New FDA Leadership Continues Work Towards Ecig Regulations

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It’s been a full year since the Food and Drug Administration released it regulatory proposal for electronic cigarettes, but since then everything has really been at a stand still. In the past few months, we’ve seen more and more FDA commissioned studies of electronic cigarettes planned across the United States so it’s possible that regulators are holding off on making any firm decisions until further research is finished.

There has also been a change in leadership at the FDA with Dr. Stephen Ostroff just a few weeks into his tenure. He has made it clear that strengthening regulations on tobacco products is one of his main priorities. He also seems concerned about ecigs falling into the hands of teens so he will likely push for swift action on the regulatory front.

“Data released last week from the National Youth Tobacco Survey showing dramatic increases in reported use of e-cigarettes is a cogent reminder of just how important the deeming rule is,” Dr. Ostroff said at the annual Food and Drug Law Institute’s conference. “We are moving full speed ahead on the proposed deeming rule, which sets the stage for expanding the types of tobacco products that we regulate, including e-cigarettes.”

Since the FDA released its first regulatory proposal for ecigs last year, they received more than 135,000 comments. Ostroff said sorting through the comments “has been a challenge of the first order.” It looks like activism within the ecig community is at least causing a stir and some hesitation from regulators to move forward with their initial plans.

Now that long time commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, has retired, the new leadership of Dr. Ostroff could very well change how ecigs are treated in the future. We will have to wait and see if this is a change for the better or if the FDA will take a heavier hand on regulations.

Do you expect the FDA to make a move and regulate ecigs anytime soon?

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