Learn How One Weird Trick Significantly Increases The Smoking Cessation Value Of Vaporizers


New research once again proves that vaping is an invaluable tool in the fight against traditional tobacco

Quitting smoking is often referenced as one of the hardest addictions to break. Indeed, even some former heroin addicts feel that smoking was a harder habit to stop. We all know just how dangerous smoking can be for not only your long-term health but the long-term health of your loved ones as well. So despite the challenge, most smokers would eventually like to eliminate cigarettes from their lives altogether. As such, smoking cessation aids are an essential part of the puzzle for many looking to quit.

One of the most popular tools is also one of the newest, with modern e-cigarettes only hitting the scene about ten years ago. But unfortunately, as a new aid there simply isn’t nearly as much long-term or specialized research on the value of e-cigarettes. Despite this, many have begun swearing by the smoking cessation value of e-cigarettes, warranting much more investigation. In fact, a study published last week not only strongly indicated value, but also showed a clear way to improve this success further.

New Research

The study was conducted by researchers from the Centre for Substance Use Research in the UK. Led by world-renowned tobacco control expert, Dr. Neil McKeganey, the team set out to determine what sort of effect providing free e-cigarettes has on those attempting to quit. They believed that while many questions regarding vaping are being actively researched, one that has so far gone almost entirely unanswered is if providing the smoking cessation tools will significantly increase their success rate.

This exploratory trial study found 72 adult smokers, aged 18-65, from in and around Glasgow UK. They brought in each participant for a meeting to discuss their personal history with smoking and vaping, as well as their flavor and nicotine strength preferences. Each participant was asked to replace smoking with vaping whenever possible. They were instructed how to properly use and maintain their new devices before being sent on their way, with check-ins at 30 and 60 days in.

After the full 90 day trial, over 87% of participants had fully reported their findings. The researchers determined that around 36.5% of all participants had been able to fully quit smoking thanks to the vaporizer. Potentially more important was the drop in participants who reported smoking every day, which fell from 88.7% all the way down to 17.5%. This resulted in the median number of cigarettes smoked per day dropping from 15 to 5. After analyzing all of their data, the team had some clear takeaways, “In the light of our positive results there is a strong case for integrating the provision of alternative nicotine delivery systems within existing stop smoking services building upon the range of interventions that those services currently provide.”

Not The First

This isn’t the first piece of evidence supporting the idea that vaping is a remarkable smoking cessation tool. Just last fall researchers from the University of Louisville tested the success rate of all the most common smoking cessation methods and tools. After collecting all of the data, the team concluded that not only was vaping a useful quit aid; it’s actually the most likely to lead to a successful attempt. Their results even had vapes beating out prescription drugs designed to help you quit, such as Chantix.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to support vaping as a cessation device, we also have a ton of research that indicates vaping is also safer than smoking by several orders of magnitude. In addition to the 2015 findings of Public Health England that concluded vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, research published last year shows a massive advantage to vaping over smoking. The study published in the Journal of Aerosol Science determined that the excess lifetime cancer risk of a vaper is around 57,000 times lower than that of a demographically similar smoker. Numbers like these indicate that vaping ought to be supported and not undermined.


We all know just how bad tobacco is for society. Not only does smoking harm the smoker, but second-hand smoke has been known to cause all of the same conditions as regular smoking. Making matters worse is the recent findings that point to third-hand smoke, the leftover tar on surfaces, may also be putting people at risk. Given how much we know about just how bad smoking is for you, it’s sad to see one of the best harm reduction and smoking cessation aids we have demonized in the media. No one ever said vaping is 100% harmless, and if you’re a non-smoker there is very little reason ever to pick up the habit. But that being said, if you’re a smoker and you’re worried about your health, one of the easiest and ultimately best things you can do is make the switch to vaping. As the results of the new study found, even if you’re unable to quit smoking entirely, it’s doubtful that you won’t be able to significantly reduce the amount that you’re smoking. If we genuinely want to live in a world free of tobacco, we must support vaping.

Are you surprised by how useful vaping is at helping people quit? Do you think we should be supporting vaping more, or are the criticisms fair? How can we spread information on the harm reduction and smoking cessation value of e-cigarettes? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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