Frightening New Lab Reports Reveal Danger Lurking in Ejuice

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When Vapor Shark Company noticed a lot of skepticism surrounding the safety of vaping, they decided to do something no one has dared to do before. The Florida based company sent samples of every single eliquid brand they carry to a lab to be tested for dangerous additives and the results were shocking. The lab tests revealed that many of the most popular eliquid lines have high levels of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propiony.

These chemicals are known to be dangerous and when inhaled and in high levels, they can make vaping more harmful to the lungs than smoking a cigarette. Diacetyl is by far the most concerning ingredient. When inhaled, it commonly causes a condition called “popcorn lung”. This is an irreversible disease where tiny air sacs in the lungs become scarred. As a result, you develop chronic coughing and breathing problems similar to COPD.

Diacetyl is added to some ejuices to give them a creamy or buttery flavor. Some of the industry’s leading eliquid lines use it liberally and it is putting the vaping community at serious risk. Vapor Shark’s lab results are a warning flag to all of us to reconsider what we vape. Don’t assume that eliquids are safe just because they come from a well-known brand.

To be fair, the eliquid companies in question most likely had no ill intentions here. However, they have made a dangerous decision to insert these chemicals to create the perfect flavor at the expense of people’s health. If the ecig industry ever wants to be respected as a safer alternative to smoking, we have to insure that are products are indeed safer.

You can view the full run down of findings by brand and flavor here. Some of the most dangerous eliquids were Alpha Sweet Tooth, Beard Co. No. 51, Boss Sauce Cap’n Crunk, and Charlie’s Chalk Dust Dream Cream.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos called the lab results “severely problematic.” Even with vapers inhaling differing levels each day depending on their vape habits, Farsalinos said any amount of DA and AP is dangerous and “extremely worrying”.

“Some liquids would result in exposure to higher levels than smoking…. Diacetyl is an added ingredient. Having it in the liquid is like intentionally wanting to cause harm. It is unacceptable, period.”

Do these reports concern you? Will you stop vaping certain juices based on the lab results?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE-E says:

    Thanks for the report!!!

  2. Nick jones says:

    This article seems a little bit one sided as Diacetyl is also found in cigarette smoke and there is no real connection between smoking and popcorn lung. This is not to say that Diacetyl is safe but there is a lot of reserch being done on the subject and it doesn’t seem fair to jump to the conclusion that it poses a severe threat. That said i do avoid Diacetyl and the juice that i buy does not contain it but there does not seem to be irrefutable evidence that it is harmful for your lungs.

    • Shahrul Nazarin says:

      yup, its true..but im thinking on the other way around which mean..the quantity of Diacetyl in ejuice much higher to compare in one single cigarate. That what its mean, im vape and its seem the article is right as I did experience sort of things mention in the articles such a bad coughing..i just started vape for a month and im mid level smoker before..

      • Fergus says:

        “the quantity of Diacetyl in ejuice much higher to compare in one single cigarate”

        No. It isn’t. In fact the levels in cigarette smoke are from about 120 times to 29,000 times higher, depending on the e-liquid flavour.

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