Meet the Vape Company That Drove to Washington to Ask the FDA About Regulations Face-to-Face


In the heart of North Carolina, there is a growing company that is setting the vape industry on fire. Smoke Crossroads put down roots in Greensboro a little over two and a half years ago and since then, their passion for vaping has impacted thousands of former smokers and helped them cross over to a tobacco-free way of life. Owners Allen and David are passionate about what they do and they aren’t shy about the fact that they believe vaping is the best option for smokers who can’t otherwise kick the habit. We had the chance to get to know the team at Smoke Crossroads recently and we were so impressed with their mission that we thought our readers deserved to hear about this crazy cool operation.

Owner Allen was inspired to start Smoke Crossroads after he made the jump to vaping. After 30+ years of smoking, he found that vaping was a healthier alternative to get his nicotine fix without killing his lungs in the process. With a full knowledge of culinary artistry, Allen wondered if he could create better e-juice than the mediocre liquids he was finding locally. Pretty soon, Smoke Crossroads was born with a line of mouth-watering e-juice flavors in tobacco’s, menthols, fruits, and desserts.

Today, Smoke Crossroads stands out from the competition for several reasons. First, these are the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. We first met Allen at a vape expo a few years back and they were by far the friendliest vendors at the convention. They will drop everything to talk about vaping and to help any smoker find a flavor that makes it possible to kick the habit. This company is also passionate about vaping regulation. In fact, the owners recently drove to Washington and knocked on the door of the FDA headquarters to ask for a personal update on regulations. They said the trip wasn’t very fruitful, but we were impressed to hear that they made such an effort.

Owner Allen said he is 100% in favor of regulations for the vape industry, but he said the current waiting period is frustrating. “The industry is growing at such a rapid rate. We need regulation to weed out the weak. But it’s a hairy moment for us, just not knowing what we need to do.”

This company really sets a high bar for e-juice manufacturing. They invited the ChurnMag team to see their operations up close from the clean room to the bottling facility and warehouse. This company doesn’t cut corners and it’s one of the most impressive bottling facilities we’ve ever seen. The Smoke Crossroads flavor lab is an ISO classified Level 6 clean room. They even have a global purifying system to keep the air quality free of toxins so that all the e-juice they bottle is guaranteed to be safe and delicious. If you are worried about finding a company that cares about cleanliness and quality, we highly recommend you check these guys out.

The third thing we love about Smoke Crossroads is their flavors. They let us try a little bit of everything and with nearly 75 flavors on their menu, the options felt endless. Their biggest sellers are the custards and cereal flavors, but the yogurts are coming out strong in 2016 too. They also sell a lot of tobacco flavored juices, mostly to smokers who are just making the jump to vaping and want a familiar cigarette taste to ease the transition. By offering a killer line of tobacco and menthol flavors, they help smokers bridge over to regular vaping and then it gets fun with lots of creative flavors to explore.

Over the past few years, Smoke Crossroads said they’ve seen a major shift in the popularity of nicotine levels. Now that most vapers are using mods or tank set-ups, their top sellers are 3, 6, and 9 mg. They still offer 12 and 18 mg options for newbie vapers using smaller devices.

Recently, Smoke Crossroads celebrated a huge victory when they took second place for the southeast region in the Ultimate Taste Test. Their winning flavor entry was “Sugar Cookie”. After hearing all the hype about this juice, it was the first one we tried and our whole team agreed it was the best cookie flavor we’ve ever had. Other flavors we really loved were Creekwater, a rich apple custard with pecan crumble, and Raspberry Lemonade, a lighter refreshing taste that offers a little zing when you’re burnt out on the creams and custards.

All things considered, Smoke Crossroads is a top notch operation. These guys know the business well and they work hard to make sure their e-juices are the best on the market. They are rapidly expanding their wholesale presence so you might spot them in vape shops soon. For now, you can get instant access to their full menu of flavors online here and order whatever you like… just don’t forget the Sugar Cookie!

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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