9 Ways You’re Probably Damaging the Vaping Movement and Making Us Look Like Idiots

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Electronic cigarette veterans are fighting hard to ensure that the ecig industry succeeds. Unfortunately, some rookie vapers have no idea how to use an ecig without offending everyone around them. If you don’t follow some basic rules of ecig etiquette, you will end up making all vapers look like idiots. Don’t give e-cigs a bad rap! Here are nine ways you could potentially damage the vaping movement and what you should do to avoid them.

1. You Treat Your E-Cig Like a Fog Machine

When it comes to ecig vapor, bigger isn’t always better. As electronic cigarette technology advances, we have seen a lot of vapers go crazy with over the top mods. Rookie vapers view the huge vapor clouds as the ultimate ecig experience and they can’t wait to explore the powerful atomizers that create monster clouds. However, the average non-smoker is going to be super annoyed if you are constantly blowing out massive waves of vapor. Don’t treat your e-cig like a fog machine. Use it responsibly and consider how other people might feel when you are vaping in public.

2. You Vape in the Movie Theater

Nothing is more annoying that paying to watch a movie and finding yourself behind an inconsiderate ecig user. Even if nonsmokers are okay with vaping, they will be extremely frustrated when you vapor clouds block the view of the big screen. Plus that small light on the tip of your e-cig will be really noticeable and distracting to other movie watchers once the lights dim. If you must take a vape break at the theater, step out to the lobby or go outside.

3. You Get Called Down for Vaping at Your Kid’s School

When you go for parent teacher conferences or PTA meetings, refuse the urge to pull out your ecig and take a puff, even if things get stressful. Schools have a strict no smoking policy and even though your e-cig is technically smoke-free, it still projects a bad image to children. Vaping on school premises is a recipe for disaster and it’s the kind of dangerous behavior that will get e-cigs totally banned from public areas in your city.

4. You Fake a Bathroom Break and Vape on the Toilet

This is actually a pretty common thing for new e-cig users. When you get that nicotine craving, you don’t want to draw attention by vaping in the office or in front of your family so you duck into the bathroom and vape while you pretend to do your business. There are a couple of problems with this. First of all, if you are in a public restroom and people walk in, they could be alarmed by the huge cloud of vapor hanging in the air. Second, you might raise suspicions when you end up visiting the bathroom way more than usual. Eventually people will catch on. If you need to use your e-cig, just step into another room or walk outside.

5. You Vape Indoors and Smoke Outdoors

When you first start using electronic cigarettes, dual-use is pretty common. As you are making the transition from smoking to vaping, you might slip up and smoke a cigarette once in awhile. That’s totally normal. However, it’s really not a good idea to make a habit of using both e-cigs and cigarettes. Some people end up vaping nonstop indoors and then anytime they walk outside or get in the car, they smoke instead. If you do this, please stop. It gives the appearance that you cannot go for five minutes without nicotine. It makes e-cigarettes look bad and it causes people to think that e-cigs are making nicotine addiction worse instead of better. It’s counterproductive and it really hurts the vaping industry, so please stop.

6. You Are Condescending and Rude to Smokers

Don’t act like you are better than smokers. Remember that you used to be just like them and just because you made the switch to e-cigarettes, you are not superior. While you might passionately disagree with their choice to continue using tobacco, you won’t convert anyone to e-cigs by talking down to them. A little kindness can go a long way in showing people that e-cigs are a good alternative.

7. You Act Like an Ecig Evangelist

It’s awesome that you are pumped about vaping, but don’t act like a walking billboard for your favorite brand. You will quickly become annoying and everyone will avoid you. Feel free to tell your friends about your choice to vape when they ask about it. Share information and be prepared to back your claims with research. However, don’t go over the top and treat your ecig habit like a political campaign. There is no need to constantly bash smokers on social media or to hound your friends night and day to try e-cigs.

8. You Leave E-Cig Cartridges Everywhere

Your family will quickly be annoyed if they find your old e-cig cartridges lying around all over the house. Throw them away when you are done and don’t expect others to clean up after you. Remember that the cartridges contain nicotine and even old cartridges can pose a risk to pets and children. Don’t leave your vaping gear lying around or you could risk a deadly accident.

9. You Blow Vapor in Someone’s Face

Please – for the love of all that is good and tobacco-free – do NOT blow your e-cig vapor in someone’s face. This is giving electronic cigarettes such a bad reputation. We’ve seen it on social media on more than one occasion. People are venting about inconsiderate e-cig users that puff on their ecigs and then blow the vapor right at the person they are talking to. Even though the vapor isn’t dangerous like secondhand smoke, it is still offensive when someone blows it straight in your face. Turn your head and exhale in the other direction so you don’t offend people around you.

What are some other things that ecig users do that make us all look bad? Are there any other etiquette tips that new vapers should know?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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123 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    One further, just because it’s a lucrative business endeavor doesn’t mean that anyone with business skills should open a vape shop & rake in profits. All the local shops in my area are janky. Poor e-liquid, cheap devices, overpricing inventory, no relative experience or knowledge of vaping or vaping devices etc. it’s going to give good shops a bad name. Customers aren’t going to be satisfied with their e-liquid, terrible customer service & defective devices. In turn, they will write vaping off as yet another failed alternative & attempt.

    • Dashal says:

      Anyone with good business sense as you state, would be knowledgeable about their products and how to use them through great customer service.
      Maybe revise your first sentence.

      • JayCap says:

        Oh yeah, pick him apart. He said “Skills” not “Sense”. You can have skills, but you need sense to use them properly. You know what he meant. Why does everyone need to hyper-analyze every single word in every sentence on the web? You know what he meant and so does everyone else. Maybe you should revise your first comment.

  2. Taylor says:

    I feel that #1 should be amended to say in public, because, while it is fairly accurate, it gives the impression that “cloud chasers” are all assholes and inconsiderate. I personally use a Kayfun inside, and if I want to blow clouds, go outside or stay in my home. With the title, you’re insinuating that cloud chasing is inherently damaging to the community, when that is most certainly not the case.

    • Eric Pizzolo says:

      taylor well said about #1

    • btpowers says:


    • Liz says:

      Thank you. I love my big flavors and big clouds but I’m not a jerk. It’s just a modest vision spinner 2 and a Kanger aerotank mini when I’m out of the house. It doesn’t help anything if you’re pee’ing people off.

    • ryan says:

      I cloud chase outside work, but I stay out of the way where people don’t walk, don’t vape inside at work, period.

      I like to think they much prefer me smelling like Vanilla Custard in the elevator as opposed to cig smoke.

