Breaking News – House Panel Seeks to Block FDA Vaping Rules


This just in from the Associated Press regarding the new impending Food and Drug Administration vaping rules. A House panel is again seeking to exempt vaping from new Food and Drug Administration rules. Legislation approved Wednesday by the Republican-controlled Appropriations Committee would prevent the FDA from requiring retroactive safety reviews of vape devices already on the market.

The proposed FDA rules would require vaping brands marketed since February 2007 to undergo pre-market reviews retroactively. The FDA will then ensure the product is “appropriate for the protection of the public health.” If not, the agency could take it off the market. This is good news for those are currently vaping and have been concerned with the new regulations to start in 2018. However, any vaping products introduced in the future would face the new safety reviews. Some speculate this will delay advances in technology hitting the average consumer due to the high cost of the safety reviews.

Many have been anxiously watching for any countermovements on Capitol Hill for some time. This rule would also exempt some premium and large cigars from those same regulations. The Trump administration has delayed enforcement of the new FDA rule and the vaping industry is hopeful that efforts to roll back the Obama regulations will be successful.  All eyes are watching this Congress because the foreseeable future of the vaping industry rests in their hands. This is a scary thoughts to many who really don’t know what to expect and are fearful of more restrictions.

The Vaping industry is watching closely to see any advances in the legislation process, but they also have several pending lawsuits they hope will be ruled upon soon in their favor. Regardless, supporters are in need of victories at this time with the rising opposition that is unjust and unconstitutional. The fight can be exhausting.

There really is a war against vaping going on in this country right now. Just look at all the misinformation being spread by those who fear we will be successful. Weather for taxes or to control individual like teens to gaining access, most anti-vapors are ill-informed on the science behind the technology. This is the time rally and stand up for truth and unite vapors with pro-rights activities to get fair treatment. This small victory should be celebrated and used to encourage other to not give up the good fight.

Just look at Pennsylvania where the 40 percent tax has crippled the vaping businesses and caused a mass closure of shops. Grave predictions are being made after watching these shops in Pennsylvania close if the Food and Drug Administration regulations set to begin in August 2018 continue. They could effectively wipe out the industry nationally. Do we really want more jobs moving overseas?

The proposed FDA rules would force small companies that produce vaping products to go out of business that can’t afford expensive regulatory reviews. This is already happening in states like that have are now looking to repeal laws that are hurting businesses and people. Just look at what was said by Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Ga., a co-sponsor of the bill to repeal the tax has to say, “I want to help people in our country, America, to cycle off of cigarettes and E-vapor products are 95 percent less harmful than combustible cigarettes”.

Vaping is far safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes and that the products and can help tobacco smokers quit for good. Those that say these products are dangerous and target teens have been fed misinformation and propaganda. It is time to feed them with credible studies and overwhelming evidence. Provide facts and be sure to show them studies that support the truth that is unbiased. In time and with respect you can helps some see the truth.

While this seems like a large victory it is important to be mindful and not get too excited until the Presidents signs this into law. Make sure you are tempered and keep informed. If the provision to undercut the FDA rules that are attached to legislation funding for this agency’s budget for the fiscal year starting in October are approved, then yes get excited. However, it still has a few steps to go and the biggest hurdle will be getting through the Senate.

It should be noted that earlier this year Democrats succeeded in blocking the move to  on an earlier spending bill. It will be curious to see if the house has enough opposition voters to cause this to happen again. If it does move past the Senate to the President, he has already indicated he would support blocking of anti-business legislation. We need bipartisan support so be sure to reach out to Democrats and Republicans alike for support.

The hardest challenge is getting others to view the difference between the two products. While Cigarette smoking has decreased in recent years, vaping and cigar smoking has risen. The nicotine-infused vapor of e-cigarettes looks like smoke but doesn’t contain all the chemicals, tar or odor of regular cigarettes. Focus on these important differences when educating others of the differences.

Once they see that visual similarity is where it ends, the waking up has begun. While regulators seek to treat this product the same, they are actually hurting those seeking to quit smoking and choose a healthier alternative. They are also hurting businesses and costing the loss of jobs.  One important aspect often lost in this argument of taxes and regulations is that of individual rights. Focus on these points often to help combat opposition from others.

Individuals should have say and the freedom to choose without the burden of unfair taxes and needless regulations. This is not the American way and the overburden of big government needs to stop.  Watch your representatives closely in this battle for vaping rights and hold them accountable for their actions or even worse, inactions.

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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