China’s Global Times Feature E-Cigs as Positive Alternative for Smokers

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While the media often demonizes electronic cigarettes China’s Global Times is taking a different approach. In a new article, the Global Times highlighted electronic cigarettes as a positive resource for smokers that need to quit. Reporters interviewed local vapers and e-cig retailers to find out what made e-cigs so incredible and they learned that vaping was really an answer to prayer for many heavily addicted smokers.

Smoking is a difficult habit to break, but the easiest method is to replace the bad habit with a different action. That is exactly what smokers do when they turn to e-cigarettes. By substituting e-cigs for their old tobacco cigarettes, smokers can eliminate hundreds of carcinogens that lead to cancer, stroke, heart attack, and even death. E-cigs offer a positive solution because they have the same look and feel of a regular cigarette, but the science behind the devices means you aren’t inhaling the same toxic smoke. “These trendy gadgets help satisfy habitual tactile, visual, and olfactory cues.”

The article featured an interview with e-cig retailer Fanny Fang. After selling the devices for four years, Fang said that she had seen many smokers successfully quit after committing to the process and using e-cigs as a bridge to their goal. She believes an essential reason why e-cigs work is the availability of unique e-liquid flavorings.  “Unlike with traditional cigarettes, consumers can choose from various flavors of e-cigs, such as strawberry, apple, blueberry and so on, to reduce their addiction to the taste of tobacco,” she explained. Fang suggested that smokers gradually reduce their nicotine intake by gradually decreasing the strength of nicotine cartridges when they bought refills for their e-cigarettes.

Fang’s method was the key to success for former smoker Jonathan Brown. After smoking a pack a day, Brown knew he needed to quit, but he worried that nicotine withdrawal would be disruptive to his daily life. A friend bought him an e-cig for his birthday and he found that it gave him the perfect substitute to replace his old tobacco habit. “The e-cigs allowed me to continue my habit of blowing out smoke from my mouth with much less nicotine content,” he said. “I sort of liken it to drug addicts coming off heroin with methadone. It wasn’t too much of a change.”

For years, Brown turned to cigarettes whenever he needed a nicotine fix, but now he has found that e-cigs can quell his temptation to light up. “It’s a nice bit of security if I find myself in a moment of weakness. It’s still better than going back to real cigarettes and having to climb the smoking cessation mountain all over again.”

The Global Times did a fantastic job of showing the potential of e-cigarettes to be a life-changing alternative for heavily addicted tobacco users.  If you have ever struggled with a nicotine addiction, you know that it can be difficult to escape. Fortunately, e-cigs offer a substitute that could be a “helpful habit” to get you through the transition to a smoke-free life.

Do you use e-cigarettes as a substitute for your old tobacco cigarettes? How has it impacted your life to move from smoking to vaping?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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