Lawmakers Declare Six Month Ban on New Vape Shops in Victor, NY

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Victor, New York is taking extreme measures to get unwanted citizens out of town. This week, news broke of Victor’s new moratorium that declared a six-month ban on all new vape shops, tattoo parlors, and pawn shops. Despite vape shops being a fully legal presence in Victor, local lawmakers want them to leave and they are doing everything possible to make it hard for ecig users to stay.

The moratorium began when locals caught wind of a new store coming to town called Victor Vapes. The first ever vape shop in Victor caused some unrest and while lawmakers aren’t banning Victor Vapes from town, they are barring any other vape shops from opening for the next six months.

Public statements on the rule have been beyond outrageous. One local mother had a horror story that is logistically impossible. Michaeleen Broyles said, “I almost lost my son to the misuse of e-cigarettes. He actually smoked what is the equivalent to two packs of cigarettes in 10 minutes.” She doesn’t give any further detail on this unfortunate event, but anyone with any knowledge of vaping knows that that would be simply impossible unless her son was using mechanical lungs and a fog machine.

In reality, she is probably just misinformed on how the nicotine in eliquid works. While tobacco cigarettes display their nicotine content based on the yield (with actual nicotine content being much larger), an electronic cigarette displays nicotine content as a baseline. It’s a well-known fact that ecigs actually give less nicotine exposure and the nicotine enters the blood stream much slower than when you smoke cigarettes.

Vape shop manager Jeffrey Bouman is working hard to clarify the truth about electronic cigarettes, but he is facing an uphill battle. “I know that some residents will have concerns regarding minors and will be misinformed about this relatively new industry,” he said. “In Fairport, we have demonstrated our firm commitment to safety, to policies that go beyond the legal minimum, and to working with the school district, police, Health Department, and parents to ensure that minors do not buy our products.”

Bouman went on to share his own story of how he used to be a smoker and he said his motivation for starting a vape shop was to educate smokers on the safer alternative of vaping. He insisted that vapers would buy ecigs at convenience stores without a dedicate vape shop in town and that would be even worse. “We have the opportunity to provide superior products, education, and services to any adult who has an interest in vaping. Local smokers will have a convenient, knowledgeable and friendly alternative with us.”

While Victor Vapes will be the sole ecig shop in town for at least six months, no one knows what lawmakers will do at the end of that time frame. It’s possible that they will be more comfortable with the presence of vape shops at that point, but then again, they might decide to crack down with even harsher rules. Ultimately, this is just symptomatic of a greater issue that goes way beyond the city limits of Victor. Nonsmokers have no idea of the struggle that smokers face when they want to walk away from tobacco. They don’t understand that vaping offers a bridge to smoking cessation and they offer no compassion for those that are doing their best to break a cigarette addiction. Ecigs are not the enemy. Will the world ever begin to accept that?

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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