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When we visited VaperSlam earlier this spring, one of the most incredible moments was when we got to meet the people behind Vape-a-Vet. If you haven’t heard of this incredible organization, you are really missing out. Vape-a-Vet is a registered non-profit organization based out of Phoenix, Arizona. They provide free ecigs and eliquids to active and retired members of the military in an effort to help veterans stop smoking.

Will Cohen started Vape-a-Vet after his own 15-year battle with tobacco addiction. Once he switched to ecigs, he wanted to share his experience with other military men and women and Vape-a-Vet was born.

The Vape-a-Vet team sends out Innokin MVP 2.0 mod kits at no charge. These mods were specially designed for the organization with a custom logo. We had a change to look at the kits up close at VaperSlam and they are really awesome! The kit comes in a nice box and includes everything the vets need to start vaping.

In order to pay for all the starter kits and eliquids they send out to veterans, Vape-a-Vet has a line of eliquids called BRV and 100 percent of the proceeds pay for veterans to receive free vaping gear. They also accept donations of equipment, eliquid, and other supplies from vendors across the country who want to get involved with this incredible project.

Vape-a-Vet also sponsors monthly vape meet-ups and raffles to help raise money. Volunteers staff the organization and even Cohen refuses to accept a salary so that every penny can go to helping vets stop smoking. Since they started sending kits out last year, every single veteran they sponsor has been able to successfully quit smoking!

The results have been astonishing. They staff at VaperSlam encouraged us to check out their testimonials and we were truly amazed to hear some of the stories. One veteran said that she didn’t have money to buy eliquids, but Vape-a-Vet intervened and helped her. “I contacted Vape-a-Vet because I am a disabled Navy veteran who has successfully quit smoking cigarettes with vaping. However, I was almost out of juice and I have three kids so money is extremely tight and I desperately needed juice. Vape-a-Vet sent me out an amazing care package full of juices in my nic strength and flavor profile. I cannot express my gratitude for their help in my time of need. Thank you Vape-a-Vet!”

This organization even ships ecig kits overseas to soldiers that are deployed and serving on the front lines. Angelia L. provided this testimonial: “I just received my vape about a week ago here on my deployment, and it’s already helped me cut back on smoking tremendously. I am down to about two smokes a day, and hopefully here in a couple weeks I won’t be smoking anymore at all.” You can read more testimonials from thankful veterans here.

If you want to get involved with Vape-a-Vet, there are a couple of ways you can help. First, you can make a donation through GoFundMe. Vape-a-Vet is trying to raise enough money to send out 1000 starter kits to men and women in our military. You can also support the cause by purchasing BRV eliquids with 100 percent of the profits going to buy vaping gear for veterans.

It was definitely an honor to meet the volunteers at Vape-a-Vet and we definitely want to give our support to this organization. It’s a fantastic cause and it’s something that all ecig fans should rally behind.

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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10 Responses

  1. james williams says:

    Im trying to quit smoking how do i sign up. Currently deployed

  2. Carol says:

    Can we donate equipment, if so.. where? We have alot of vape equipment we would like to donate to vape a vet.

  3. Wolfgang Gehrer says:

    I am a veteran and i was wondering how i could get a free vape kit for myself , i have been a smoker since i joined the army in 1990 got out in 2001 and have had two heart attacks already from smoking , i am 49 years old and having a very hard time to stop smoking , i am looking for a alternative from smoking regular cigarettes.

  4. Andrew Shepherd says:

    I looked into the vape a vet website but I don’t see anywhere to sign up, can anyone help?

  5. Rachael says:

    I’m trying to not smoke. I’m a veteran. How do I sign up

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