is safer then the vaping mist, … tobacco and WHO kills. Strange theres no lawsuits (espesially in US) against WHO since this so deadly product is legal and available.

  14. Vape Nation says:

    This is a great list of resources. I’ve read through most of them, but it’s nice having them all in one place especially when customers are weary with regards to the potential health risks involved. Shared this on our Facebook page – thanks!

  15. William says:

    Yes, the cigarette companies have bought up all the early generation 1 ecig companies – so they will have grandfathered products if the proposed deeming regulations in the US get enacted by the FDA.

    But those cigarette lookalikes are very expensive and little better than quitting cold turkey, when you look at relapse rates 1 year out. At best, they have probably introduced a lot of people to the possibility of finally being able to quit smoking.

    As more and more people discover advanced devices, the percentage of vapers using those essentially worthless 1st generation products is decreasing rapidly. Blu, the largest, has seen about a 33% decrease in their market share of cigalikes in less than a year.

    That is why you aren’t seeing any opposition to the FDA proposed regulations, which were probably written by the tobacco companies in the first place. They are the only producers marketing cigalikes that would be grandfathered, and limiting the devices to FDA approved non-refillable cartridges would ensure that only they could produce vaping devices.

    How would you like to be limited to tobacco and menthol flavors only? I know one of the things that helped me quit was being able to get flavors that do not resemble smoking in the least. Contrary to the ANTZ claim, adults enjoy candy and desert flavors as much or more than children.

  16. Michelle says:

    I have struggled with the love of nicotine for almost my entire life. I started smoking when I was very young back when minors could buy cigarettes at the store without questions asked or from cigarette machines. I was able to quit many times but was always tempted back into starting again for one reason or another. Each time I started again it was even harder to stop. My health and quality of life began deteriorating. I had developed a chronic, very irritating cough. My husband came home one day with an ego twist e-cig and some high level nicotine juice. Told me he didn’t want to see me die an excruciating death. I was sceptical and did not believe this would be the answer. I gave it the old college try. For two weeks I smoked analog cigarettes and vaped. I found myself vaping more and wanting cigarettes less. When I ran out of smokes I had no desire to smoke cigarettes so I stopped buying them. I have been vaping for over a year now. I don’t have a chronic cough anymore and I can exercise without getting winded. If that doesn’t prove to the closed minded folks out there that vaping is a healthier alternative then common sense is irrefutably lacking! I feel better than I have in longer than I can remember and that is all the proof I need. At the same time I’m still enjoying a habit I have enjoyed my entire life. Only now it is also a hobby. When I started vaping some of my nicotine juice was as high as 32ml. Now I’m vaping 3ml. Sometimes I vape 0ml but, I have had a long devoted love affair with nicotine for as long as I can remember and I truly enjoy it. Vaping appears to be as safe as a cup of coffee and until it is proven by no shadow of a doubt I will VAPE ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Thomas says:

    Some interesting conclusions after putting the vapour of nicotine-containing e-liquid on human lung cells:
    (presented on the Global Forum on Nicotine 2015):
    1. the vitality of the lung cells shows no loss (acute and longterm)
    seen here:

    2. the ciliaries seem to take no damage as known from cigarette smoke
    seen here:

    VAPE ON!

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