Flavored E-Liquids Are “Very Important” to Vapers that Quit Smoking


As the world debates the merits of electronic cigarettes, a lot of argument has centered on flavored e-liquids. Some have speculated that having a variety of sweet, fruity flavors could lead more kids to try vaping. Others have argued that having a good assortment of flavor options is important to adult vapers and essential for successful smoking cessation. Recently, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health investigated this issue through a new study that focused primarily on e-liquid. The results were undeniable. Having an variety of flavored e-liquids is vitally important to vapers and could ultimately impact their chances of success in giving up tobacco cigarettes.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos launched the study by surveying e-cigs users from around the world. Participants were recruited through social media, forums, and ecig advocacy groups and there was no restriction on gender or age. There were a total of 4,618 vapers that completed the survey by answering questions about their own ecig use and smoking history.

While some might assume most vapers enjoy tobacco flavors, this was not the case among participants. In fact, most e-cig users reported preferring sweet or fruit flavored e-liquids over the tobacco flavors. While many vapers had used tobacco flavored ecigs in the past, it was usually only temporary while they adjusted to e-cig technology. Once they got comfortable with vaping, they moved on to explore other flavors.

Vapers also reported that they liked using lots of different flavors rather than just having one preferred e-liquid. Around 70 percent said they changed flavors daily and some used multiple flavors throughout the day. Current smokers were more likely to use exclusive tobacco flavors whereas the ex-smokers were more likely to switch between fruit and sweet flavors.

Over 90 percent of the surveyed vapers were no longer smoking since they started using e-cigarettes. Among the 10 percent that still used tobacco cigarettes, they had reduced their consumption from 20 cigarettes daily to an average of only 4 cigarettes each day. Overall, e-cigs had led to an 80 percent reduction in smoking among those that were still puffing on analog cigarettes.

The survey also looked at which flavors were most appealing to ecig users. Around 70 percent said they preferred fruit flavors and 61 percent said they opted for any sweet flavor. Just 43 percent used tobacco flavors in their ecigs. Other popular options were e-liquids flavored like drinks such as pina colada or green tea. There was also a consistent appreciation for menthol flavors. When asked why they used multiple flavors, 73 percent answered that they simply enjoyed the variety and 50 percent also noted that using one flavor wasn’t as effective because eventually it lost its appeal and its impact on reducing tobacco cravings.

Most vapers believed that having access to a variety of flavored e-liquids was “very important” in helping them stop smoking with around 69 percent claiming that eliminating the flavor options would significantly reduce their enjoyment when vaping. Among the participants that were still smoking analog cigarettes, 44 percent said if flavors were eliminated, they would be less likely to quit smoking.

It turns out that flavored e-liquids really do play a large role in how vapers rate the e-cigarette experience. While tobacco flavors are helpful in the transition period between analog cigarettes and vaping, these flavors do not tend to stick among vapers that successfully stop smoking.

All things considered, the survey provides essential evidence that e-liquids are playing a positive role for vapers that quit smoking. If we take away the flavors, we also reduce the chances that people will switch to vaping and quit using dangerous tobacco cigarettes.

How would it impact you if flavored e-liquids were no longer available? Which flavors do you use on a regular basis?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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