Court Awards Almost $2 Million to Woman Burned by Ecig

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A California woman suffered major burns in March 2013 thanks to a faulty electronic cigarette. Jennifer Ries was driving to the airport with her husband when she plugged in her VapCigs charger and it “spewed hot metal”, which instantly caught her dress on fire. Her husband was riding in the passenger seat and tossed an iced coffee on her to put out the flames, but it was too late to prevent injury. Ries now has permanent scars from the burns that covered her buttocks, hand, and thighs. Her car was also badly burned.

Instead of boarding a plane to do charity work in Brazil, the couple ended up in an urgent care center and then later a burn clinic. Ries filed a lawsuit against VapCigs after the incident and the case went to trial. After six days of deliberating in court, the jury awarded $1.9 million to Ries.

Attorney Gregory Bentley said the VapCigs distributes ecigs and chargers made in China and those were responsible for the burns that Jennifer Ries suffered in 2013. “If you’re going to place a product in the marketplace, you have to make sure it’s safe for the consumer,” Bentley argued. “If you don’t, you’re at your own peril.”

Ries stopped using ecigs after the incident and she still has major scars from her burns. So far, VapCigs has not issued a statement about the verdict. This story brings up an important reminder to do your research before buying electronic cigarettes. It’s not necessarily smart to pick up a cheap ecig in a gas station because you never know where it was made or if it will be safe. By doing some research, you could avoid tragedy and insure that you have a safe vaping experience.

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