Guys, 10 Reasons Why Ladies Hate Smokers


If you are trying to find a beautiful woman to spend time with and maybe even to settle down with, there is one thing you need to do right away… stop smoking. The vast majority of women list smoking as a major turn off so you are really reducing your chances of finding a great girl each time you puff on a cigarette. Here are the top 10 reasons why ladies hate smokers and prefer a guy that is tobacco free.

1. You Smell Awful


Women want a man that smells amazing, not like a cigarette butt. If you want a girl to cuddle up and get close with you, then you’ve got to ditch the cigarettes immediately.

2. It’s Like Kissing an Ash Tray


Girls often avoid dating smokers because they hate the taste of cigarettes. When you kiss a smoker, you will taste the cigarettes even if they have a mint after smoking. Women look for men with fresh breath and they only want to lock lips if the guy doesn’t taste like an ashtray.

3. You Look Older Than You Actually Are


Smoking ages you prematurely and even causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the face. If you want to attract a woman your own age or younger, then you need to stop smoking.

4. You Don’t Care About Your Health


When men smoke, it gives the impression that they don’t care about their own health. A woman won’t expect you to care about her if you don’t care about yourself first. It’s a matter of self-respect and women look for a guy that treats his body well. It’s the first clue that you will treat her well too.

5. You Aren’t Respecting the Health of Others


Smokers not only jeopardize their own health, but they put other people at risk too. Girls might be hesitant to have you around their friends and family because the secondhand smoke would be too dangerous.

6. Smoking Takes Too Much of Your Time


If you have to walk outside for a cigarette every half hour, it can put a serious damper on your date nights. A girl doesn’t want a man that already has cigarettes as a mistress. She wants your undivided time and attention and shouldn’t have to share you with a pack of smokes.

7. Your Car Stinks


No self respecting girl is going to want to ride in your car if it reeks of cigarette smoke. How will you ever take her out on a date if she isn’t comfortable in your car?

8. Smoking Stains Your Teeth


Women often list “a nice smile” as one of their biggest attractions to men. However, smoking will stain your teeth causing them to look yellow and gross. Even worse, smoking can lead you to lose teeth, which is another strike against you in the appearance department.

9. You Might Have Problems Performing in Bed


It’s a commonly known fact that smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction. So when a girl spots your lighting up, one of the first things she will realize is that you might be a little disappointing in the bedroom. It’s a terrible first impression to make and you don’t want a potential date to immediately assume you’re bad in bed.

10. You’re Not Husband Material


One of the leading reasons why women hate guys that smoke is simple: they just aren’t husband material. Every woman has spent a lifetime picturing her wedding day and it’s pretty much a given that she never imagined her groom with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Smoking just isn’t included in her fantasy future so if you want a chance with that dream girl, you have to ditch the cigarettes now.


Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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4 Responses

  1. Leo Levasseur says:

    What makes vaping better than smoking? Perhaps you’re oblivious of the fact that there is still no conclusive research about the long-term effects of vaping. I treat vapers like smokers. It’s an ugly, unnecessary addiction.

    • Debbie Reina Davis says:

      What bullshit… I totally get where Jimmy is coming from…. I felt a fat mile healthier with nicotine vapour… do you have a clue about the chemical differences… gosh I get exasperated about the kind of rubbish like you’re spinning…. I was able to wean off the electronic cigarett yet couldn’t quit smoking tobacco before I went on the ecig with nicotine glycerine water liquid…. vapour was my saviour and I would never be in a romance with a smoker… I didnt make all that effort to then have to deal with cigarett smoke smells etc. Agree with post unless the person is super eager on quitting I’ll help but before I consider dating him

  2. Wifey says:

    I hate my man for being a super change smoker, he smells like cigarette butts and i feel like his carrying the whole trash of cigarette butts! And i couldnt even kiss him…so disgusting and discouraging and makes me turn off and fall out of love coz he never even care for his self hygiene.

  3. Martina Weatherby says:

    I love my husband and he was a smoker when we met, but I find him very unappealing when he smokes. I can no longer passionately kiss him because, even after brushing, he tastes and smells like an ashtray. This definitely effects our love life but he doesn’t seem to care. I’ve always said to him that if we ever divorce, it will be because of the smoking.

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