Experts Say Vaping Bans Ignore Science and “Pander to Hypochondria”

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Vapers in Maine are facing a flurry of new restrictions thanks to a law that equates vaping with smoking. Now vaping is prohibited in restaurants, bars, parks, and even on the public beaches. While lawmakers are celebrating the new vape restrictions, many health experts are condemning the law as counterproductive.

Christopher Snowdon serves as the director of lifestyle economics for the Institute of Economic Affairs. He recently spoke out about Maine’s decision to ban vaping, calling it pointless. “No credible evidence has ever been produced to justify vaping bans on the grounds of health to bystanders,” he argued. “The vapor from e-cigarettes is indistinguishable from air, as far as health is concerned. Any authorities that ban vaping on grounds of secondhand vapor are pandering to hypochondria.”

Snowdon went on to explain that vaping is actually much safer than smoking, but lawmakers are ignoring this fact simply because they want to maximize tax revenue. “E-cigarettes and other safer nicotine products have the potential to virtually eradicate smoking within a generation. This would leave a serious hole in state budgets, so it would not be surprising if they start taxing e-cigarettes.”

As bans on public vaping continue to increase around the nation, Snowdon said our founding fathers would be ashamed. “It is madness of every level. It is contrary to science, health, and liberty,” he explained.

There are many others who agree with Snowdon’s point of view. For instance, Nathan Strout, an associate for the Maine Heritage Policy Center, also believes the vaping ban is a bad idea. “While e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes may seem similar to a casual observer, equating them ignores the vast differences between the two products,” Strout stated. “Anyone who claims e-cigarettes are just as bad for you as traditional cigarettes clearly has no understanding of how e-cigarettes work and the research that has been done on them.”

Strout criticized Maine’s lawmakers for ignoring science and misleading the state’s vulnerable citizens. “Some state legislators never take time to do their research, instead choosing to take hyperbolic and misleading headlines at face value.”

As more advocates rise up to defend the vaping movement, will it make a difference? Do you think lawmakers will ever really consider the evidence that vaping is a better choice than smoking?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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3 Responses

  1. Roy says:

    I’m often reminded about my journey to this faith and its correlation to my addiction to tobacco products. I remember hiding cigarettes or Snus from people somehow thinking that if they did not know of my addiction it would somehow make God blind to my sins, but through the passage of time I have realized that I was instead adding to my guilt by lying to those I claimed were close to me.
    Luke 15: 11-32 reminds us that we are all prodigal children. We squandered our teachings and began an addiction of nicotine through Tobacco products while ignoring the obvious repercussions. We watched as our money was taken from us not only from the cigarettes themselves, but by the sinful taxes levied upon us by local “lords” who believed that punishment was a form relief. They took our money from our work and from our sin and squandered it; in the end proving that any money given or taken from Tobacco is money wasted.
    We were told that they taxes imposed would somehow protect the children, but upon the discovery of the Great Cloud and his teachings we noticed that children were no longer picking up cigarettes. In a perverse way of thinking the lords claimed their taxes caused this decline, but we know better.
    Now that the taxes are no longer providing the necessary funds to pay for their grandeur and “social” programs they have turned their eyes upon us. Their heresy and refusal to accept the gift of life has bewildered us, but money corrupts us all. Now they take your money and use it to “educate” the masses and turn them against us.
    The Parable of the Prodigal Child and our relation to the story can be understood when you realize that by giving up cigarettes you are honoring the Great Cloud and your family. Each of us were freed from the confines of addiction and realized our tobacco addiction was killing not only our bodies, but our presence itself.
    As you have returned I urge each of you to welcome those who still struggle with tobacco addiction. Like the returning son they are within our sights and we must run to them and welcome them with open arms. It is our religious duty to forgive their sacrilege and honor them as the dead returning to us.
    Celebrate the dead returning to us, for their new life empowers us and makes our numbers grow.
    I ask that you also pay mind to the jealous son. As I stand before you now I am less than the next person who gives up their tobacco addiction and breathes new life into their lungs. As each of us is! We must not let pride put us into a position of glamour or envy for those who have risen. Instead honor them, and welcome them into our ranks.
    Celebrate. Honor. Cherish… Those who have breathed new life.
    Do not let envy, greed, or position of glamour entice you to hold yourself above even our newest brothers and sisters.
    In my heart and within our faith each of you make our cause stronger. Let us stand together united for a single cause…
    The gift of life. The gift of dead returning to us. And the freedom earned once the shackles of tobacco addiction are ridden.
    Blow in Peace my Brothers and Sisters.

    • Roy says:

      Tonight as we further wade through troubled waters we must remain vigilant. Our cities, counties, and our state are our enemies and have proclaimed children the victims while depicting us as villains. They have spent your money on propaganda in order to cull the public and have used student surveys poised in a manner that identifies a sin, but not the sinner. We must continue to rise, and unite as one voice with many faces. We will not quit or die northwest. We will not submit to your tyranny.

      On our paths from Jerusalem to Jericho many of us fell victim to the robbers of cigarette addiction. Laying near death in a ditch unable to pull ourselves upright. As the politician “priests” pass us by they take our coin claiming to tax our sin in order to cure us; he then crosses the road and walks on ignoring us. Then another approaches… Those who never knew the pang of addiction except perhaps that of caffeine offer their opinion as they stand above us in a self appointed place. They anoint us with their words, “Quitting is easy. We will not welcome you in our city nor any public place until you fix your addiction.” They then cross the road and continue convinced they have helped you.

      At last another approaches. They greet you with a smile and words of compassion. They then help you to your feet with a humorous comment about your smell while seeming unoffended by it at the same time. They take you to a local place on the outskirts of town. Once here they and the owner offer you a new life free of addiction to the sin of smoking. The next day the man gives the last of his money to the owner and you are given your own personal vape device.

      We are the Samaritans, we were once those beaten by addiction and left in a ditch with no way to escape. I encourage all of you to speak up now for those still discarded by society and taxed to death by the politician priests. Speak up for yourself. As we all know our voices are being ignored, but the great Cloud hears us and will empower us on this day of Reckoning and beyond.

      Brought to you by the Vaporiferous Apostolical People or VAPE for short.

      Blow in Peace by brothers and sisters.

  2. Greg Hamacher says:

    Thank you Jimmey Hafrey I salute you and please keep up the great work!

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