Ohio Governor Wants to Tax Eliquid Per Milliliter

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There are many states that are mulling the possibilities of taxing ecigs to boost revenue, but Ohio Governor John Kasich is taking things to a whole new level with his tax proposal. While most states have pushed for straight forward taxes on vaping devices, Ohio’s governor wants to tax eliquids by the milliliter. Experts estimate the tax would equal out to around 150 to 170 percent, making the cost of vaping sky rocket for Ohio citizens.

Kasich is working on several major tax increases that would compensate for some of Ohio’s recent reductions in income tax. Unfortunately, this plan is really going to hurt regular people but shifting the tax burden from the state’s wealthy to the vapers. The Heartland Institute estimates that under Kasich’s plan, a 15 milliliter bottle of eliquid that normally costs $10 or $11 would suddenly jump to $28. That’s more than double the current price!

Vapers argue that the tax is unreasonable and it is penalizing smokers that decided to stop using tobacco products. Some worry that it will cause people to go back to smoking and it will certainly remove a lot of the financial incentive for switching from smoking to vaping. Critics also argue that such a steep tax would lead to a black market for vaping products.

The situation in Ohio is particularly alarming because it shows a partisan shift in ecig politics. In most cases, the Democrats fight hard against electronic cigarettes while Republicans tend to back the ecig industry or at least keep an open mind about the benefits. But in this case, the Governor is a Republican, which raises suspicions that money from Big Tobacco is now enough to cause both sides of the party lines to launch a war against ecigs.

The good news is that this outrageous new tax isn’t set in stone quite yet. You can send Governor Kasich a message and let him know that you disagree with his tax proposal by calling (614) 466-3555.

Do you think we will see other states pursue massive ecig taxes per milliliter in the future?

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