7 More Reasons Why Smokers Should Switch to Vaping

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If you are still smoking tobacco cigarettes, it’s time for a wake up call. We all know that smoking is bad and there are definitely some serious health risks if you choose to light up. Unfortunately, a lot of people just can’t seem to quit despite multiple attempts to live tobacco-free. The good news is that e-cigs offer an alternative to instantly eliminates tobacco, tar, and smoke altogether. If you need a little more motivation to kick the habit, here are 7 more reasons why you can’t afford to keep smoking for even a single day.

1. Smoking Destroys Your Airway

If you want to survive, you will need to breathe and smoking can definitely make it more difficult. In fact, smoking causes 80% of lung cancer cases. If you are one of the lucky few that manages to escape cancer, that smoke is still doing major damage to your airway. The soft tissue of your lungs will start to harden and turn black. Then you will have a sudden increase in mucous, a chronic rattling cough, and you might develop asthma or even emphysema.

2. Smoking Makes You Look Old

You might think the consequences of tobacco are hidden away on your insides, but it has a major impact on your outer appearance as well. Cigarette smoke leads to wrinkles, stretch marks, bags under the eyes, and overall toughening of the skin. Smoking basically kills the elasticity of your skin so you will age at a faster rate. Even worse, you have a higher risk for skin cancer, psoriasis, and warts.

3. Smoking Causes Infertility, Miscarriage, and Erectile Dysfunction 

Even if you can’t kick the habit for yourself, please make an effort for the sake of your unborn child! Cigarettes can cause major problems for reproductive health. Just glance at the warning labels and you will see that smoking puts you at risk for miscarriage and it could cause birth defects or low birth weight in your baby. Another scary side effect is the significant increase in the chance of developing an ectopic pregnancy. This can quickly become a life or death situation and it’s nothing to take lightly. Guys don’t escape the reproductive risks either! Studies show that smoking can make it difficult for a man to achieve or maintain an erection. This is not only a concern for fertility, but it can be downright embarrassing.

4. Smoking Is Horrible For Your Eyes

When you feel tempted to light up a cigarette, take a minute to consider what life would be like if you lost your sight. Research shows that smoking can cause vision loss, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

5. Ecig Users Report Major Health Improvements 

When you switch out your old cigarettes for electronic cigs, you make a huge step towards protecting your future wellness. However, you might notice some immediate health benefits too! One study found that 91% of smokers had significant health improvements after changing to ecigs. In fact, 97% managed to reduce or eliminate chronic coughing just by vaping instead of smoking.

6. Science Proves Ecigs are Safer

The research is very clear that e-cigs can reduce your risk of tobacco-related death. In fact, a study at Boston University concluded that vaping is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

7. Vaping is the Perfect Transition to Smoke Free Life 

Electronic cigarettes are successful because they give former smokers the opportunity to continue the “act” of smoking without actually inhaling any smoke. When you choose to vape, you can select an exact nicotine strength and gradually lower the amount of nicotine you use over time. It’s the perfect bridge to smoking cessation. Science backs this as true! The University of Catania did a study to test ecigs as smoking cessation devices and found that 25% quit smoking completely after using ecigs and 50% cut their tobacco use in half.

If you are still puffing on cigarettes, don’t let another day go by without making a change. Just give ecigs a try and see if they work for you. For those readers that are already committed to vaping, share this article with your friends that still use tobacco! If you already switched from smoking to vaping, take a moment to share your experience. How has your life changed since you made the switch?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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19 Responses

  1. wendy belanger says:

    Hi i’ve smoked for 27 years and bought a vapor pen last week. I had a few analog cigs and vapor is so much better I only cape now. I can smell a lot better. I’ll have to jump out of the car when my son passes gas.lol.I found that I can’t sit in my husbands car for more than a minute due to cigerett ashes and smell left from smoking. I see why my kids complained so much. Now they are proud of me.

