Phillip Morris Releases New Tobacco Product Amid Mixed Reactions


If you were wondering, Big Tobacco is still planning on selling you tobacco; this time around, however, it may be trying to disguise it as a vape device

Business Insider is now reporting that Philip Morris International has recently launched a bid to save tobacco by hiding it within a new, alternative non-burning tobacco device. This is a far cry from vape liquids and devices because very few, if any, use actual tobacco as an ingredient for vapers. In fact, few vapers know of any product they can vape that contains tobacco leaves.

That isn’t stopping Philip Morris International, which has recently released a tobacco non-burning cigarette in the UK. This is being seen as many in the vape industry as a way to circumvent the traditional cigarette route while still providing smokers with the tobacco the industry thinks they crave.

The new device, known as Iqos, looks just like a vape device. In fact, it handles like one as well. But it still contains the tobacco plant that so many vapers are trying to avoid.

So what gives? Why is Philip Morris International pushing the Iqos in the UK?

It’s very simple: because the tobacco is heated rather than burned, Philip Morris hopes that vapers will take a chance on it and try the product out. After all, if the largest complaint against tobacco is that you have to use combustion in order for it to work, thereby releasing noxious toxins into the air and into your lungs, then heating it should be a better alternative, right

Well, it could be, but unfortunately, this has not been verified. In fact, Philip Morris International has no evidence at all that heating tobacco to the 350 degrees that it claims its products can achieve has any difference at all on the way the tobacco is introduced to the body.

It is true that the Big Tobacco company has tried to fund their own studies to show that Iqos is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes, including one in Poland in 2013, but, as the New York Times reported, the results: “showed that levels of some of the most toxic contaminants in tobacco smoke were substantially lower in users of the Iqos heat-not-burn device than in smokers, though they were somewhat higher than in those who abstained.”

The study that the New York Times reported on only lasted five days, which is not nearly long enough to measure the impact of this device, but this publication has learned that other, long-term studies are also underway.

The company is also claiming that the Iqos, which contains propylene glycol as well as tobacco, would be about 95 percent safer than traditional cigarettes, a claim already proven true in the UK for vaping, but it has yet to be confirmed by third-party researchers. This means that independent studies have not yet reached a conclusion on this and the jury is indeed still out.

This is not the first time, however, that Big Tobacco has tried to branch out with tobacco. In the 1980s, Reynolds debuted a similar product, named Premier, that cost over 300 million dollars to produce and was subsequently pulled from the market after only a few years. The reason behind the pull was simple: concerned parties considered it a wicked scheme in order to deliver harmful and addictive substances to the body.

This publication doesn’t think that Philip Morris will stop with the Iqos. The company is just testing the waters to see what you, the vaping public, thinks about the product. In time, they will try again, with a new and improved way to deliver nicotine and harmful tobacco substances to your body.

We urge you to look past the goodwill that the company is trying to sell you. We want you to understand that this company is selling you the only thing they’ve ever sold you: tobacco. Keep your mind and your eyes open, because this is just the start of the Big Tobacco silent war on vaping.

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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