    • rory says:

      this is the last sentence of #1 “Use it responsibly and consider how other people might feel when you are vaping in public.”

  3. Ray Vape says:

    I’m a user of vape gear & i think this is a good article. I use an advanced pv & am always considerate of others. Only used in my own personal space. Two words – spacial awareness !
    Users who are making the vape world look bad should check in with themselves.

  4. Iro Cyr says:

    Re no. 9 ”Even though the vapor isn’t dangerous like secondhand smoke, it is still offensive when someone blows it straight in your face. ”

    Either correct your stance on this or add a no. 10 that states :
    Do not believe everything they say about second hand smoke. Do the research yourself to discover that the so called dangers are nothing more than an annoyance, some irritation and for minority cases an asthma trigger.

    • Helen says:

      Secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer, so I would consider that dangerous. My grandmother died from “Oats Cell” lung cancer which is the lung cancer smokers get. She never smoked a day in her life, but she was married to a smoker who smoked in bed and had no qualms about blowing it in her face. No one will EVER convince me that secondhand smoke isn’t dangerous as I am the one who nursed my grandmother through the chemo and radiation treatments she had because of it. I don’t need to “research” what I know to be gospel truth.

      • Brandon says:

        Second hand smoke from nicotine is bad, yes. But when you blow out from an ecig youre blowing water vapor . the same stuff from your stove when you boil water so shut up please. THERE ISNT SECONDSMOKE IN AN ECIG.

        • healthylungs says:

          The oils in the clouds rest on surfaces and is the cause of an alarming number of toddlers ending up in the er due to nicotine poisoning … that came from the doctors mouths in Everett wash … so your telling me all the nicotine stays in your lungs is bs …. it’s the same as meth clouds .. you think all the meth you in hail stays in your lungs ? Wrong when you blow it out it crystallizes on every surface it comes in contact with

          • Jimmy Hafrey says:

            I’ll give you $1000 if you or said doctor can show me one piece of evidence of a child (or anyone) getting nicotine poisoning from ‘oils’ in clouds. Either directly or from them ‘resting’ on surfaces. If that was true it’ll be all over every major news network.

            Sadly nicotine poising in children is up, due to poor storage of actual liquid nicotine and kids getting hold of it.

            Here’s some actual science for you:



          • Josh says:

            There’s no nicotine in my e-cig. That would be the point of switching from conventional e-cigs. Furthermore you seem to have no medical degree nor scientific education and it shows with this post. Also, its *inhale*. I’m done with people mouthing off with not but half a brain in their head simply due to the internet’s accessibility. Also, thank you Brandon, vapor isn’t smoke… please unleash an attack on your Vicks Vaporizer next time you catch a cold. Furthermore aside from the nicotine, the deliver system matches that of a breathing treatment identically… its where the idea predominantly came from.

          • Jonathan says:

            Not all juices for e-cigs have nicotine in them. And from what I’ve seen personally since I started vaping about a year ago, I myself, as well as many many others, don’t even use nicotine in their e-juice.

          • Corey McKinnon says:

            Technically, just like the air you breathe, you only absorb approx. 10% of the nicotine at most in a single hit. In order to not exhale any nicotine you would have to hold the vapor in for about 7-8 seconds, until very little vapor leaves your mouth whilst exhaling.

        • w0g says:

          No. You are not blowing out water vapor. You are blowing out vaporized polyethylene glycol and vaporized vegitable glycerin in addition to flavoring components. These are relatively safe compounds, but they are not water. In addition, if you use nicotine in your juice, you are also exhaling some nicotine.

          • Cory says:

            Propylene Glycol* and Vegetable Glycerin*. What you breathe out is called glycerol. Not water vapor by any means.

          • VapeMerc says:

            Thank goodness somebody addressed that it IS NOT WATER VAPOR THAT WE ARE EXHALING! If you’re buying juice that has water in it, you need to switch that shiz out for something that isn’t dangerous too be consistently and directly inhaling…

            Entire juice companies have failed due to word of their water content spreading through the community (Virgin Vapors for example). They were “all natural and organic” and used water too “fill the void” so too speak that was left by the absence of other ingredients.

          • maria says:

            Thank you for mentioning this! I have a husband who is an avid vaper (Thanks goodness – he used to smoke). I am soon thankful he no longer smokes, but the stupid clouds end up in a thin layer all over the furniture, which I then have to dust. It is not water vapor!!!! I’m not going to bug him about it because it is like 0 degrees outside and I’m just happy he doesn’t smoke (smoker since 15)… But it really can annoy me sometimes, when I spend so much time trying to make our space nice & clean. That stupid cloudy film gets on everything and I have to do it more often now. And the little caches of vaping accessories all over the place… good lawd! I might build a “vape box” for him for his accessories for Christmas. Oh and the sound too… “phssssssHHHHHHHHHH………..PHSSSSHHHHH” it can wake me up from a dead sleep lol

            TLDR: My hubs vapes, it’s pretty annoying, but I prefer it to him smoking 1000%… People – if you can corral your vape accessories and help with dusting in the house (your non-vaping partner will appreciate it).

        • ryan says:

          There is if it has nicotine in it.

          Not all of the nic is absorbed when you inhale, there’s still some in the exhale, so you are exposing people to an addictive chemical.

          Had a friend go in a vape shop with me and was buzzing from the nic in the clouds and she had to leave asap.

      • Sean says:

        As a Computer Technican for 2 schools in my district its upsetting to see the authors reaction to your post. While the current studies state vaping may or may not be safe its no reason to contradict the article that he himself wrote. The article talks about being nice and not turning vaping into a political debate but yet this is not what i see in this reply. A simple I am truly sorry to hear about what smoking has done to your close ones. I understand your issues on the matter, NOT, Show me the evidence and here are some studies that have been linked back to the same company that publishes this blog on the internet.

        Brandon that was rude, people will always have their own opinions and while you may argue the fact, the truth is until we have solid evidence some people will always think differently.

        And healthylungs the truth is people will always push toxins into the air and theres no way of completely containing it. Ideally you also wouldn’t smoke around a child especially knowing what your blowing out is vapor that actually does trigger asthma, granted it would have to be blown directly towards them but even still its common sense.

        This was upsetting to see because at my job yes people give me crap all the time, some are nice and some aren’t but i hold my position by being nice to all and by keeping my opinions to myself. An article published about whether or not smoking glycerin is safe would have been the correct place to argue this point but as stated in this article, this is about respecting other people as a vapor/glycerin smoker.

      • Michael says:

        “I don’t need to “research” what I know to be gospel truth.”

