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The best cloud chasers take the world of competitive vaping to a new level with their cloud chasing

The easiest way to understand cloud chasing is as a form of competitive vaping. But the truth is that cloud chasing has a much deeper meaning to the vaping community than mere competition. The goal is simple enough, vapers attempt to create the largest cloud of vapor, but the time, effort, and passion put into practice by professional cloud chasers keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Brands sponsor the best cloud chasers, and the competitors can even win thousands of dollars in prize money. So let’s start to break down everything you need to know to give cloud chasing a shot yourself.

The Proper Equipment

It’s imperative to use proper equipment when trying to cloud chase. Overpowering the wrong device can result in critical battery failure or even injury. There’s a lot of different types of equipment that can be used for cloud chasing, so let’s go over the major categories to understand all your choices better:

Box mods / Mechanical Mods

The type of mod you choose has a significant impact on the kind of experience you’re going to have. While these days advanced Box Mods can supply enough power to suffice cloud chasers, mechanical mods will always be the gold standard for professionals. As such, they do require quite a bit more knowledge than regulated mods like a box mod. The most important of these skills is knowing Ohm’s Law and ensuring you don’t overwork any of your pieces. Mechanical mods are the go-to choice for cloud chasers not only for their unparalleled customization and power but the incredible airflow as well.

Finding the best vape for clouds requires a certain amount of experimentation, and so we can’t recommend the ideal mod for everyone. But there are some great cloud chaser vape options for vapers looking to start cloud chasers available in our deal section. They include the Dovpo VEE Variable Voltage Box Mod for only $34.19 and the eLeaf Saurobox 220W Box Mod for 56% off.

Tanks and RDA/RBAs

Using an adequate atomizer is another significant part of what sort of cloud chasing experience you have. Traditionally rebuildable drip atomizers (RDAs) have been the standard for cloud chasing, as they offer the correct amount of power and customizability. While they are still the go-to choice for many professionals, these days sub-ohm tanks, as well as RBAs, have finally become powerful enough to be used for high-level cloud chasing mods. As such there’s been an explosion of new and exciting types of tanks and atomizers that ensure the biggest vape cloud every time.

One significant benefit to sub-ohm tanks over RDAs is the convenience they offer. Instead of having to construct a new coil from scratch every time you want a fresh vape, you can simply change the replaceable coil. That being said, if you want to get serious about cloud chasing, you really should learn how to make your coils, as RDAs, and the more advanced RDTAs and RBAs, are still the absolute best atomizers for a huge vape cloud. As with mods, finding the perfect atomizer requires hands-on testing, but if you’re looking for a few places to start, check out our deals section. There you’ll find deals like the Wotofo Bravo 4ml RTA for only $34.95, the iJoy Avenger Sub Ohm Tank for 54% off, or the Augvape DRUGA 24mm RDA for only $26.95.

Quality E-Liquid

Finally, before starting your journey to be the world’s best cloud chaser, you’re going to want to ensure that you invest in some high-quality e-liquid. Opt for a type that is designed for use with high-powered cloud chasing setups to help facilitate your massive clouds. But the most important thing to remember when looking for good e-liquids for cloud chasing is that it’s a high VG blend. That is because VG produces more vapor than PG does and cloud chasing is about making the best clouds, not the best-tasting ones.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you’ll want e-liquids that have very little, or preferably no nicotine in them. That is because you’ll be ingesting so much vapor between practice and competition that using nicotine e-liquids can cause some severe side-effects. We’ll go into this in more detail later, but for now, remember you’ll want nicotine free e-liquids almost all the time for cloud chasing. Luckily most e-liquid brands offer options for both PG/VG blend and nicotine content, so it’s entirely possible that your favorite flavor already comes in the correct high VG, no nicotine blend.

If you’re unsure about what e-liquids to try, there are a few great options currently available for a fantastic deal. We suggest the E-Liquid Sample Pack offered by Central Vapors. For only $11.96 you can get five 10ml bottles of Central Vapors high-quality e-liquids. You get to choose any five of their over 200 flavor options, all of which can be purchased in high VG and no nicotine blends.

What To Shoot For

Let’s take a look at what real cloud chasing looks like so you’ve got an idea what to shoot for as a goal. Each of these videos is a compilation of some of the biggest vape clouds being blown by professionals and amateurs. Note how most of them use RDAs and just how much vapor is produced with each pull:

This compilation from the Vape Capitol channel features some of their favorite cloud chasers coming down to their studio for a quick show.

