What to Expect from the Ecig Industry in 2015

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The New Year is rapidly approaching and 2015 will undoubtedly deliver some major changes to the world of electronic cigarettes. This industry is moving forward rapidly and constantly adapting and evolving as legislation changes and vapers require new and better products. So what will this next year bring for the ecig industry? The Ashtray Blog talked to some of the most popular voices in the ecig circle and here is a quick look at what they are expecting.

Better Products for First Time Vapers

Smokers that switch to ecigs in 2015 will have a distinct advantage over those that converted in the past. For one thing, they will have a better selection of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids to choose from. But beyond that, the improvements to technology will be a game changer that helps a lot of smokers make a lasting transition away from tobacco. Clive Bates, the former head of Action on Smoking and Health, predicts that next year will be all about 2nd generation vaping gear.

After plateauing, vaping will resume its inexorable rise in 2015 because it will be easier for users to go straight to 2nd generation products that work for them,” Bates explained. “The business focus will be on simplicity and making sure new users can enter the category easily and without arcane knowledge.”

Increased Ecig Activism 

As governments around the world push forward with regulatory changes, ecig activism is destined to boom next year. Grimm Green told the Ashtray Blog that he thinks the growing involvement will be a game changer. “As we move past 2014 I feel like vapers are actually starting to care more now than they ever have. We have fantastic activist leaders that are helping to guide the way to victory. I have no doubt that we will continue to grow and thrive as a community.”

More Lobbying From Big Tobacco

Over the past year, we have seen Big Tobacco get heavily involved in the ecig industry as they try to save face and profits. Professor JF Etter said tobacco companies will continue to sink their claws into ecigs and they will amp up lobbying efforts to get laws that work out in their favor. “They cannot envision doing business in this field without using their influence to obtain a ‘friendly’ regulation. This means sitting behind closed doors with high level civil servants and MPs, and building a high regulatory wall around this business,” Professor Etter said.

The Decline of Cigalikes 

A new wave of technology has changed how people vape and Spinfuel writer John Manzione predicts that next year will bring further decline to first generation cigalikes. “Smokers are moving past cig-a-likes and jumping into the bigger, better devices faster than ever. This will continue, and the time it takes for a former smoker to get to the larger devices will get shorter and shorter,” Manzione said. “This is also a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, if technology could improve to the point that we can get flavor, vapor, and ‘vape time’ in an NJOY sized device I’d be there with bells on.”

Lives Will Be Saved

Herbert Gilbert introduced the first ecig prototype back in 1963 and today, he continues to support the vaping industry. He predicts that 2015 will bring another boom in new vaping converts and as a result, many lives will be saved. “As the inventor of the first electric cigarette in 1963 I predict that the continuing ongoing growth of scientific knowledge proving that tobacco kills while ecigs save lives can only result in even more millions of lives being saved…and that is my prediction based on simple logic,” Gilbert said. “When people learn and comprehend the difference they will stop killing themselves with tobacco, and switching to ecigs will provide a proven and scientifically recognized way to do just that.”

Rapid Innovation 

Oliver Kershaw from Vaping.com said 2015 will be the year for rapid and powerful innovation. “On the tech front, we should expect rapid innovation this year as power-regulated devices come down in price and become more widely available, and more widely accepted. This, combined with new tank systems that are hitting the market now are likely to take the high-power style of vaping to a wider market. In my view, these devices are more pleasurable, and will convert more smokers – but they are not without their own controversies, which will become more apparent as more vapers are seen to be using them.”

Continued Ecig Research

P Busardo takes a lighter approach to vaping on his Taste Your Juice blog, but he wasn’t joking around when he predicted that next year would see a major shift in the research circle. “We’re going to see a lot more research being done on what we do and how we do things. Temperatures, liquids, wires, wicking materials will all continue to be tested and looked at. This can only benefits us as vapers, giving us the information we need to make better informed decisions on how we vape should we chose to use the information provided.”

More Delays From the FDA

While the FDA has repeatedly promised imminent regulations, it appears that they are not too much closer to that goal than they were at the beginning of 2014. Steve Vape predicts that 2015 will bring more of the same. “The FDA will attempt to implement its deeming regulation of e-cigarettes. However, legal challenges and other red tape will keep it from being applied in 2015,” he predicted.

What changes do you expect to see from the ecig industry in 2015?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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4 Responses

  1. Beer Baron says:

    I think in Europe there will be a lot of stockpiling of hardware and nicotine, in preparation for the vast majority of it being banned by 2016 when the new Tobacco Products Directive has to be implemented across the EU. Only hope is for a legal challenge to take it out…

  2. Broony says:

    With over a million vapers in the world a survey like this with that many participants, it would make it very hard to ignore. I live in Queensland Australia, the government has now made vaping with nicotine illegal, so when my juice runs out I will once again become a smoker. After more than 7 months, it is not something I’m looking forward to, but alas I am a nicotine addict with an understanding of the benefits I gleen from it. Again I will say, a survey like the one above with as many vapers possible filling it in, would make it hard to ignore the benefits we obtain by vaping. Please save yourselves from mine and other Queenslander’s predicament.

  3. Erika L. says:

    It’s great to see the industry is not only growing but also evolving, making it possible to help more people leave their tobacco dependency for good.

  4. Erika L. says:

    Vaping is here to stay, despite all the fear mongering around it. Simply put, it’s the healthier alternative to
    smoking and many people are kicking their tobacco addiction for good with the help of vaporizers.
    New regulations regarding vaping are popping out here and there but the business stays strong and it will
    do so for a while.

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