        Interesting choice of words, since “the gospel” is “the truth” based on faith alone.

        You seem to almost bragging that you’ve witnessed one single case of correlation and decided that you know it all and don’t need to look any further. I’m always amazed that people can be so proud of your intentional ignorance.

        Furthermore, “typical” exposure to second hand smoke is infrequent and dispersed. So even if your grandmother died from living her life closed in with heavy smoke, it in no way indicates that the occasional person smoking on the other side of the room is in any way affecting your health.

      • vicki says:

        I am so sorry for your loss. I also agree that second hand smoke does kill innocent victim’s. I smoked for 37 year’s, out side of my home, never around my children nor grandchildren. I have been smoke free for 15 month’s now. I had seen a woman with a e-cig and she told me it cost’s about 120.00 to get started. I made the staement in front of my 10 yr’old grandson he replied NAN IF I HAD THE MONEY I WOULD GIVE IT TO YOU TO GO BUT ONE. The very next day I bought my first kit, I never smoked again. When a child say’s this -you know it is God’s way of telling you -I WILL GET YOU THROUGH THIS. I AM SO THANKFUL FIRST TO GOD AND THEN TO MY WONDERFUL GRANDSON.

      • Tom says:

        Here, I’ll do half the work for you. Now all you have to do is click and read (and hopefully learn something)

      • Folwart says:

        That doesn’t prove anything. It’s a belief based on feelings and a logical fallacy. It’s a faulty shortcut. You don’t “know” jack if you think your feelings can change empirical evidence from research that says otherwise. It’s good to question things and reexamine ones beliefs from time to time. You watched her suffer through cancer as I did with my father. It’s okay to believe something on a hunch, but call it what it is. There’s no “gospel truth” about it.

      • russell says:

        So, standing in a room that is freshly painted, is worse for you than drinking paint? Never understood the second hand smoke paranoia. Lets ban dirt, my grandma had lung cancer from working on a farm. Her or her husband never smoked a cig in thier life.

    • M says:

      No. Just no.

      Second hand smoke really screwed me up. I’ve never smoked, but I grew up around smokers and in my late teens, I began having problems. Now I have a massive reaction to second hand smoke exposure. I’ve gotten sore throats so swollen I had trouble breathing, and had so much mucus production that I’ve choked. I can’t be in a smoking room anymore; even wood fires destroy me.

      There’s an enormous amount of actual, verifiable scientific evidence on this. The data is very clear; long-term exposure to second hand smoke can cause a wide variety of health problems. I don’t care what your pro-smoking blogs with their cherry-picked data or tabacco-company-funded studies have offered up to your confirmation bias.

      “Do not believe everything they say about second hand smoke.”

      Take your own advice and check who your “they” is before you blow smoke, literal or figurative.

      • vicki says:

        You said it very well. I truly believe the only people who would not agree is the person who is still smoking and can’t quit. I admit I smoked for well over 30 yr’s [in private] now I vape. I don’t know if vaping will be the right answer as I’m not sure if there has been enough studies yet. For now I will trust in vaping and pray it is not harmful.

      • RP says:

        My whole family smokes. I grew up around second hand smoke And even smoked for about 4 years myself. No residual side efects from either the second hand smoke or smoking myself.

  5. Tina says:

    I’ve been vaping for six months. I put down cigs the day I picked up an ecig. I generally don’t vape anywhere that didn’t allow me to smoke. If I do for some reason, I always ask first. You’d be surprised how many businesses are okay with it IF you ask. However, if there are a lot of other customers in the establishment, I won’t even bother to ask. You have to remember that even though WE know there aren’t the second hand effects with vaping as there are with smoking, most of the general public doesn’t know that. Being considerate and polite goes a long way toward gaining acceptance. Also, know what you’re vaping. If someone in a store asks me (and they have), I can tell them my liquid contains all food grade products, including VG and PG, and NO tobacco. There are plenty of studies on what you exhale too. Look them up. Again. Be polite, considerate, and inform instead of getting offended or defensive.

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree! 🙂

      • gary says:

        Couldn’t agree more. I ask all the time and i almost get an OK to vape. But, if you a cloud chaser like. Just dont blow big clouds, keep them small and aim for the floor not to drag attention and offend anyone. And when someone ask “what is that and is bad for you? Dont get offended, Just tell them the truth. Works for me all the time in chicago

  6. Eric Pizzolo says:

    1. You Treat Your E-Cig Like a Fog Machine – I don’t see what’s so wrong with this? Because other people aren’t blowing the same level of smoke amount you consider a mechanical mod a fog machine? no i don’t think so. This is a blatant attack on people that don’t use standard ego style setups, yah we spend more money to have better devices for MULTIPLE reasons. The main reason is yes to quit smoking, secondary many people consider it a hobby so they start collecting. Your basically saying “you treat your Ferrari like a sports car”, well yah why else would someone buy a Ferrari. Thirdly people are getting together and creating groups and other 3rd party websites because for people like myself this is WHAT WE LOVE TO DO! I’ll give you respect for 2-9 but #1 is directly attacking people that “blow bigger clouds”, so what WE’RE STILL USING PROBABLY THE SAME JUICE YOUR USING BUT PROBABLY WAY LESS NICOTINE. It’s blog posts like this POINTING THINGS OUT and calling our devices “fog machines” that are the problem!

    • Jonquil says:

      Even my Ego can cloud up a room if I chain vape, and I saw no mention of specific devices. Your premise to your argument here is quite non existent as far as I can tell. And you don’t fog up the room for the same reason you don’t blow vapor in someone’s face: it’s downright rude, the same as doing a spin out in your fancy sports car with someone chilling in their car directly behind you in traffic. You do that on your own private time, not interfere with the personal space of others with it.

      • lastword42 says:

        Wrong. He says “over the top mods” which is a direct reference to mechanicals. Cloud chasing can only be achieved using a mech mod with sub-ohm coils. #1 is a BLATANT attack on sub-ohm users, being that sub-ohm is the only way to get dense, big clouds. Moreover, there are other reasons to sub-ohm. For starters it produces a much richer, much deeper flavor. Also, you can get great throat hit out of a strictly VG liquid. In addition to those it’s also a very warm/hot vapor. Some of us like that. If this article wanted to help it should have advised those interested in sub-ohming to use 30 amp, high discharge batteries, such as the Sony. Lower amperage batts can explode because they can’t output high enough for sub-ohming.

