Saving Lives By Vaping Responsibly


Now that vaping is becoming more popular, it is imperative that we be responsible while doing so, especially for those that have small children or pets in their household. Although it will not kill you when ingested as directed, e-liquid can be toxic when consumed accidentally.

Small children are the most at risk for becoming severely ill or even dying from ingesting e-liquids. There is currently no industry standard requiring that e-liquid manufacturers package their products in child-proof containers. This can be especially dangerous when you order your e-liquids online, because sometimes you won’t know if the packaging is child-proof or not until you receive it in the mail. Also, glass containers can fall and break, leaving your child exposed to not only the toxic liquid, but broken glass as well. To make matters worse, flavors that adults may enjoy could be extremely enticing to small children, such as cotton candy or bubblegum flavors. They may think that it’s candy, but even a teaspoon of liquid nicotine ingested by a young child could be fatal, which was the case with a 1 year old boy last year from New York. His parents found him unconscious after ingesting a small amount of e-liquid, and by the time he was rushed to a local hospital, it was too late. Tragedies such as this can be avoided in the future by ensuring that we do our part to vape responsibly, by taking the time to lock up e-liquids and vaping devices.

Pets are also a concern when it comes to e-liquid. Dogs are a huge concern, since some dogs try to eat anything they deem edible. Dogs with strong jaws could easily puncture a plastic e-liquid bottle with one bite, releasing the deadly substance directly into their mouths. If the bottle were to somehow fall and roll on the floor, your pet may think it’s a toy and go directly for it, causing them to drink the liquid before you have the chance to do anything. Cats can also be at risk for this, since they have a habit of knocking things off of tables and can also bite through the weak plastic bottles used by some companies. Again, these types of situations can be easily avoided if we all do our part to keep these products safely locked away.

In addition to saving the life of your pet or child, locking up your e-cigs can be beneficial to your older children as well. As kids become older, they are prone to experience a higher level of peer pressure than when they were small children. More likely than not, your child will be exposed to activities like smoking and e-cig use. Although some kids may be under the impression that e-cigs are harmless and will have no effect on their lives, they fail to realize that nicotine addiction is a serious matter. Your kid may hear from their friends how cool e-cigs are, and when they see you using one, they just might be tempted to sneak it away and try it themselves when you’re not looking. This is why it is important to lock up your e-cigs from older children as well. If your e-cig is kept in a secure location, your child will not have the opportunity to try it out so they can impress their friends or look “cool”. It’s important that kids wait to start vaping until they are of legal smoking age. This way, they can make an informed, adult decision about what they choose to do, rather than doing it just to impress their friends.

Keeping your vaping materials and e-liquids away from children and pets may sound easy, but it can actually be pretty difficult. Pets and children can get into many areas around our homes, and it’s impossible to supervise them 24 hours of the day. We may think it’s a good hiding spot, but in reality, it only takes one second for disaster to strike. That’s why we suggest storing your vaping devices inside of a locked case, like those from Vaultz.




We decided to try a few of Vaultz’s products to see how they can help save lives and keep e-cigarettes out of the wrong hands. They carry a variety of products to help you vape responsibly, including soft and hard-sided cases in various shapes, colors, and sizes. They even have a specialty line, called Vapor Vaultz, that are specifically designed for vaping devices and e-liquids. The VaporVaultz cases are extremely durable and feature combination locks or key locks to keep unwanted hands off of your devices and e-liquids. The combination locks allow you pick whatever code you’d like, but you have to make sure that you remember what that code is.


The hard-sided cases are built extremely well and can easily withstand large falls and bumps. The small VaporVaultz Locking Case we tried was solid black with foam padding all along the inside. This case could certainly take a big fall and would keep anything inside completely protected. The padding molds to whatever you place inside of it, ensuring that there will be minimal movement after you close and lock the case. The large hard-sided VaporVaultz case also features a combination-lock to gain entry to its contents. Instead of having padding, this case features elasticized bands which can hold various types of e-cigs, a mesh pocket, and a zippered pocket that can be re-positioned to any part of the inside of the case due to its Velcro backing. It also includes a large handle, making it easily transportable. This case is perfect for larger mods or for those who own multiple types of e-cigarettes.




The zippered VaporVaultz cases are really special because they use a zipper latch system of locking, meaning the end of the zipper doubles as the lock for the case. Once the zipper is fully closed, the end will easily fit into the side of the combination lock, securing the zipper in place. To re-open the case, simply enter your unique combination code, press the button, and the zipper will pop out of the lock and allow you to open the case. The VaporVaultz Locking Mini Pouch includes this type of lock, and features a furry interior with a pocket which is perfect for storing smaller cig-a-like style e-cigs. The Locking E-Cig Wallet looks similar to this, but much larger. This case features a zippered mesh pocket, an elasticized mesh pocket, and numerous elastic storage bands that allow you to store a wide range of products in one compact case.



Their VaporVaultz Starter Case and Box Mod Case are especially appealing to those who are into advanced devices. The Starter Case is long enough to accommodate vaporizers with extended batteries and tanks. It features elasticized bands to secure 2 vaporizers, a zippered mesh pocket, and a little extra room at the bottom that is big enough to hold a bottle of e-liquid. The Box Mod Case was designed specifically for more advanced users. This case features elasticized bands that are designed to hold your box mod, an RDA or RBA, and two batteries. It also features an elasticized mesh pocket for e-liquid and a larger zippered mesh pocket. These cases also feature their zipper latch system of locking, ensuring that no one will access your vaporizer or box mod except for you.

My favorite product from Vaultz is the Liquid Locker case. This is a case that was specifically designed to hold and secure e-liquids. It features many elastic bands inside of it, allowing you to safely store a wide range of different e-liquid bottles. Since the bands stretch, it can accommodate both plastic and glass bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bands also keep them secure so when you travel with them, you can rest assured that none of bottles are sliding around inside of the case. The Liquid Locker is my favorite not only because it’s versatile, but because Vaultz knows how important it is to keep e-liquids locked and away from children and pets. I’ve never seen a case that not only has a combination lock, but is also designed specifically to hold all types of e-liquids. These cases are definitely a game-changer, and are something that everyone should consider investing in to keep their loved ones safe. Also, VaporVaultz cases are extremely affordable, so anyone can afford to vape responsibly.

Although vaping can be a good alternative to cigarette smoking, we need to be vigilant about keeping vaping materials away from those it could possibly harm. E-liquid poisonings and deaths could easily be prevented if we made an effort to keep them in an inaccessible area. These cases from Vaultz are the best preventative measure I’ve seen thus far that ensures that your vaporizers and e-liquids stay not only away from children and pets, but also protected from harm. I’m sure that tragedies can be prevented in the future if we as a community come together and start being responsible about the storage of our devices and accessories. Let’s all make a pact to be responsible vapers and lock our devices and e-liquids away when we’re not using them. It’s a simple task to do that may just save a life.


Vaultz locking cases are a great way to vape responsibly, but we want to know what you think.  Do you think these cases are a game-changer, or would you rather use a different method in order to keep your children and pets safe?  Let us know in the comments.

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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