Exploring Outrageous E-Cigarette Mods and the Future of Vaping

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Electronic cigarette technology hasn’t been around for long, but it is already evolving into something totally new and unexpected. Rob Walker recently wrote an article for Yahoo News that took a closer look at how vaping is changing in 2014, especially with the rising popularity of ecig hacks and mods.

Walker started investigating the e-cig scene and was quickly surprised to see that there was a unique subculture among advanced vapers. It turns out that the most passionate ecig users prefer to go beyond cigarette imitations and use outrageous e-cig mods for a more customized vaping experience. “The movement revolves around electronic devices that deliver nicotine but otherwise hardly resemble cigarettes at all,” he said.

For new e-cig users, the idea of mods can be completely surprising and a little exciting all at once. When you dig beyond the typical ecigarette brands, you find a whole new realm of options where ecig experts tweak atomizers and mix their own e-liquids until they create something really remarkable. In some cases, the mods are so amazing that creators go on to launch their own businesses, selling the over-the-top ecigs for hundreds of dollars.

If you want to see some crazy cool mods, Walker suggests visiting ecig forums and vaping stores where the more advanced ecig fans tend to congregate. These are the places where people show off their e-cig inventions like car collectors show off vintage hot rods. Walker soon realized that the culture of ecig hackers was about more than customized vaping. “These e-cig hackers may just influence how the emerging gadgets are thought of by politicians and policymakers in American,” he said.

Walker started getting to know some of the ecig fans that enjoy mods and he encountered Aaron David Ross, a musician from New York. Ross said that as a former smoker, he wasn’t really interested in ecigs until he saw his friend’s mod. “A big part of the attraction was finding something that wasn’t attempting the impossible task of replicating the ‘analog cigarette’ experience,” he said. “It doesn’t feel like a cigarette in your hand, it doesn’t feel like one in your mouth. You don’t hold it the same way. Your lips aren’t in the same position. It’s a different thing. It’s about modifying the ritual in a way where you could get excited about the differences, as opposed to the similarities.”

Ross summed it up well. The beauty of modifying the basic e-cig is that vapers enjoy something that is completely separate from the cigarette style. While you might expect a culture full of former smokers to want ecigs to resemble their old analog cigs, that’s not the case at all.

Oliver Kershaw, founder of the E-Cigarette Forum and co-founder of the E-Cigarette Summit said that “modders” were really changing the culture of vaping. He insisted that vapers didn’t want e-cigs that looked or felt like their old e-cigarettes. Instead, most prefer a more advanced style of vaping that allows for creativity and customization. “These things have got to appeal to smokers,” he insisted.

The whole concept of e-cig mods really throws a curve ball at e-cig critics. Those that oppose electronic cigarettes often argue that vaping is making smoking acceptable again, despite years of work to create a stigma that frowns on tobacco. As Walker interviewed vapers, he soon discovered that e-cig fans really had no interest in promoting smoking. In fact, they were eager to see tobacco banished for good.

“Spend a little time talking to vapers, and you’ll find that a borderline-preachy opposition to tobacco and smoking is a recurring theme. Nobody involved in this scene has a high opinion of cigarettes,” Walker said.

The bottom line is that electronic cigarettes are working for a lot of former smokers. Mods just make the e-cigs all the more appealing and offer a community of friends that will share in the passion for making vaping more fun and customized with outrageous mods and ecig hacks.

How do you feel about ecig mods? Are they really the future of the ecig industry?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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