        • Dan says:

          I think the author has just worded it badly. It doesn’t read like a blatant attack on cloud chasers to me, but then again I’m not a cloud chaser so maybe I just don’t take it personally. To me the key part is ‘non-smokers….’. I think the point being made is that if non-smokers hate smoke, then huge plumes of vapor won’t go down much better . They should have added something along the lines of, ‘until such time that the public are far more educated as to what vaping is, the harm reduction benefits and the huge difference between smoking and vaping’. To the un-educated/ignorant cloud chasing doesn’t ‘look’ like it’s got harm reduction benefits. I know how it looks is irrelevant to a vaper, but the article is talking about ensuring vapers maintain a good image, which in turn will speed up the education process. I think #1 needs re-wording quite urgently so it gets the message across correctly.

          • mrlongdrag says:

            I agree, I didn’t find #1 offending at all and I also enjoy “cloud chasing.” What he really meant was not vaping like a fog machine in public which he states at the end of the paragraph.

            But yeah, sub-ohm vaping in public???? That’s like saying, LOOK AT MEEEE!!!!! I’M VAPING!!!!!! BIG… CLOUDS… OF… VAPORRRRRR!!!!

            Really dude (or dudette)? Is that even necessary? Do that ish in a vape shop or indoors but not on the sidewalk for the love of God! You make us all look bad.

          • vaperob says:

            #1 is a direct attack on us subohmers. Choose your words better next time.

        • Daniel says:

          “being that sub-ohm is the only way to get dense, big clouds”
          Absolute poppycock. High volts and high resistance produces the same effect as sub ohms. It’s people like you that are extremely uneducated in even basic understanding of the basics of ohms law, that makes all us vapers look bad. Just do some reading you halfwit

    • btpowers says:

      I’ve seen a growing trend of people criticizing “cloudchasers” as vaping’s biggest problem. I don’t like it one bit. Cloudchasers aren’t the problem, ignorant people are.

      • Devon says:

        Ignorant people are a bigger problem than one may think. I once met a woman that swore up and down that when you vape your collecting water in your lungs and if you vape enough you will drown yourself. She then went on to say many places don’t allow vaping, when really less and less places are minding it lately. There are only a few places near where I live that don’t allow it, one of which is a restaurant which is understandable. The biggest source of ignorance of vaping is people that have no idea what vaping really is because it is so new to them. If even non smokers would educate themselves about vaping I think vaping would get a lot less attacks and bans. The problem is that big tobacco companies don’t want people to be educated, and therefore it is causing a lot of problems for us vapers. I don’t care about being discreet, but that is because while I refuse to not enjoy my vape to the fullest, I’m not an asshole and I don’t blow smoke at people unless they don’t mind it in the first place (I stick to dessert and fruit based vapes so they smell nice and some of my friends actually enjoy the smell). If I’m in a crowd I blow the vapor up in the air above me or down at my feet. Anywhere AWAY from people (up if i’m outside, down if i’m inside). Is it really that hard for people to do so even if they are cloud chasers? (I do enjoy a decent cloud myself, though super dense ones are a bit much for me personally) really such things boil down to common courtesy. Vaping or not, if you blow in someone’s face its not considered polite. It’s usually considered gross or creepy. I mean is that hard to understand? As for the issue of people not liking the smell, I find myself put off by all those people that like to BATHE in perfume and cologne and then walk through crowds. Nothing I have ever vaped has had a more potent smell than the average wearer of Axe body spray. Pretty much unless your liquid is a perfume type then the smell should never be an issue.

        • w0g says:

          I just want to vape on my back porch on the weekend the way my grandfather smoked a pipe. And yes, I want big thick clouds.

          It definitely doesn’t belong inside public areas, the same way that you would not look kindly on a person sitting next to you in a restaurant emptying a can of air freshener into the room.

    • gary says:

      I think what the poster was talking about is what others see. I love huge clouds but non smokers look at it like we just fog the place up. You got to look at it from a non smokers point of view. Atleast untill people understand what we do isnt wrong or harmful. For right now, people are not educated on vaping yet. Its still pretty new.

      • Mike says:

        Being a vaper, none of you can state with certainty that vaping is safe, infact none of you can honestly say with certainty that its better for you than smoking so saying its harmless exhaled water vapour is ridiculous. Vaping in a enclosed public area should not be allowed.
        The artifical flavourings in alot of different ejuices are numerous and stem from artificially created food based flavours. I believe youre risking your health eating these man made compounds let alone vaporising and inhaling them. With as little as we know any of these chemicals could cause mutations in the lungs exceeding that of cigarettes.
        Scientifically none of these compounds have been individually tested extensively or in combination with one another. Neither have they been under testing at temperatures capable of changing the structures of these artificial flavours and they definitely have the possibility of being dangerous.
        I know its the propylene glycol PG in the eliquid that causes it but ive never experienced acid reflex with a tabacco cig before. It could be the tip of a titanic sinking iceberg or it could be nothing at all, we just don’t know and time will tell.
        I’m on 6mg now and dropping to 3mg this coming week and I have to say I will be happy to stick my box mod in the kitchen draw.

    • Rusty Shackelford says:

      You sir are the reason there is so much infighting. I mouth to lung primarily. I use a authentic kayfun v4 or a kabuki on top of my Hemo stabwood sx350j mod made by tophat. You are saying your vape gear is better? Whats wrong with mine?why are we arguing like schoolkids at the toilet stall comparing penut sizes?

  7. Jonquil says:

    just want to point out the secret to polite bathroom vaping: hold the vapor in for like ten seconds so hardly any comes out on the exhale. And don’t take frequent breaks or long ones. If you have to keep some stronger strength nic eliquid on you just so you can get your fix quicker and have it last you longer in such situations.

  8. Shortcacher says:

    My biggest pet peeve is when vapers vape walking through grocery stores, in doctor’s offices, etc. Like someone else said, if I can’t smoke there, I won’t vape there without asking. Eric, I think you’re missing the point. It’s about the nonvapers/nonsmokers around a person blowing large clouds of vape.

    • lastword42 says:

      That’s like saying diabetics shouldn’t be allowed to shoot insulin in front of people because it LOOKS like they’re doing drugs. VAPING IS NOT SMOKING!

      • MattyBoy says:

        Hm… I’m a vaper, and I’m also diabetic. I don’t inject around other people because they might not like it. Some people are a little freaky about needles, including myself, so I don’t subject people to something that might bother them. It’s really just about being considerate. Vapor might not be smoke, but that doesn’t mean people don’t care if you do it. There’s still a smell and there’s still a pretty major distraction in many cases if the user is blowing clouds. I actually vape in public very frequently using a DNA30 device at about 27 watts, but I hold the hit long enough that I exhale nothing, so as not to draw attention to myself or create any odor. If people ask, I’ll politely tell them exactly what it is, and I’ve never had anyone tell me I couldn’t or even get offended that I was doing it. It’s all about perception. If people perceive you as trying not to offend them, they’ll give you the benefit of the doubt the vast majority of the time.

