How Will The Election Results Really Affect The Vaping Community?


The elections are finally over. As the results poured out to the public in shock, it was apparent that the Republicans carried the day to sweep the Senate, House, and Presidency on a populist wave to defy the polls that swept the western politics for long.

While we have watched videos of Hillary supporters reading articles from disparity writers, it’s crucial to think about the effect of the elections for the next few years. This is critical to the vaping community and their future. For this reason, the chosen leaders have a say on imposing vaping regulations and rights.

Let’s look at the current situation in the vaping industry.

FDA Regulations

The FDA, back in August, unveiled the awaited e-cig regulations(ChurnMag has written about these regulations here, and here). It was a devastating assault to the vaping community and industry as we expected. According to the regulations, they require that each variation should undergo the expensive and time-consuming FDA approval process. For many people, this was an attempt to wage war against this community and destroy its offsprings by making it too expensive for small-scale manufacturers to continue in business. They were, indeed, a massive win for the tobacco industry who can afford the approval process and drive away the e-cig competition.

As a matter of fact, these manufacturers received a temporary execution stay because the process would give rise to new products that would take the time to gain market adoption. The existing products in the markets were exempted from this process for only two years. The only chance to save this situation is an intervention by the Congress. Congress has the capability to reverse these regulations that were put in place by the non-elected FDA.

The Republican Victory is a Win to Vapers

The only people fighting for the rights to vapers are the Republicans in the Congress. This fact is evident in the deep elections campaigns made by Democrats who have opposed vaping freedom. According to an article released by, the company wants to reveal the secrets behind the elections and what it implies to the vaping industry. For the company, they stated that the sector would flourish due to their victory in the presidential and Congress elections. These numbers will unite and help their supporters gain vaping freedom. They also reveal that most Democrats have been vocal about opposing vaping rights.

Senator Ed Markey has also been put on record for saying that he thinks that e-cigarette business should be closed. Frank Lautenberg, a former senator, was one of the earliest opposes to vaping. However much these Democrats have received huge amounts of money to back up their campaigns from the industry, they keep fighting the vaping industry.

Let’s look at the most active e-cig supporters in the Congress. Senator Ron Johnson and Representative Duncan Hunter are both Republicans who have proven themselves to be the most passionate pro-vapers in the Congress. They have cloud-chased and written numerous articles proving their allegiance to the vaping industry. They have also supported the vaping rights in the Senate.

President Donald Trump had also described his thoughts when he said that the federal regulations are the anchor dragging the country down.

For this reason, let us let our elected leaders know our opinions and fight for our vaping rights. If they happen to be members of the anti-vaping community, let them realize we all need a better country. For more years to come, we’ll vape our h

I got in touch with the owner of the vape business (High Class Vape Company) to get their thoughts on the vaping industry since the election. Here is what they had to say:

If there is anything we have learned in the first week of the new administration its that Trump is not afraid to act, and to do so in a way that makes business sense.  Agree or disagree with his decisions on social issues, on the business front the time of government over reach and over regulating is over.  This is great news for us in the vaping industry!  Time will tell how far we can go in pushing back the politically motivated attacks on our industry.  However, what we have seen so far is a administration that is not afraid to take action, even unpopular action, to save businesses and jobs here in America.  With this administration, we have a huge opportunity to take back our industry and continue to provide a life saving product to our fellow Americans.
– Elen Frantsuzanova


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