  2. Andrea says:

    I am 38 and smoked since I was 16. I am so very lucky that smoking really didn’t age my skin and eyes the way it does most people my age who have smoked as long as I have. I had a wake-up call when I recently ran into a classmate from high school who also started smoking back then like I did. She looked horribly aged and despite by “baby face” I realized that this is all going to catch up to me. Believe me, I have tried every major e-cig on the market between 2011 and now, 2015, and I could never make the switch completely. I’m posting this to tell you as a reader, to NOT give up! Keep trying until you find a brand you like and trust me, you WILL get used to it if you tough it out!!!! Right now, I am vaping White Cloud Flings. I LOVE them!!! They have a soft tip like real smokes and are lightweight. Your brand will be a matter of preference. I found that I could not just wean myself off of regular cigarettes to e-cigs; I just had to go in full force and go completely cold turkey to e-cigs. It was a week-long fight of irritability and insomnia, but NOW the smell of regular cigarettes makes me sick. And I NEVER thought I would be able to say that. My advice: Remember that you are not only addicted to the nicotine, but all the other chemicals and additives in the cigarettes. Take some Benadryl or Z-Quil if you need to, so you can get through the temporary insomnia. I know there’s a lot of controversy out there about the safety of e-cigs but they those people can kiss my BUTT (Pun intended!!) I am NOT worried about inhaling glycerin, water vapor and flavoring, compared to the thousands of other chemicals I was inhaling daily in my beloved Marlboro Silvers and Marlboro Golds. Please don’t give up! Again, find a brand you like. The more you vape it and the less you smoke, I can assure you that the regular cigarettes will start to make you sick. You’ll find them repulsive. Happy vaping!!

  3. Jc Valentine says:

    From my own personal experience, vaping has definitely improved my breathing. But the problem with E-Articles like this is that they do not cite their information, post links, or even go into very specific detail. If the vaping movement is to be taken serious, we need to remember that “Tthe Devil is the details”, and give verifiable information, as well as sources and means of which to find this information outside of the vaping community (IE: Independent research studies).

    • Santanna says:

      You can click where it says “research” and “study” in blue and it will take you to the external sites.

  4. Joseph says:

    I have been smoking for almost 3 years. Pack to a pack and a half a day, if not more. Terrible habit, especially since I had always enjoyed smoking when I had a small 10 minute window of nothing to do. I think the boredom killed the most for me trying to quit. I first bought a couple of blu type e cigs, and never found much luck with them. It always lead me back to regular analogs. However, I did end up spending some money and getting a nicer set up, my first vape. The first two weeks of the transition from regular smoking to vamping sucked. There’s no other way to put it. The vapor sits weird in your lungs and you cough a lot. Do not let this discourage you. There are hundreds of favors to choose from, and I would suggest staying away from all tobacco flavor what so ever. That’s what you are trying to quit, so why tempt yourself. Plus you’ll never get an accurate flavor anyways and you’ll start smoking again anyways. Glad to say I’ve had mine for almost a year now, and I’ve not a huge difference. Almost 10 fold. My lungs function way better. No chronic cough. No 4,000+ chemicals entering my lungs. I don’t smell like an ash tray, and I definitely can tell when someone else does. Something I never noticed before because I was used to the smell. Food tastes and smells better. There’s no reason not to. I ended up with an I stick 40w and a kangertech sub tank mini. Awesome device. Awesome tank. I spend way less money on the materials needed for those, than I ever did on analog cigarettes in a week. Initial investment was a bit more, but long run, totally worth it. Online, they’d probably cost about $100usd in total. Best decision I’ve ever made. Keep trying to quit. It’s hard as hell but I’m glad to say I’ll never be going back. That’s for sure.

  5. John Michael says:

    If any one can answer this question honestly I would most appreciate it. I’m trying to qiut only due to the smell and darkness under my eyes, does vapor nicotine cigarettes cause darkness under the eyes. I get plenty of sleep, but people confuse me with something I’m not. Please answer honestly????

    • Jaela Oakland says:

      I’ started smoking when I was 17 years old, now I’m 19. My boyfriend recently showed me vaping and I absolutely love it. One time I tried to have just one cigarette but it tasted gross because I caped so much. It really helps to quit. If I can do it you can too

  6. Mark Griffin says:

    It’s good to see the community giving decent advice to newbies.

  7. Clubvapor says:

    The main advantage of vaping is lower health hazard. When a smoker takes a drag from a cigarette, a large number of dangerous chemicals are being consumed into the body. Be that as it may, when a smoker switches to vaping, they are just breathing in the water vapor of 4 fixings.