  9. phil says:

    How about you don’t tell me what to do. I don’t care what people think it looks like. I’ll blow clouds if I want to. And I certainly will vape indoors and smoke outdoors or in a bathroom or movie theater if I want too. Just so you know its not gonna get banned. It’s too big of an industry, also the last time federal regulations were proposed they were struck down for being to restrictive. So grow up and quit telling people what to do ***cloud blown in random persons face***

    • RK says:

      Nice. That’s exactly the point the article is trying to make. Have a little respect for people around you. Your comments just make you sound like a d!ck.

    • KT says:

      Lol. And you’re an idiot. Good thing is you probably don’t leave the house much so it’s all good.

    • Jessica says:

      New flash!!! It IS being banned all over the country!!! I live in Colorado and it has already been banned in 2 cities and is up for discussion in 4 more!! No one is trying to attack anyone. This is basically all about doing what we can to not look like inconsiderate assholes. Please, stop and think about what will happen to small businesses (like mine) if we do not shape up and vape responsibly. Cloud chase all you want, but you don’t need to be rude about it. Stealth vape in the movies if you cannot wait it out. We do NOT want to give the opposition any ammunition to use against us and that is all this is saying.

    • James says:

      Blowing clouds around in a movie theater is a douche move, man. Don’t be an elitist ass just because you can be. I vape, I’m proud of my choice to vape, but I’m not gonna start being an idiot just because I can. Show some restraint and quit being a baby.

    • John P says:

      I just saw VapeCan score a $1500 fine for Setting off Fire Alarms… accidental or not it cost a non-profit organization money for someone to produce Great Clouds in the Hallways….. Yup that was fun if only people showed consideration for the sponsors of the event there would have been no fine for the accidental setting off of the alarm. I blow wonderful clouds from a Puny EGO, have a MOD and a Dripperas well…. always use High VG liquid. For the record Canada is also on the BAN bandwagon so PLEASE VAPE with Consideration of NON Vapers and NON Smokers, it goes far further than being a TOOL in public eye!

    • DeeDabs says:

      More like “grow up and be respectful to the people around you”?

    • PhilIsALittleBitch says:

      Phil you are an utter dissappointment to all of us. An inconsiderate dick, rude and self centered. You shame the vaping community with your haughty ways. For naught little boy, for naught.

    • dennis says:

      I’d down right beat some punk kid up for blowing that crap in my face. Keep that in mind next time you’re at the movies blowing clouds and trying to get tough, do that to the wrong person and you’re liable to have your worthless teeth knocked out. Also, I am a vaper and personally like big dense hits. The key thing to remember here is that there is a time and place for everything, and the movies/restaurant/crowded areas are not a suitable place for cloud chasing. Furthermore it is really frustrating hearing everyone act like they know that vaping is definitively harmless. The fact of the matter is we really don’t know. There have been studies, but nothing on the long term effects.

      • Greg says:

        Well, they were invented and released about 2004. That’s 11 years. We certainly see harm from cigarettes within 11 years of people starting to smoke.
        Study after study (that isn’t funded by questionable sources) has shown time and time again that they are 99% safer than smoking.

        How much time do we need for it to be “long term”?

        • w0g says:

          Actually cigarettes have been around for hundreds of years and the scientific consensus on their harm only came out in the 1980s. Most people still don’t recognize that wood fires are far worse than cigarettes and having a wood burning stove in your home is worse than having everyone in your home smoke.

    • Chela says:

      Looks like those words have come back to bite you in the arse !!!!!

  10. zom3icide says:

    I honestly do hope they get banned from everywhere you cannot smoke, except maybe in an office or somewhere open to nature. I love vaping, but I don’t want other’s vapor AND BREATH in my face. I also don’t want to smell pickle, hot dog, bacon, trash can-flavored eliquid. I’ve smelled some doozies. People like Phil are the reason regulation needs to take place.

    • SieSie says:

      There’s a pickle flavor?

    • Lars says:

      So WHAT if you don’t want to smell it. Laws are made for protection, not to “protect you from annoyances”. I think country music sucks and is annoying, but I certainly don’t think it should be banned.
      Nothing that isn’t dangerous should be banned…. how about restricted? If they BAN e-cig use wherever smoking is, it first suggests that vapourizers are like cigarettes. Vaping is NOT smoking!
      Restricting e-cig use should be up to the owner of an establishment, not busibodies that “think they know better” or a nanny-state government. The government isn’t going to do a “gentile ban” it will be banned everywhere, including vape shops so now you won’t be able to test e-liquids before purchase, or even vape in public parks!

  11. DyNama, Ohio says:

    This is supposed to be a free country. Harmless activities are none of the government’s business. Every activity is legal until it’s not, and I hope the only things that are not legal are thus because of rational scientific reasons. Total lack of risk is the reason saggy pants hanging off young men’s butts are not illegal even tho 100% of old legislators despise it.

    I don’t even agree that children need to be protected from harmless vaping–keeping kids from vaping or smoking is parents’ job, not governments’. Every teen that smokes broke existing laws and regulations to get addicted to nicotine–neither parents nor police prevented it.

    I’m not a cloud-chaser, i try to be discrete and considerate. if people around me need to be protected from harmless vapor, they also need to be protected from cheap perfume, garlic breath, and body odor.

    I’ll concede vaping is like smoking in many regards, but it is not smoking, and no one can expect me to obey rules that don’t, at the moment, apply. By confining my vaping only to areas where smoking is allowed strikes me as conveying the message that it is a risk to bystanders just like smoking, which we’re pretty sure is not true. While i don’t, in fact, put down cigarette smokers or evangelize to them, making me vape only with smokers may sabotage my commitment to quit cigarette smoking. After all, I can resist anything but temptation!

    • Jennifer says:

      You make some good points and I agree that vaping should be allowed in most places that smoking is not but being polite is also important. Non-smokers and well, anyone who enjoys their personal space, should not have to endure clouds of vapor from someone else’s lungs just out of common courtesy. People seem to have forgotten that we should treat other people the way we would want to be treated. It isn’t about protecting them, it’s about being aware of others and being polite.

      I also agree we shouldn’t have government regulation but sadly the government will probably eventually tax the nicotine to death since it is a ‘mood altering substance.’ We may not feel that alteration but it’s been deemed that way for cigarettes so vaping may not escape that either. If the government decided legality using ‘rational scientific reasons’ then alcohol and GMO foods, etc., would be illegal while marijuana would be legal in the entire country! Sad but true, it’s all about those tax dollars!

