Vape Expo Poland – March 4th-5th 2017


We’re excited to let our interneational readers and vape travel enthusiests know that a great vape expo is coming up in Poland in 2017. You have plenty of time to get set for this trip and we know you will have a great time if you can attend. The English site can be found here for more information: You can also find more information  on their social media sites at and If anyone does plan on making it, let us know in the comments below! We’d also like to hear from you if you do go on how it was. Also tag us on social media in pictures if you are there so our readers can follow along with what is happening at the show. We hope you have a great time. See the info below about the Vape Poland Expo:

Welcome to Vape Expo Poland – the third international exhibition on vape industry in Poland!

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The Third Vape Expo Poland is the foremost professional vaping trade show. It is where industry players and experts showcase, share and incubate ideas. It is also where influencers and decision-makers seek and find solutions to propel their businesses. This Vape Expo Poland edition will take place 4-5 of March in PTAK Warsaw Expo, Poland.

The Third Vape Expo Poland network now includes more than 2000 suppliers and buyers of vaping products from 15 countries worldwide. We expect to have representatives and businesses from Poland, USA, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Japan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Malaysia and China at this year’s event – all looking to find business partners and to do business.

The Third Vape Expo Poland offers:

  • A great knowledge medium for learning about new products, markets and business opportunities
  • Unparalleled podium for domestic and global opportunities in vaping sales, manufacturing and distribution, and establishing rewarding partnerships
  • Scope to discover market innovations and technology advancements
  • One-to-one interaction with buyers and sellers
  • Open Seminars/Conference
  • Coil Building and Mixing Liquids Workshops
  • Media Workspace

This year The Third Vape Expo Poland has made it even easier for you to find the products you need and the key suppliers to do business with. Join us 4-5 of March at the PTAK Warsaw Expo, Poland to explore the latest trends in vaping.

Location: PTAK Warsaw Expo, Poland

Dates: 4-5 of March 2017

Only B2B Trade Show


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