This next video, also from Vape Capitol, showcases the winner of a VC Cloud Championship Vape Summit, showing off what the best in the vape world are capable of doing.

Our last video features quite a few very exotic and high-powered mods. Many of which contain upwards of six 18650 batteries. While most of these mods would never be allowed in competition, it’s still fun to see what happens when you take vaping power to its fullest extent. These are truly some of the best vape setups for clouds

Tips For Massive Clouds

Now that we’ve gone over precisely what kind of equipment you’re going to want and what it’ll look like when you’re doing it correctly, we’ve got a few tips that can help take things to the next level. As mentioned, the better the equipment you have, the better the vape will likely be. The same goes for things such as wicking material. If you opt for the cheap stuff, you’re going to have a harder time getting a consistent cloud. So always get the best stuff you can reasonably afford.

You also need to take care to ensure that you have adequate airflow. Airflow is one of the most significant factors between decent puffs and massive clouds. It’s also a matter of getting things just right. Not enough airflow makes for harsh drags, and it could even overheat your device. Alternatively, too much airflow and the size and feel of your clouds will significantly suffer. So like with most parts of learning to vape, finding the perfect amount of airflow for vape competition involves some experimentation and time.

Once you’ve ensured you’ve got quality wicking material and adequate airflow, it’s finally time to attempt your first cloud. When trying to cloud chase for the first time the most important thing to keep in mind is the proper breathing technique. As you could probably assume, a certain amount of being able to blow the most massive clouds involves merely having larger lungs that can hold more vapor. But just because you weren’t blessed with gigantic lungs doesn’t mean you can’t become a world-class cloud chaser with enough practice.

But far and away the most common tip you’ll receive from professionals on cloud chasing is about breathing and taking things slow. It’s not just about having the best cloud chasing mod. Inhaling and exhaling faster doesn’t improve size at all, but it may reduce it. Not only that but breathing too quickly could potentially cause lightheadedness or dizziness. The key to proper inhaling is taking a slow, but consistent, stream for as long as is comfortable. When you exhale, you should focus on being as slow as possible, as the slower you exhale, the larger the cloud will appear.

Potential Risks Of Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is a quickly growing competition because of just how much fun it can be. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any risks involved. As we discussed briefly, the most common risk of cloud chasing involves nicotine overdoses. The extremely powerful nature of sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing means that you’re ingesting quite a lot more nicotine than you would under normal circumstances.

Unfortunately, some ill-advised vapers have failed to realize this issue and gotten sick from too much nicotine. While no adults have yet died of cloud chasing related nicotine overdoses, it’s far too common for mild symptoms to occur thanks to lack of knowledge. It’s also important to note that as with all types of vaping, nicotine e-liquids must be handled with care around children. A few children have died as a result of drinking everyday e-liquids, so if there’s any chance a child could be around your home, you should keep your e-liquids in a safe location.

Another potential risk of cloud chasing is battery failure. While this is potentially an issue for any vaporizer, the odds of a critical failure are much higher with sub-ohm cloud vapes, especially unregulated mods. Regardless of what type of vaping you’re doing, but definitely if you plan on using an unregulated mod, it’s critical that you fully understand battery safety as well as Ohm’s law. It doesn’t take very long to nail down, and it will help you avoid any accidents for as long as you vape.

The last potential risk of cloud chasing is less of a threat than it is a downside. That is the negative public perception of vaping. Even when strictly concerning e-cigarettes value as a harm reduction and smoking cessation tool, polls indicate that only around 13% of adults understand that vaping is much safer than smoking. At the same time, over 26% say vaporizers are just as, if not more, dangerous than tobacco. So it’s no wonder why the term “professional vaper” comes across as foolish to so many people. That means that being a cloud chaser will likely involve dealing with your fair share of ridicule from a group of small-minded and mislead individuals.


If you’ve been thinking about making a go at cloud chasing, we hope that this guide has helped answer any questions you had. It’s crucial that you seek out information about things like cloud chasing before jumping in head first. No one wants to end up injured, just as much as no one wants to be the person to make vaping look bad. After all, the general public only sees headlines about vaporizers exploding in people’s faces.

If you’ve done your research and still feel like you’re ready to take on the world of cloud chasing; be sure to stay courteous to those around you. You and your friends may love massive clouds, but that doesn’t mean the mother with her kids does as well. If you take your time and do things right, the world of cloud chasing is wide open to you. It’s still such a new community that it’s as easy as it’ll ever be to get in on the ground floor. So if you’re ready for the commitment, get chasing!

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