Getting The Most Out Of Your Coils


Proper coil maintenance and care is an essential part of having a consistently fantastic vaping experience

No matter what level of vaper you are, from a seasoned veteran to a brand new rookie, one of the most critical factors in the quality of your vape is knowing precisely what works best for your device. While many factors can affect what type of vapor you produce, such as tank size and battery power, the factor that will always have the most significant impact on your vaping will be your coils. Vaping is already a much cheaper habit than smoking, and with proper coil maintenance, those savings can become even more significant. Given that your only real continued costs for vaping are your e-liquid and coils, making your coils last longer can significantly improve how much money you’re spending. So we compiled a list of the best tips and tricks for keeping your coils in tip-top shape as long as possible.

Priming Coils

We’ll start with one of the best tips for extending the life of your coils, priming them. It sounds more complicated than it is, really only requiring a few easy steps. The first thing you need to do when priming new coils is saturating your wicking material. This is very simple if you just place a drop in each juice hole as well as inside the coil head itself. This will allow the material to become fully saturated and prevent any dry burns. After saturating, you’ll want to take a few drags without pressing the firing button at all. This is called dry hitting, and it allows the juice to spread adequately from the tank to the cotton. The last thing you’ll want to do is ease your coil into use. Being a brand new coil means that it hasn’t expanded and settled in a new size yet. The best way to break them in is by taking slow and easy hits on a lower power level. From there you can work your way up to your usual range, and voila, you’ve got a perfectly primed coil.

Best Practices

After adequately priming your new coil, you may think that you can use it however you want until it burns out. This is far from the truth, and doing so will only undo all the excellent work you’ve done by priming. To ensure the longevity of your coils, it’s vital to practice the proper form when activating your vaporizer.

First and foremost it’s a bad idea to press your firing button for too long. This can lead to dry burns and even ruin coils entirely. While some modern devices will tell you exactly when the best time to stop firing is, most vaporizers leave this up to you, so it’s crucial to practice due diligence. Similar to this is the need to take time between hits. If you don’t give your coil time to cool off and absorb more e-liquid, you’re doing the same thing as if you just engaged the firing button for too long.

The same is true for keeping your tank filled. If you don’t want to ruin your new coil very prematurely, it’s a great idea to ensure that you’ve always got enough liquid in your tank. Not only will firing without any liquid taste horrendous, but it’s also one of the best ways to quickly ruin a coil. This is especially true for any advanced vapers who are thinking about getting into Sub-Ohm vaping. With sub ohming, it’s important to use caution when upping your wattage. While higher wattages are ideal for cloud chasing, too much or too often can seriously destroy coils. The best way to prevent this is by merely using your device at lower wattages, for your everyday vaping, and only crank up the watts when you’re trying to chase some serious clouds.

Cleaning Coils

You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize that your coils can be cleaned to increase their longevity and quality. The first thing you’ll want to do is gently blow out any excess e-liquid, which makes cleaning easier. After you get as much out as you can through blowing, you can run your coil under hot water to dislodge any remaining juice. After it’s thoroughly rinsed, you should allow it to air dry on a piece of paper towel, which will decrease the chances you have uneven heating if done properly. Once you’re happy with the dryness, you should reattach your coil and fire it to allow the coils to expand, then let it cool before repeating this process a few times. While heating the coil, inspect it to determine if there is any uneven heating taking place. If not then you can reassemble your tank and your coil should work good as new. If you notice that it’s heating unevenly, it may be time to install a brand new coil.


Following these tips will undoubtedly increase the life of your coils, and keep the vapor produced at top quality. That will, in turn, lower how much time and money you spend at vape shops getting new supplies. Like with most things, if you take care of them, they will last longer and keep working great. Learning proper coil care is just one of the pieces of being a confident and successful vaper. Take the time to learn, and you’ll assuredly be rewarded.

Did you realize that you can clean coils to keep them working well? Is there any part of proper maintenance that you think is unnecessary? Is there anything you feel that we missed? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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