Brand New Information Could Have Massive Impact On Vaping Industry


Public Health England recently released a new demonstration which compares the chemicals in cigarette smoke with e-liquid vapor

As we turn our calendars over to 2019, the debate over vaping is starting to heat up in a big way. While people have been discussing the efficacy of vaping for years now, things are reaching a head with institutions such as the FDA moving forward with their crackdown on vaping flavors. Those in favor of vaping point to the growing pile of peer-reviewed evidence which concludes e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking. Meanwhile, anti-vapers are more concerned with anecdotal evidence, like false claims vaping leads teens into a life of smoking. All of these factors are coming together, making 2019 what many experts call a make or break year for the vaping industry.

Luckily some respected institutions, such as Public Health England, have worked tirelessly to ensure that the most significant amount of people understand how much safer vaping is than smoking. They’ve been on the forefront of the vaping debate for many years now, and their latest piece of evidence is once again making a strong case for e-cigarettes. They recently published a new demonstration which compared the effect of smoking for a month with the effect of vaping for a month.

PHE’s Latest Demonstration

This latest release from England’s public health agency comes as part of their Health Harms campaign. The campaign aims to encourage smokers to give quitting a chance this January by providing a series of demonstrations. One of the most impactful of these demos was given by Dr. Lion Shahab and Dr. Rosemary Leonard and compared the level of cancer-causing substances inhaled by the average smoker in a month compared with an average vaper. To do this, the team used three different bell jars filled with cotton connected to a diaphragm pump, each providing a continuous and equal stream of either smoke, vapor, or everyday air. To ensure the correct amount of exposure, each jar was only exposed as long as would simulate approximately a month of tobacco or e-cigarette use.

At the end of the testing period, some obvious results emerged. The cotton inside the bell jar exposed to cigarette smoke was entirely brown, along with the inside of the glass jar itself. The tube leading to the air pump had a significant amount of sticky tar blocking the airway. These results were even more evident when compared with the vaping jar, which experienced none of this dangerous residue. The e-cigarette jar was virtually the same as the control, with only a bit of minor discoloration noted, and ultimately attributed to the coloring in the e-liquid. As a result, PHE is encouraging all smokers who have had trouble quitting to give vaping a chance as part of their Personal Quit Plan.

Public Perception

These latest findings from PHE line up with what we already know about the relative risk of vaping. Public Health England themselves has been saying since at least 2015 that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, but this figure has been backed up time and again since they first published it. In fact, as recently as last month researchers concluded that the level of toxic substances in e-cigarette vapor is around 93% lower than traditional cigarette smoke. Making the harm reduction case even more clear is a report published in the Journal of Aerosol Science which concluded the excess lifetime cancer risk of a vaper is around 57,000 times lower than a demographically similar smoker.

But despite the incredible evidence supporting the harm reduction value of vaping, public perception remains one of the most significant problems facing the industry. Getting a larger percent of the public to understand the benefits of vaping is likely the most important thing still preventing vaping rights from growing. Polls have shown that only around 13% of adults understand the benefits of vaping, while about 26% think vaping is just as bad if not more dangerous. But perhaps even worse is that only around 44% of smokers even understand how much safer vaping is than continued smoking.


It’s clear that improving the public perception of vaping is the biggest thing we can do to improve the chances of the vaping industry. Until then though, we must continue to support and spread demonstrations like these which prove vaping is much safer than smoking. 2019 could be a terrible year or fantastic year for the vaping industry depending on what happens. If more people commit to spreading the positive evidence for vaping, we may finally begin to shift the public perception in our favor. Until we do, it will always remain very difficult to secure our vaping rights indefinitely.

Are you surprised by PHE’s latest findings? How should we be working to spread positive information about vaping? What do you think is the biggest problem still facing the vaping industry? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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5 Responses

  1. Rayray says:

    I smoked for many years and had the smokers cough,high blood pressure, chest tightness and all that gos along with cigarettes. I stopped 5 year’s ago and started vaping and over that time the cough, tightness and blood pressure problems have completely stopped. I’ve never been under the impression that vaping was completely safe but I also know from my own research not to mention how much my health has improved since i started vaping that it MUCH safer. Vaping and it’s benefits has cast such a bad light on the tobacco industry not to mention the loss of sales that all it can do is cover the truth with lies about how bad it is this and that. Vaping in my mind isn’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay FDA or not. Vaping has very likely saved my life or at the very least given me back a few years and i will continue to support it!!!!!!. Vape on 👍💨💨

  2. Linda karp says:

    I started vaping 5 years ago in march , 2014 , i had smokers cough, bronchitis at least 3 to 4 times a year,since i started vaping i have no cough and no colds or bronchitis in the last 5 years

  3. Cathy says:

    Everyone says vaping gives you “POPCORN LUNGS” I for one know that when I cut waaaaay down on cigarettes (from 3 packs a day to 2 packs a week) the mucus coughing stopped, I can breath much better and everything in my home doesn’t get discolored as easy. I do still like to smoke but nothing like I use to. I know vaping is a lot better for you and so many flavors to choose from

  4. David Rees says:

    As a Smoker of over 49 years who has tried to get into Vaping for the last year with 3 different products ,,, Blu, and 2 by Smok that leak. The 1st one leaked a lot and When I decided to go back was sold a new top and went home it Leaked even more. The manager seemed more concerned about how much cloud he could fill the store with than relations with dissatified customers as everything was my fault. Customers just do not understand His products and Misuse them all the time and are not Entitled to his further help or refunds. The products he sold me and them are discontinued which is why we got such a good deal.
    ……! Bad retailers. who do Not care about their customers or even their products or repeat business. Only wants Experienced Customers. Novices are to be Ripped off for Easy Money.
    … San Antonio Texas we are limited where we can go when disabled because of our bus system. A smoke shop opened close by and I Purchased a Smoke Pen Vape 22. Worked in store when filled but battery was low. Fell off 2 feet onto carpet and started spitting and getting hot.
    ….. From a tiny bit of research ,,,, perhaps if cleaned it may clear up as nothing is broken.
    …..#3 Product reliability is poor and also perceived as poor. Made in Communist China where companies Outsource to Families where even children do work.
    …..#4 Unknown types of metals in use of the parts involved as per stories reported, some of these metals are dangers.
    …..#5 Big Tobacco does not Own any Vaping. Do I need to Explain.
    …..#6 Governments of Local, States and of course Federal TAX Tobacco and receive Billions of Dollars on DANGEROUS Tobacco. What happens when that MONEY starts to dry up.
    Of course they are against Vaping, unless they can find a way to put HEAVY TAXEX on it. Legal Marijuana is TAXED heavy. Enough said.

  5. Beau says:

    This is NOT a new THING!
    I’ve been trying to get through to ALL these ppl for YEARS. NO one wanted to know or hear what I had to say because it was something they thought they would never have to worry about because they could rely o the generalized data/research to support the masses of ppl who decided they would take advantage of lax laws etc… & start selling what ever they could get their hands on & thanks to the explosion of copy cats across Shenzhen in 2012&2014 ppl were buying things they had no idea about and maling the most of it,that was when things really started to go pear shaped, The fact that ppl have been taking advantage of other ppls hard work without even knowing what was involved just wears me thin because having been in the industry for so long and only ever having one way forward due to the Government ppl wpupdnt have a clue whats been sacrificed and the length of time it took to improve facilty conditions by persuading facilities to improve and thwir standards etc…..
    I better leave it at that for now.
    But ppl need to wake up and stop with all the bullshit.

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