Can You Vape Sweets Out Of Your Life?


While vaping continues to be one of the most effective ways for smokers to quit traditional cigarettes, there is also reason to believe that vaping could also curtail the consumption of candy and other junk food.

Traditional smokers are rejoicing at this news, especially because the majority of smokers who quit can gain weight if they stop smoking cold turkey. Now with the introduction of e-liquids with varying degrees of nicotine levels and different flavors, smokers can quit traditional cigarettes with the added benefit of limiting their junk food cravings.

In an article posted to Motherboard late last week, former tobacco chewer and current vaper James Price is interviewed about his own personal findings on the relationship between vaping and a decreasing need for snacking.

After 20 years of chewing tobacco daily, Price found that when he switched to vaping he lost weight. In total, he lost 26 pounds just by vaping sweet juices and has kept the weight off since he quit chewing tobacco four years ago.

“It was probably a good year before I realized that I had actually replaced snacking with vaping,” Price told Motherboard staff writer Kaleigh Rogers over the phone. “I was a snack grabber, I really was, and I realized that when I’d get the urges in my mind, something just took over. I’d think about getting candy and then go grab a liquid I had made instead without even thinking.”

Vapers from all over the world have been talking about the fact that vaping sweet and savory e-liquids have kept them from snacking or indulging in junk food. Most of these stories can be found on forums and message boards online where people discuss how they saw a difference in their snacking habits after they began experimenting with different types of e-juices.

There’s not a lot of information or any studies based on the idea that sweet vape flavors can curb cravings. But one survey that was created to investigate the importance of smokers trying a variety of flavors, which seems to be the driving force for smokers limiting their cravings. It showed that smokers who switch between flavors more often than those who were smoking and vaping lost more weight and kept it off after quitting traditional cigarettes for good.

This, however, isn’t the case for all vapers. In fact, some vapers have reported that sweeter e-liquids have led them to an increase in cravings. This means more studies will have to be done in order to truly understand the effect that candy and sweet flavors have on vaping and cravings.

Understanding the relationship between vapers and the sweet e-liquids they favor is essential, particularly as sweet flavors have a bad public perception and have even been used against the vaping industry by public policy analysts.

Lawmakers and anti-vaping advocates claim that the sweet flavors were created to appeal to children, and while flavors like birthday cake may actually draw children in, it’s important to realize that even adults like candy. It hasn’t stopped public health advocates from trying to ban sweet flavors, although the Office of Management and Budget removed the ban from its final ruling on vaping regulations.

But for most people who actually vape, the flavors help curb their appetite for both junk food and cigarettes. While there should be care and caution as it pertains to children wanting to try sweet vape flavors, it’s important to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages for everyone. And if sweet vape flavors can help people kick both cigarettes and junk food, then more studies should be done to make that claim legitimate.

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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  1. Joe says:

    It’s been one year exactly since I quit smoking cigarettes and went right to vaping, with no relapse. And I’ve already lost 25 lbs. No more coughing and hacking. And I feel great.

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