New Law Bans Vaping at All School Events in Texas

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Parents are doing the final scramble to purchase school supplies and students are busy choosing backpacks and back to school outfits. It might seem like business as usual for families in late August, but for Texas students and parents, the new school year will bring several major changes. Texas lawmakers recently made some big changes to legislature that will impact the state’s school systems. Changes involve cafeteria rules, sunscreen application, epipens for allergies, and electronic cigarettes.

The governor signed Senate Bill 97 into law in May, but changes won’t be fully implemented until October 1st. The new law prohibits anyone from either possessing or using an electronic cigarette on or off school property at any school-related or school-sanctioned activity.

That means even parents are banned from brining their ecigs when they go on field trips with students, watch baseball practice from the bleachers, or attend football games. School boards are required to publish the new ecig rule and enforcement policies by October 1st.

Dax Gonzalez, communications manager for the Texas Association of School Boards in Austin, said he doesn’t think the rules will cause too many problems. “I’m sure a good number of them (school districts) were already banning them,” he said. “There might be some angry parents, but I am sure there are some who are happy about it, too.”

Starting this fall, ecigs will join the growing list of banned items at school events. While it’s understandable to keep electronic cigarettes out of classrooms and hallways, it seems like lawmakers might be going a little overboard by banning vaping at off-campus events and activities. For many parents that depend on ecigs to remain tobacco-free, this could create a big headache during the athletic season when they spend hours on the road traveling to games with their children.

Do you think the new Texas ecig policies are reasonable? Should adults be allowed to vape at high school football games?

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