  12. lacey says:

    This article made you look bad more than ‘indoor smokers’. You preached that we shouldn’t act like jerks, when your entire article was condescending. How about this? People should just leave ‘ecig’ people alone and let em do their thing.

  13. Josh says:

    Haha people are complaining about this article? I’ve been following tweets by non-vapers on Twitter and the common consensus seems to be that we are a-holes who have no consideration for others.

    But some of these may be stretching a bit haha, like the vaping in the bathroom…I don’t think anyone cares about stuff like that. It’s blowing vapor in crowded and/or public places. Non-vapers HATE that, and why shouldn’t they? They haven’t done the research that we have, they don’t know what the hell is in our vapor. They have rights too.

  14. crackbones says:

    While reading this my first idea was – when ecigs actually started to ger popular – one of the most pressured features was the smoking in public places, though at the time there weren’t yet so powerfull cartomizers to produce the clouds (mostly). It’s only logical that now this has become an issue. I don’t like posts that discourage people, be smart – make it from a point of view where You aren’t against us. Please don’t, if I wan’t to use smoke so badly to do it in a toilet, I’ll smoke a cigarette there too, the issue is not about vaping, the issue is about interpersonal respect.

  15. Teddy smith says:

    Excellent article.

  16. Zip says:

    This whole article could be summed up as “don’t be a dick”

  17. Erik G says:

    And Vapers who use the term e-cigs or e-cigarettes. Come on people break the connection with the stinkies!

    • Rob says:

      Absolutely. The whole e-cig/e-cigarette term needs to be relegated to history.

    • Eppic says:

      I’m a total cloud chaser and I find #1 crazy dude. I started vaping on a whim and ended up quitting smoking entirely, I have now upgraded to an awesome mod that I specifically picked because it BLOWS BIG CLOUDS. …Well…it also tastes delicious.

      The number one problem out there is lack of information for non vapors. It’s not harmful, even the second hand vapor does nothing. (Blowing it in someone’s face is definitely offensive, ghost in movie theater’s, be polite dude)

      Even outside on the street I’ve been asked at least 15 times now if its marijuana, or had people get angry and just assume it is. The only reason I wouldn’t vape inside a place is if they ask me to stop. I think for something that was designed to be used indoors all the people bashing them being used this way is insane.

      If you have a problem with someone vaping…move. or tell them, and if you’re outside I hope they blow a big huge cloud in your face.

    • Jack Spratt says:

      Erik, I sorry to say, but you are wrong about that “e-cig” thing. The problem is that the marijuana industry has taken over the terms “vape” and vapor” so now, one of the biggest concerns with the general public is that no one knows if someone who is using a “vaporizer” is vaping nicotine liquid, cannabis liquid, or some other illegal drug in liquid for (or even dry form or wax). This is exactly why the “movement” needs to get away from the word “vapor” and it’s variations.

      Let’s remember folks, while in some states marijuana is legal for recreational use, the feds have not legalized it, so for all intents and purposes, it remains an illegal drug in all 50 states.

      The ecig industry needs to get away from the “vaping” industry and get far from it as possible rather than co-mingle with it as they have been in the last year or so. It’s hurting us as ecig users badly. Is the word “e-cig” good? No, not really. But it describes what it really is. But most importantly, it describes what it isn’t.

  18. Sarah says:

    Ive got another point to add. I am a vapor, but the grocery store I work in does not allow vaping inside. When I politely tell people that it’s not allowed and they start cursing and throwing a fit, it really gives vaping a bad name. Please show respect for a buisnesses right to refuse vaping and respect the employees who’s job it is to enforce the rules

  19. Ray Henry says:

    I think that largest harm to the vaping community is the lack of long-term studies, and the hardcore vocal segment that is trying to make out that vaping is “safe”.

  20. jenkinsmark01 says:

    I have started vaping last year and with its help, quitted smoking and never returned back to it. I have seen the results of vaping health survey, it is really shocking that around 96% vapers breathe better with electronic cigarettes.

  21. BlixBlam says:

    I’m a vaper, a proud one, i do vape inside as well as outside. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years, and i don’t see any harm in it. I vape inside a bus if there’s nobody else AND if the bus driver has nothing against it. I’m annoyed by the vapers who vape everywhere and just don’t give a damn. I see people vaping inside stores, restaurants, etc. The most annoying vapers blow these huge clouds inside a movie theatre, and as you other vapers know, when you’re in a dark room and there’s one very bright light, the vape is more visible, very thick cloud you can’t see through, which completely block the movie from showing, and when you think ‘ok now the cloud’s disappearing’ NO. There comes another one. By the way, what ecig would you suggest, I’m looking to buy a new one, and i want a good one, that can make these huge clouds, etc. I really enjoy watching tv and making circles, and want a more powerful ecig for it. Thanks guvs.

  22. Trevor says:

    Great article. I just had a worker at the city bus terminal tell me to go outside when she noticed me vaping. When I asked her why, she said “it’s illegal. When I asked her where I could read this law. I was told “the internet”. When I asked for a link or some information on which website, all she would say is “the internet”. Over and over. I really wish people would be a little more informed about why they are enforcing a “law” I feel like I’m treated like a lower class citizen, because I chose to quit smoking and started vaping to improve my health.

    • HSmith says:

      I am doing the same. I will be discrete as possible but the Nicotine Nazis that I am reading about on the Internet are truly disturbing. My doctor who is quite good said that he recently attended a conference with other health professionals and they determined that e-cigarettes have a higher cessation rate than Chantix, at about 30%. Anti-Vape people need to pull their heads out of their behinds and should be supportive of people wanting to get away from cigarettes and hopefully quit. I do not believe any of the hyped-up non-sense about vapors affecting air quality, that is just hogwash.