  8. MIchael Otterbine says:

    The enemy is the slave mentality to the drug – always considering where and how many cigarettes for the next day or so, running to the store all of the time.

    The physical addition is real. Don’t be fooled in thinking you’re just psychologically hooked.

    If you smoke regularly, and you stop today it will take weeks to physically recover. I didn’t know this until I actually quit. If you don’t quit cold turkey – you probably won’t succeed.

  9. CJ says:

    Vaping does contain nicotine which will age your skin. Albeit not as fast as smoking but it will nevertheless cause premature aging. It’s best to gradually decrease your nicotine level over time until you’re vaping nicotine free e-liquid.

  10. Eric says:

    Vaping has saved my life – can’t say enough good about it. Two weeks ago after smoking a pack a day for 55 years my body started dramatically closing down. I could breath in air but lungs couldn’t absorb enough oxygen from it. My whole system and all organs were suffering oxygen deprivation. Within 8 hours of vaping my breathing was better than in 25 years, could feel internal organs relaxing. Next day had greatly increased feeling in hands and feet. Within a few days I went from gray complexion to pink. In two weeks that I’ve stopped all regular cigs and only vape I have more physical energy, mobility and mental alertness than in years. Each day seems to bring significant improvements. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

    • Rebecca says:

      Did you have pain in your legs as well? Like muscles locking up, hard to walk? I’m going thru this and I’m trying to quit smoking in hopes that it will help me heal.God bless and take care. (PS…I’m a 42 year old female who has smoked 1.5 packs for 20 years+) I’ve been vaping for 2 days, no cigarettes.

      • Michael Henson says:


        This is very likely a disease called PAD or Peripheral artery disease in the vascular supply to your lower limbs, the top 5 causes for this disease are associated with smoking. There are non-intrusive diagnostic tests available to confirm what is causing your discomfort. Here’s wishing you the best of luck with your vaping and hope you find it an effective path to quit smoking permanently.


  11. Nancy says:

    Vaping needs to be out there, everywhere for smokers to hear about! I heard about it briefly, but without knowing anyone intimately who vaped, I didn’t understand how it worked, didn’t believe it worked, and didn’t investigate what it really was. Now vaping has been around for about 10 years, and late to the party, but I am here!
    Smoked 39 years, wouldn’t let anything in the world come between me and smoking. Now I’ve been vaping for 4 days and I don’t miss cigarettes!
    Received a compliment on my looks today, it’s been years. My complexion started turning healthy pink again, the whites of my eyes are white again. The daily headaches are gone, so is the acid reflux and the bloating around my middle. I feel fantastic.
    If it can work for me, a diehard smoker, it can work for anybody!

  12. Maria T. says:

    I’m 31 and i smoke cigarettes since i was 14. 17 years full of chemicals. I’m currently trying to quit and switch to vaping. But one day without regular smoke gave me really low blood pressure,i got dizzy and scared. Hope it’s something normal when you switch to vaping and will turn out to be okay. If anyone experienced something similar please mention it. I really wanna kick the nasty habit of smoking.

    • Ton says:

      I had anxiety the first couple days light headed and dizzy I smoke 2 packs a day for 23 years 12 years old to 35. I’m just over a week cigarette free and it has calmed down. Make sure you are not using to much nicotine also. This was back in September you wrote this curious how you’re doing now.

  13. Mark I says:

    I was a 36 year almost 2 pack a day smoker. I had a massive coronary event 3 years ago where I remained in hospital for 6 weeks. The first thing I did was light a cigarette on the day I got out of hospital. Move forward 3 years & I knew I needed to stop smoking. The look in my wife’s eyes every time I lit up was killing her. I lost my mum recently to Lung Cancer & saw what it did to my Dad. I was also overweight so I decided to lose weight first (dropped 23Kgs or 50lbs). Then I took the switch to vaping. I had a pen type Aspire e-cig & started with that. I also had a sub ohm tank (Aspire Clieto 120) on a SMOK Alien mod. Every time I used the mod I would cough like mad. It took about 3 days but now I love this. I’m 17 days cigarette free & a non-smoker. The difference is like night & day. My quality of life has greatly improved & more importantly my wife doesn’t look at me with concern now but more of pride. This is my first post on any forum so I apologize it is all over the place.

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