China Considers a Complete Ban on Ecig Sales and Manufacturing

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Anti-smoking advocates in China are waging a war against electronic cigarettes. The Council on Smoking and Health wants to see a total ban against the sale, use, and even manufacturing of ecigarettes. The recent controversy stems from a survey conducted by University of Hong Kong’s School of Public Health. After interviewing more than 800 participants with roughly a third being between ages 15-29, authorities found that 4.4 percent of people in the younger age group had tried an ecig compared to only one percent of people over age 30.

Some participants reported trying ecigs out of curiosity because they saw friends using them. Others said they chose vaping as a way to stop smoking. Lam Tai-hing from the School of Public Health said the results show that is time for authorities to step up with some hard hitting regulations. He said now is the time to ban ecigs before they gain any more popularity among the younger Chinese population.

Associate Professor Daniel Ho Sai-yin explained that ecigs do pose a health risk because the propylene glycol in some ecig liquids could cause irritations to the mouth and throat. Additionally, he said they contain nicotine which is not only addictive, but could also pose a serious threat to the development of infants, children, and teens.

Ho believes that ultimately the risk is too great because there is much that is still unknown about the long term impact of vaping. While some believe ecigs are safe, Ho said, ‘There is no evidence to prove this, and after lighting up (ecigarettes), different known and unknown chemicals could be released… it’s hard to assess the dangers.”

Researchers argue that ecigs are far safer than cigarettes, with no tar, tobacco, or carcinogens. In a recent study, scientists found that the newer generation devices actually cause reduced nicotine consumption. Multiple studies have confirmed that ecigs are effective for smoking cessation.

Unfortunately, China’s health officials are ignoring the medical research and pushing forward in hopes of a total ban on vaping. Council Chairman Antonio Kwong Cho-shing hopes to see a total blackout on all ecigs in China: no more manufacturing, importation, distribution, advertising, or sales.

Do you think Chinese lawmaker will submit the wishes of these health officials or will they continue to allow vaping and ecig manufacturing?

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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19 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    It’s important to differentiate between Hong Kong and China here. They’re not the same.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I don’t get, why not ban tobacco first? Without tobacco there won’t be a need for vaping.

    • Zumma says:

      Most anti-vaping campaigns are funded by Big Tobacco, thats not just a conspiracy theory, in some cases they admit it. Profits on vaping in Chaina are made by independent businessmen, whereas the tobacco industry is controlled by the state. I would not be surprised if China banned the internal use of ecigs, but allowed the manufacture and exportation to continue, similar as they do with guns. Even the pro-vaping community has been taken over by big tobacco in some cases: Big tobacco making terrible ecigs to sell along side regular smokes, and CASAA is supposed to support vaping primarily but is funded by Swedish tobacco companies to promote chewing tobacco in north america as a “safer alternative.”
      In short, almost all of the advocacy for and against vaping has been invaded by Big Tobacco lobbyists and ruthless importers.

  3. Andyk says:

    “Anti-smoking advocates” wage a war against ecigarettes. Wouldn’t it make some sense if they waged a war against smoking first? Big tobacco money talks and BS walks :/

  4. Bernice Evans says:

    Hi all, Innokin are based in Shenzhen, China for one, so deeply concerned with this article. However, is the business too big to be shut?

  5. Ray L. says:

    This stinks of corruption. Money changing hands in the right places. Don’t tell me, the tobacco industry is targeting China as it is a huge supplier of vape gear ! On the other hand it might motivate other countries to pul their finger out & make something insted of being lazy consumers.

  6. keith says:

    A real worry, seems a global war on E Cigs is in full operation all over the world. Obviously E Cigs are a real threat to global tax.

  7. Jean-Philippe says:

    The main factories are in China. The retailer like Fasttech, Gearbest too. In Europe we’ve got the new TPD. Where could we buy rba … ?

    It will be difficult for the vapers

  8. Rocky Raccoon says:

    Hong Kong is not mainland China. I wouldn’t be concerned unless I lived in Hong Kong. It does sound like someone is getting paid off though. Either that or they really are stupid.

  9. wesence says:

    Soo is this for China or HK? I was in hk not long ago they don’t sell any juice with nicotine, well the few vape shops I went to atleast. Most juices were US juices too.

  10. Gideon says:

    Rocky. Have u seen my book?

  11. Ray Story says:

    Banning e cigs in China or Hong – Kong (They will do whatever China says and or wants) is a real possibility. The TVECA has been very active in Hong – Kong and Mainland China to make the product legal. We have done this successfully in the USA as well as Europe. This has been done with little or NO support of the category. I am glad that someone else has looked past it’s nose (or this month’s paycheck) and
    is concerned about the possibilities of this. Don’t be upset if your wants and needs are not adequately addressed during the process if you don’t get involved but want to argue about the outcome.

    Ray Story

  12. Jeffrey Bolin says:

    I just don’t get some of these governments. Now China and Hong Kong (Hong Kong is part of China, “One country, two systems”. Hong Kong is autonomous except when it comes to defense, and foreign affairs/relations). The only question is, where does this ban fit in, a policy protecting the health of the people? Do they consider that part of ‘defense’? I guess we will find out.

    This all sounds like a move backed by big tobacco as a remedy to dropping tobacco sales, because these countries are talking about an out right ban on vaping! It is ridiculous in the face of all the evidence to the fact that it is not only safe, but could benefit society. (Public Health England is considering a policy of actually recommending vaping to smokers as an aid to quitting).