  23. Brian says:

    I have been on these for going on 4 years. I smoked for 27 years before I switched and never need or needed the real thing since switching. I’ve know just from common sense to not walk into the local store and puff away so anyone can see me. I even had 6 major knee surgeries and believe it or not I always had a battery plugged in the room charging while using the other one in my room. I got away with this for about 3 months in the hospital and even another 3 months while staying at a nursing home, so 6 months total. Now I wouldn’t so it again because I had some close calls almost getting busted. I figured if I don’t tell them then no one should get into trouble because I never asked them or told them what I was doing. The bad thing is you never know when you’ll have a doctor or company you don’t want to see you doing it. So for now on if I’m ever admitted for anything I’m asking for a patch.
    Just use your head people. It’s like the concealed carry ordeal in Ohio. There never was a law that stated you can carry a gun into Parks, store or even banks. As long as it wasn’t concealed. If it was on a holster in plain view there wouldn’t be any signs up saying no guns on premises. Soon it won’t be just the sign no smoking or guns but will also include. “NO E-CIGS ALLOWED” listen to these 9 rules and if you can’t then treat them like they are real cigarettes. Don’t ruin it for everyone else like the lady on the flight. You know how many she ruined that for because they did hide the ones they used.
    I have my habit down to only $5 a month so please don’t ruin it. Also if you but something cheap in this area of business you’ll get what you paid for. Cheap juice can be cut with who knows what with. Also it will burn telly quickly. Believe me you get what you paid for.

    • Brian says:

      Now it’s for real and the signs are everywhere. Businesses can tell the customers whatever they want to. Now that “your bm or movement” is over all they do is consider them to be real cigarettes. People tried to smoke everywhere with real ones. That’s why I said not to just do it in the open. Thanks for more signs jerks.

  24. Patrick says:

    Yet another article for American’s who never learned the basic lesson from their parents:

    “use common sense”

  25. carl says:

    Sorry, but hot girls blowing huge “fog machine” clouds is extremely sexy; especially when it’s meant to be used as a form of seduction. So is having it blown in the face.

  26. Chad says:

    Another one is being condescending to new e-cig users who tend to use cartomizers.

    “Why are you using that, when we have these awesome mods? newb.”

    Even mod users often have simple beginnings, don’t forget where you came from and try to be more educational rather than arrogant. Only through experience do ecig users “level up” to better devices and knowledge eventually.

  27. peter puffer says:

    #10 – Insisting it’s a ‘movement’ or ‘community’

  28. steve says:

    Pretty much a sensible article and some thoughtful responses. I think an important fact that’s being overlooked is how the lawmakers view this. Let’s face it, they don’t care about your “rights” at all. They are looking for any reason they can find or manufacture to cut vaping off at the knees and serve their real masters, the tobacco industry. A great way for them to achieve this is to foster a negative public image of vaping and the people who enjoy it. By engaging in the behaviors cited by the author we, the vaping public are only playing into the lawmakers hands.

  29. Ralph says:

    I agree with all 9. I believe in private situations if you want to be a fog machine, have at it. Leave smokers alone, if they ask you about vaping give your thoughts without being preachy. Don’t vape anywhere please be discreet.

  30. joe says:

    “The vaping movement” – topkek

  31. Jordan says:

    Great thoughts here. It’s important for, if vaping will gain more mainstream success, to not have vapers be obnoxious like some of these behaviors are. Thanks for sharing!

  32. D says:

    RAWR, RAWR, RAWR, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!!! ANGRY! ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY!!!! TROLL, TROLL!!!!!!! TROLL, TROLL, TROLL, TROLL, TROLL, ALL CAPS, ANGRY, ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Thought_crimes says:

    While I can’t state as fact “vaping is safe”. I can say it’s not burning plant matter. That in itself, is worlds safer than cigarettes.

    Now second hand smoke..er..vapor. I don’t know.I vape nicotine, thc oil and heroin.

  34. Mikey says:

    How safe is your mattress, now that fire-safe chemicals have been releasing “vapor” from some of those manufactured since 2007?

    A few points-

    – most people who quit or drastically reduce smoking by vaping do so by trial and error, spending a little, and finding what works. Yes, this may include sub-ohm, and yes, these generally chuck clouds. I was on my 4th or 5th sub-ohm tank when I found the right one, and preferred it to burning tobacco.

    – being good vaping gear is not a commodity, big tobacco can’t compete, and seeing vaping as a business threat, are happy to inform politicians and other do-gooders (cough cough) of potential risks, real and other.

    – vaping can be great fun, whether or not big clouds are involved. This puts the fun-police on high alert. We’re not supposed to have fun, now that our gov’t is in the healthcare business.

    – however, we don’t want to see junior blowing clouds, especially if it’s our kid. But if vaping is the gateway to smoking, think about whether smoking is the gateway to vaping….. and think about how smoking rates will increase the more restrictive policies (e.g. local and FDA) become.

    I think the days of novelty where people could vape anywhere (e.g. on flights) is long over. Now, we should either join the regular smokers outside (some of them will convert) or go to our cars or homes. There are obvious exceptions- bars in areas where smoking is still allowed, casinos, vape shops, and walking down the street or in parking lot, as long as not obnoxious about it.

  35. Jason says:

    The amount of people I have seen vaping inside while simultaneously preaching to smokers is too damn high. The FDA are applying a lot of pressure on the vaping industry and without positive public opinion on our side it could get quite messy. As a community we need to do our best to make sure people view us in a positive light.

  36. dick rider dave says:

    I vape but holy crap some people take this shit so seriously. Just treat it like normal smoking in terms of how to use around the general public. And yes welcome in joining a movement or group of people who like what you do- you’ll find assholes. They will never give a shit if they’re making vaping look bad or anything because why should they ? People have been screaming this stuff since fandoms started to be popular and people couldn’t understand that there’s assdicks in all walks of life and preaching to the choir doesn’t help.

  37. Ryan says:

    Good list, but saying “you’re probably doing this” is pretty lame, there are plenty of vapers who were raised to be mindful of others and with common sense. Next time say “9 things some vapers do that hurt the vaping movement” or something

  38. Yama says:

    #1 I totally agree. We have these “cloud chasers” at work, who make it a point to show off and blow a massive vape cloud every time they come into our office. One guy blows it directly at people, enveloping their work area completely. The people above are defending it as some sort of hobby or thrill, but its all very douche. And off course they make fun of anyone with an eGo or pen style, a device which is more appropriate in a work environment

  39. Edgar Wrong says:

    I bothers me that twenty years ago, you could smoke cigarettes everywhere. Now a generation is so used to bending over for non-smokers that we get huge checklists of do and do nots. The immediate appeal of vaping was to regain those strongholds that were lost, the bars, cars, and venues that were forced by compulsory smoking bans to discriminate against smokers. It’s frustrating that no one in the movement has the balls to fight for their rights when the main argument against is “I don’t like it so get it out of my face” even if the person goes out of their way to get in your face about it. Last I checked there weren’t laws against perfume or any number of parallels that could be drawn beyond smoking.

