4 Reasons You’ll Love Black Note’s New Encore Blend


Striving for perfection is one of Black Note’s ongoing goals, and the company’s latest vaping liquid of Encore definitely hits the mark. With a notable history, an exacting creation process, customized nicotine levels and an amazingly robust yet slightly sweet taste, the Isfhani blend of Encore lives up to its name. You’ll want to vape Black Note’s naturally extracted tobacco (N.E.T.) liquid again and again.

Notable History

Encore features an Isfhani blend of Ajami Tombac, a specific type of tobacco that’s been enjoyed for centuries. Grown in the Iranian city of Isfahan, the region’s oriental climate produces a tobacco replete with natural resins, ethereal oils and a distinctly delicious taste.

The creation of Ajami Tombac can be traced back to the 1800s, when Sir Henry Willock brought back tobacco from the court of Isfahan to his native England. Willock served as the British envoy to Persia, and the tobacco he secured was eventually crossbred with Virginia and wild tobacco varieties to produce the Ajami Tombac known today.

Exacting Creation Process

Black Note is known for the cold maceration and other lengthy processes used to create its N.E.T. vaping liquids. Ajami Tombac goes through an equally exacting process before the tobacco is even ready for its transformation into vaping liquid.

The thick, medium-sized leaves of the plant aren’t harvested until they are bursting with ripeness, once the leaves’ natural sugars have already started the caramelization process. Harvested leaves are sun-cured in a dry, hot climate for more than two weeks, then softened in a cooler environment so they can be handled, individually ironed and packaged.

The next step is an extensive and carefully monitored fermentation process that adds another layer of flavor.

Comes with or without Nicotine

When smoked as a tobacco, Ajami Tombac is known for its high nicotine content.  The extraction process Black Note uses to create its vaping liquid, however, retains the tobacco’s natural flavors and properties while eliminating the nicotine.

As with other Black Note vaping liquids, you can order Encore with no nicotine or two different levels of nicotine to best suit your preferences.

The Overall Experience

History, creation process and customized nicotine levels aside, the main reason you’ll love the Isfahani blend of Encore is for the extraordinary experience it provides. Ajami Tombac serves up a complex, aromatic experience that is strong and full-bodied with just the right hint of underlying sweetness. Some have likened the sweetness to natural wildflower honey, while others rave about the blend’s memorable robustness.

Ajami Tombac is the type of tobacco that is best enjoyed in its purest state, and Black Note is already known for avoiding artificial dyes, colors and flavors in its vaping liquid lineup. In Encore you’ll only find lab-certified ingredients, precisely extracted natural tobacco, and an amazing encounter with one of the most notable tobaccos in the world.

Give it a go; Encore is available now on the Black Note website.

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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