E-Liquid Vendors Predict the Future of Vaping

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No one knows the ecig industry better than the men and women that work hard to create the latest ecigs, mods, and juices. We had a chance to meet many of these vendors at VaporSlam and we asked each of them to tell us what they predicted for the future of the vaping industry. Most of the answers were pretty similar and the predictions are pretty streamlined across the board. Here’s what some of the top eliquid vendors expect to see coming in the next few years.

Aggressive Growth

All of the vendors we talked to predicted major growth and expansion in the coming years. The vaping boom is really only just beginning and these vendors believe that technology will continue to grow and evolve rapidly in 2015 and 2016. Caleb Vannice, the founder of Colorado-based Merkury e-liquids predicted that vaping is far from reaching its peak. “I think it will eventually overtake cigarette smoking, but we’re not there yet. It might happen five years from now.”

FDA Regulation 

The FDA’s potential regulatory actions are definitely a concern for today’s top vendors, but most of them believe we are still far from seeing any real changes to the laws. The staff from Smoke Crossroad in Greensboro said that while they wanted to see some form of regulations to keep everyone safe, they didn’t anticipate it to happen anytime this year. In fact, they believe the FDA will keep dragging their feet for another five years before anything is done.

Vannice from Merkury agreed that the FDA isn’t anywhere near ready to roll out regulations. “It’s going to take a while. I think it’s at least one or two years out still.” When we talked to the team at Vaping Militia, they were seriously concerned about the ramifications of regulations and felt that it was inevitable that the FDA would make a move. They gave us some information on what they believe are the most appropriate rules. “We believe that tobacco harm reduction through the use of personal vaporizers is shown to reduce the morbidity associated with smoking… We believe that under no circumstances shall e-cigarettes, e-liquids, accessories, or components be sold to minors. We believe that each stores should adopt a strict police to ID any customers who appear younger than 35.”

More Natural Ingredients 

Many of the vendors were excited about changes to the world of eliquid. Specifically, they are hoping the future will bring a new era of natural ingredients. Brad, the owner of Natur Vapor from Dallas told us, “It’s all about returning to high quality ingredients.” He said that Natur is aging their liquids in barrels and infusing their juices with organic melons, berries, vanilla beans, and cocoa beans.

The Vapor Girl was also concerned about natural ingredients and she said that her company is dedicated to using only USDA organic nicotine. “Our nicotine fluid used at The Vapor Girl is extracted from USDA organic tobacco plants grown right here in North Carolina, in close proximity to our eliquid creation artisan studio.” She said that they insure that all nicotine used in eliquids are free of pesticides and herbicides and they use only organic chemicals and solvents.

As you can see, the eliquid vendors have some strong opinions about the future of the ecig industry. Do you think they are right on target? What do you predict the future will hold for ecigs?

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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