  40. GrannyVape says:

    I have been vaping since it began 5 yrs ago with small vapes on the internet and then the larger Vivi Nova and now a mod square type. When the mods came out the in your face attitude started and I lost the ability to stealth vape in restaurants and bars. Just plain in your face rudeness created this. So sorry a real break through put vapers back in the cigarette category with smokers. Now I have a landlord wanting % as she says it is damaging her paint but cannot show me where. Rudeness begats Rudeness. Thanks you younger thugs. Enjoy the lack of freedom you created.

  41. Tyler says:

    I dont agree with a few of these points youv made. While i understand blowing clouds in someones face or leaving carts everywhere or even vaping in a movie theater. It is really only assholes that do this. No normal or even slightly considerate person would do this. And for those who do im sure smokers and non smokers/vapors would understand that these people do not represent us all as the vaping community. They wont hate vapors just because that one asshole on the street walked by blowing a huge cloud in their face. And as for the cloud chasing. You made it seem as if cloud chasing was a Almost unnecessary part of vaping. You know alot of people arent just addicted to nicotein, some are in love with just the feeling of smoking. I know i was. I smoked for 6 years about a pack a day. I went to vaping with no problem because i like the feeling of having smoke / vapor in my lungs. So theirfore i think i speak for all of us cloud chasers when i say that cloud chasing is a completely neccasary part of vaping because as i said alot of people like me just like to smoke. So the huge clouds that people can get off some tanks will help even more people to quite smoking because they will help the people tht can get off nicotein by themselves but dont want to quite the actuall act of smoking.

  42. Hasse Karlgreen says:

    E- Cigarette is less harmful for our body. It is also called gaping. E-cigarettes are all the rage as a healthier alternative to smoking, but they will soon be treated the same as normal cigarettes. Please save your life.

  43. lori says:

    To me the ecig is worse its making me sick. Actually the cigarette alone never bothered me. The chemicals they used to make the juice it what does it. The worse thing is that someone in my building does it so much that even though I live a few apts down I can still detect it and it gives me minegranes. I was around other people who do it and it didn’t bother me but they didn’t as much as he does. I don’t think its fair when he can go out and smoke. I have tape on my door and weather stripping there is really nothing more I can do and I have that thing you put under your door and nothing seems to help. Its just not fair to me.

  44. Garyb says:

    4. You Fake a Bathroom Break and Vape on the Toilet

    LMAO.. This is actually ridiculous. Smokers spend 20 minutes in the toilet, having a puff, sitting on the floor, chatting with the other smokers, sometimes having a 2nd puff…

    I’m not saying it is ok for vapers to do it because smokers do, but lets not pretend it is a vaping issue.

  45. VapingBlows says:

    I’m now an ex-smoker. I can’t credit vaping at all because I quit smoking cold-turkey and haven’t vaped since I quit smoking about 7 months ago. However, my wife vapes and I gotta say, it stinks nearly as bad as smoking *while she’s vaping* near me. The smell doesn’t linger, but when she’s doing it next to me, I can smell it and it’s almost as bad as second-hand cigarette smoke.

    Having said that, please be considerate and don’t vape indoors when non-smokers/non-vapers are near. It still stinks to many people so do it outside please.

    • Wahmbulance says:

      My wife agrees with you. She doesn’t smoke but thinks vaping has a stronger aroma (she likes it better than cigs though) but is completely gone 5-10 minutes later.

      I treat it like cigs though. I never smoked in my house/car cause of kids/wife. I don’t smoke directly near the entrance of a building (unless the building put the ash trays there for their smoking section).

  46. CathyB says:

    I too have been affected by some idiot using an e-cig. I was unaware she was vaping when I started to cough and was very breathless. I had nothing with me to help except water then heard laughter near me. I turned round and she was openly vaping and blowing out. She thought my suffering was highly amusing! This was actually in a wooden bird hide (non smoking and non vaping). It was subsequently burned down, by a careless smoker perhaps or exploding e-cig?. By the way I had been suffering from chronic bronchitis, which is permanent, after suffering blood clots in both lungs and nearly dying.

  47. Corie M says:

    I would LOVE to find a vape shop near me where the people were actually polite. I have yet to find a shop where I’m not talked down to or treated like a complete idiot when I ask questions. This behavior has caused me to do all of my shopping online resulting in frequent regrets because I wasn’t able to try something first. For example, I was looking for a particular brand of e-cig and was literally laughed at and told that I didn’t want that and I needed to upgrade. Really?! Screw you. I came in here for a specific item and you rolled your eyes, acted like you were better than me, blew your cloud in my face and then laughed me out the door. Unfortunately, in my area, this seems to be commonplace. These people should be ashamed of themselves. It left me feeling kind of hopeless about trying to quit smoking. And yes, I’m still smoking cigarettes because I can’t get a straight answer out of any employees who work at these places. They’re soooo condescending…

    • Cadavera666 says:

      Corie, that totally sucks. I rarely go into vape shops myself, not because of rudeness but because I like to order online. Plus, my bf is big into vaping so I get all my info from him. I hope you can find a decent shop soon or hey maybe you should open up your own and give great uncondescinding customer service. 😉 Good luck!

    • Lola says:

      I had a similar experience in my local vape shop – I think they assumed that I hadn’t done my research and had no knowledge when I said I was looking for my “first vape”. They tried hard to push the nicotine on me insisting that otherwise i’d go back to cigs. I laughed in the womans face – I’m an addictions counsellor… I know how my own addiction works, I understand my own mindset and the draw of smoking for me was always the physical act (oral fixation ftw). For her to assume that she knew me better than I knew myself was hilarious and I soon put her straight, I then would only deal with the young man in the shop who was lovely and polite and really helpful. She also had tried to push (I forget the name) a setup on me that was widely known for breaking down amongst my friends as the ceramic coil was – frankly- shit. I think she was left somewhat gobsmacked when I didn’t just roll over and take her word as ‘expert’. Anyway, I left with a TECC – a year later I’m still smoke free on my 0% juice and I love going in every so often to pick up my 0% and remind her of the time she swore to me I’d go back to smoking. Luckily I’m very defiant and don’t like being told what to do but I can completely understand why you could be put off!!

  48. Rafael says:

    A couple if social media keyboard warriors I encountered a couple of days ago were absolutely firm on their stand that “I’ll vape where I want”. If this becomes a trend for new vapers, the community will definitely crumble down.

  49. Faavp says:

    Yes! I agree with you!

    Please please stop blow vapor in Someone’s Face. Its not good.

  50. concealed carry class says:

    When it comes to ecig vapor, bigger isn’t always better. As electronic cigarette technology advances, we have seen a lot of vapers go crazy with over the top mods.It’s just a good,But more explain this paragraph content.

  51. Lorenzo says:

    Nice post

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