Metro Passengers Debate Whether Ecigs Should Be Banned

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The Metro is always busy with passengers moving all over Washington DC, but some travelers are complaining about the growing use of electronic cigarettes on board. While smoking is not allowed on the trains, Metro passengers are still allowed to use their ecigs both on platforms and during the ride.

The unhappy passengers turned to local news affiliate ABC7 to express their frustrations. “Some passengers who say they have had to travel with the fumes don’t like it,” the news station reported. But local authorities are not making a move to change the policies anytime soon and that has left some Metro travelers outraged.

DC resident Davon Anderson believes ecigs should not be allowed in areas where smoking is already banned. “If it’s nicotine based, then it should be treated like a regular cigarette, honestly,” he said.

Another commuter pointed out that contrary to popular belief, ecigs do produce a smell. “It’s a different smell than cigarette smoke, but it’s still very potent, so I would think that they would ban ‘em just like they would cigarettes,” Dee Duncan complained.

A spokesperson from the Metro said the rules are not coming from the train’s management, but from local laws. He said that ecig laws wouldn’t be banned unless the jurisdictions that the train moves through decided to outlaw them.

A lot of the concern comes from common myths about ecigs. Jamahl Mitchell said, “I just think people shouldn’t smoke ‘em – period, ‘cause they are no different than cigarettes.” But the reality is that ecigs are entirely different from cigarettes. They don’t contain any tobacco and there is no flame required since the devices are battery operated. While they can produce a slight odor, it is generally not unpleasant as the majority of ecig users choose to vape fruity or dessert flavored eliquids.

Luckily, a few passengers are still sticking up for vapers. Angela Swoveland defended ecigs saying, “I don’t think they’re harmful to anybody and they smell good.”

Ultimately, ecigs are here to stay on the Metro unless DC lawmakers choose to ban them in public places across the city. Do you think that vaping should be allowed on the Metro? What should vapers do to keep their ecigs from bothering other passengers?

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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  1. Broony says:

    It’s amazing how the mind works. The general public who do not like e-cigs are usually the ones that have read the false and negative reports, therefore instead of having an open mind to the smells of ecigs, they have the preconceived notions about how they think the smell is that of normal cigarettes. Maybe a way to explain this is the old experiment of smelling an pear close the nose and eat an apple (did I get that the wrong way around?) the senses are fooled, just as the fools who write negative reports on ecigs without first checking the scientific studies. Many non smokers who understand the benefits of ecigs for smokers find the majority of flavours have a pleasant smell plus being happy for the vaper, knowing how it is helping the person to become an ex-smoker and therefore the e-cig is a good device.

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