FDA Advisor Plays Dumb When Confronted About Imminent Vape Bans

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It’s no secret that the FDA is hard at work finalizing new regulations that could destroy the vape industry completely. With looming fears causing tension, the FDA is still trying to keep details quiet even when confronted with tough questions. This week, an FDA advisor claimed he had not seen any evidence to suggest that regulations would amount to prohibition despite previous FDA comments that suggest otherwise.

Dr. Thomas Eissenberg is a member of the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee and project director at the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products. He has been actively involved in regulation discussions behind closed doors, but he isn’t willing to concede that the regulations will harm vaping products. During a recent radio interview, Eissenberg insisted that the FDA isn’t planning to ban vapor devices from the marketplace, but something doesn’t add up.

If the regulations follow along with the proposal released in 2015, then all vapor devices released after February 15, 2007 will be forced to file Pre-Market Tobacco Applications. This is a rigorous process that could cost upwards of $2-10 million dollars, which would almost instantly put 95 percent of vaper companies out of business.

The FDA even conducted an economic impact analysis and found that only 25 out of 1,675 vapor devices would be able to complete the PMTA process within the proposed two-year deadline. That means 98.5 percent of today’s current vapor products would become illegal and the FDA would essentially institute a de facto ban on ecigs without ever admitting that this was the goal in the first place.

After 25 years of experience in tobacco control and public health, Dr. Michael Siegel knows all the dirty lobbyist tricks and he said the FDA is obviously choosing their steps carefully to insure the desired prohibition without actually coming right out to ban vaping altogether. He said the FDA “is essentially making a decision to prohibit these products, or at the very least, to prohibit 99 percent of these products.” Siegel pointed out that tobacco cigarettes face mild regulations while the FDA seems to be attacking full force on vapor devices.

Ultimately, Eissenberg said the potential prohibition is “a good question for the FDA”, but we’ve been asking for years and still have no real answers. Do you think the current regulatory proposal will kill the vape industry off completely? Are FDA decision makers purposefully being vague to insure that prohibition is the end result?

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