Forget Ebola and Immigrants – Dems Just Want to Oust Ecigs

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It only takes a quick scan of this week’s major headlines to see that the United States is facing some uphill battles to put it lightly. Thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing our borders, the Ebola outbreak is causing a lot of anxiety, and foreign affairs are just a nightmare. You would think that elected officials would be really tied up dealing with just those three big concerns. But it seems that they have another issue that is much higher on their list of legislative priorities. This week, more than a dozen congressional Democrats are busy putting pressure on the FDA to move faster on ecig regulations.

Even if there were not far more pressing matters that deserve their attention, the politicians could spend their time examining the many ecig studies that have surfaced over the summer. It’s been an eventful season with well-known cardiologists defending electronic cigarettes and medical researchers insisting that benefits outweigh risks while calling for regulations to slow down. However, these politicians are laser focused on ridding the nation of the dangers of vaping and this week, they all collaborated to send a new letter demanding action from the FDA.

While the political witch hunt for ecigs is nothing new, it’s causing increasing frustration for Americans in light of recent issues that are far more pressing to our nation’s wellbeing. Several ecig supporters are speaking out about the political obsession with ecigs to express their frustration. A NC vaper said that this week’s ecig letter left her furious. “You would think with the terrifying Ebola outbreak, our border problems, and the many problems the US is facing with foreign affairs, ecigs would be the last thing our elected leaders would be worrying about. But no… instead of writing letters to stop airplanes from traveling from Ebola-infested countries to American cities, they are still harping on electronic cigarettes. It’s really enough to make you want to scream!”

Her friend also expressed his unhappiness with the politicians, even though he doesn’t use ecigs. “I mean here we are in the midst of multiple big crises as a country and this is what they want to use as their soapbox? What’s it going to take for Washington to get a grip on reality? It’s like they don’t read the news. Or maybe they just don’t care,” he said.

Do you think that congressional Democrats are out of line with this latest move to attack e-cigarettes? Does it bother you that this is their main concern even with mounting issues like immigration, Ebola, and foreign unrest?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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