    I think the only thing in our favor is that China’s economy is not doing very good, and they make a lot of money on vaping. Also, China had a huge problem with smoking, and I imagine this has caused a drop in smoking although I don’t know for sure.

    Most of these countries (all of the countries banning vaping) seem to be concerned about something that hasn’t shown any ACTUAL health problems. People in China have been vaping for years, and if it posed a danger to the health of people there would have been medical cases; that’s verifiable medical cases. No study showing definite damage to health, no medical cases showing damage, people are quitting smoking, tobacco sales dropping; I don’t get what the issue is. This is all caused by fear, and fear can cause people to act against their own best interest or the interest of society in this case. If something isn’t done, this whole movement, this great thing we got going here, could come crashing down.

    This is actually getting scary. It seems that no matter how many studies show the benefits of vaping, or how often they are told it’s safer than tobacco, with a HUGE margin of safety by the way, people will still not believe it, no matter what. It’s like society has some mental block when it comes to nicotine.

    After years of hearing smoking is dangerous, and the years of ‘nicotine this’ and ‘nicotine that’, society just can’t seem to change their way of thinking.

    I’m not quitting. I’m going to switch to a Nicotine packaged for long storage. I should be able to get enough for at least a two year period. After that, we’ll have to see, I guess.

    Now after reading this, I am going to have to stock up on equipment. If there is a ban in China, that would be bad, real bad.

    Hears hoping every one comes to their senses; that is, that they start thinking like I do!
    Have you ever noticed that we tend to judge the intelligence of people based almost entirely on how closely their beliefs match our own?

    I am open minded enough to concede that there are probably some people in this world that don’t believe in the things I do, and that are probably not complete idiots, but I would much prefer that they just admitted that I’m right and they are wrong. It would be so much simpler that way.
    (Obviously that last bit was sarcasm – I’m not a complete jerk)

  13. flip says:

    China doesn’t care about nobody and that is instilled in their culture based on my observation actual incidents, real stories and ongoing issue still today for the people living in a communist country where talking bad about the government will get you in trouble 100’s of people a day in frequent occurrences are subjected to the death penalty by firing squad yet most of the worlds manufacturing is relocated to due to cheap slave labor and where the majority of everything from meats clothing electronics movies dvds are bootlegged undermining the companies that spent alot of money building their company or brand and is accepted.
    There was video from a security cam outside a store in China where a baby walks outside of a store and gets run over during a busy time of day with numerous people passing by and if you think they didn’t notice cars drive around the baby and a person avoids it by stepping over.
    OK!! 1 incident in a bad part of town you could say until i seen another video for a cell phone recording of a car accident, “so what’s wrong with that?” you’d say well it just happened and the people in it were bleeding and holding on to dear life while a group of people are taking selfies with the people in the accident as they slowly drift away unable to speak and partially conscious instead of maybe doing something to save their lives as they act like it’s some kind of wax museum display.
    You wonder how can i come to a conclusion that this is instilled in their culture besides poor peoples children leave school having to go to work at a phone company no names mentioned because that’d be fruity, but they go knowingly they’re going to die of cancer from the benzene used to manufacture it because there are no laws on protecting employees getting ill or passing away due to improper safety issues and just an all out disregard for life in general as they already pay them wages barely able to support families and all the while they’re just leaning back on their office chairs knowing this. A couple years ago some North American billionaires donated a billion or millions to support some worthy causes that im unsure about the names at the moment but the point is they new there were a lot of wealthy people in China and wanted to see if they wanted to give back to their own country to people that really need it as a philanthropist and im not sure how that went but they were turned down as they belived in no such thing.
    So my point is the real issue to them tha is unmentioned in this article yet directed towards the health and safety of the people and children (kind of ironic since they’re not banning ciggarettes) ignoring studies and turning a blind eye towards the good it’s doing when it’s really because and i quote the article:
    “These electronic cigarettes are a serious safety hazard and they threaten our economic safety by hurting legitimate tobacco companies who invest enormous time and effort into development and protection of their brands,” said Chinese Border and Customs Protection Director of Field Operations Wang Xia, in a statement released Monday
    Safety hazards harming the brands of tobacco companies that invested enormous time and effort creating addictive products that give people a death sentence once they start using. Aside from my ranting did someone just say that!?!?! What they’re really trying to say is FU these tobacco companies have invested enormous time and effort into development of well known legal brand that make the users keep spending their money until they die and that;s long enough to fill the pockets of whoever sides with them so they’re going to keep saying bullshit because tobacco companies have enough money to pay everybody(total amount of money spent in a cig smokers life times a big percentage of generations of the world divided by greedy power hungry corporations nad politicians)
    Did you notice how sacred the brands of tobacco companies are and how they’re so thoughful of the money and time they spent protecting it, well now you know how every company there’s another company with the same name thats either or elsewhere made in China.

    sorry for my grammar spelling etc. as I am angry for any other country even doing business as long as slave labor goes on and the irony in all of this being another story of corporate politics and less about the safety of anybody

  14. Palty says:

    The very fact that these people are flying the ant-smoking activism banner is proof they are utterly ignorant of the art and engineering that makes vaping possible. I also do not believe that Chinese law-makers are as stupid as these activists, and that manufacturing will continue unhindered, and that the anti-vape lobby would be wise to educate themselves as to what it is they are standing in opposition to.

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