New York Doctors Calling For Vape Ban Amid Outbreak


New Call Raises Questions About Misinformation And Priorities

The world over, the coronavirus pandemic has gripped nations the globe ranging from China to the United States. Despite the clear public health priority that this pressing problem presents, vaping somehow remains a priority for many, even healthcare professionals.

A group of doctors in New York state has called for a new ban on vapor products, following the outbreak of COVID-19 and previous attempts by lawmakers to prohibit such items. These healthcare professionals claim that vaping exacerbates coronavirus symptoms, and places users at greater risk of complications.

It is important to note these healthcare professionals cite no evidence to support their claims, aside from clinging to allegations of a public health crisis caused by vaping products despite evidence to the contrary. In mid-2019, a series of lung injuries were initially attributed to nicotine vapor products but were later found to be caused by an additive added to illicit cannabis vapor products.

The vaping industry has been absolutely outraged by such calls, especially during such troubling times. The industry also notes that there is no evidence to support these physicians’ claims and that restricting access to vapor products, especially now, may only exacerbate the public health crisis and strain the already overwhelmed healthcare system.

Vaping Ban

The New York State Academy of Family Physicians, or NYSAFP, is calling for a ban on all tobacco and vapor products during the course of our current pandemic. The organization is calling for an immediate executive order, claiming the move will protect New Yorkers and lessen the impact of the coronavirus.

The group points to a recent study that compared patients with disease progression against those who experienced improvement. The study found that most patients whose disease progressed had a history of tobacco use, compared to the group that was stable or improved.

The organization claims the study suggests that patients who used tobacco are 14 times more likely to experience disease progression than those who did not. The organization also fails to make any sort of connection between this connection, which focuses on smokers and tobacco use, to vaping, in any capacity.

Andrew Osborne, Vice President of the New York State Vapor Association, has stated the ban will only place public health further at risk. “I think it’s responsible to not cause a separate panic by banning tobacco products. I do understand the need to recommend people not to use combustible tobacco, especially during this point, but it’s very disingenuous if they’re going to try and take life-saving vapor products away from hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who need them to stay smoke-free,” he said.

Vaping Facts

Vaping has been repeatedly demonstrated as an effective smoking cessation aid, as well as a proven reduced harm alternative to tobacco as well. A number of studies have showcased the promise and proven potential that vaping can provide to public health as a whole.

A study from the University of Louisville found that vaping was more effective than any other form of smoking cessation, including going cold-turkey. An additional study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that vaping was more effective than any other nicotine-replacement therapy in helping adults not only quit smoking but remain tobacco-free.

Research from Public Health England and the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center found that vaping is actually 95% and 93% less harmful than smoking, respectively. An additional study, published in the Journal of Aerosol Sciences, found that vapers face a staggering 57,000 times lower risk of developing cancer compared to smokers.


Renewed calls for a ban on vapor products in New York represent not only flagrant ignorance but misplaced priorities as well. While smoking has been demonstrated to exacerbate symptoms of respiratory diseases, there is zero evidence that vaping poses any additional risk to coronavirus patients.

These physicians have claimed that other smoking cessation options remain available, and thus access to vapor products is unnecessary, another example of shameless and flagrant ignorance. Many people who use vapor products do so because no other form of smoking cessation has actually managed to help them quit smoking.

Restricting access to vapor products in the middle of a public health crisis poses a number of new risks, including turning those facing nicotine addiction back toward tobacco, or even black market alternatives. Access must remain open to help those currently battling nicotine addiction during such troubled times.

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