Research Shows that Vaping Could Prevent Weight Gain When You Stop Smoking

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If you’ve ever tried to kick the smoking habit, you probably know that it’s easy to pack on the pounds. In fact, 80% of the people who successfully quit smoking gain weight. This is a catch 22. Often, we quit smoking to improve our health. However, obesity carries a lot of the same health risks as a smoking habit, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

One reason for the weight gain is that, by nature, nicotine is an appetite suppressant. Reducing nicotine consumption brings the hunger back, resulting in a sudden abundance of growing waistlines and love handles. Another reason for the weight gain associated with smoking cessation is that snacking is an often used a coping strategy for highly stressful experiences. Certainly, quitting smoking is incredibly stressful time.

Vaping, however, may be a viable solution for people who want to quit smoking but are concerned that they may gain weight. In a recent study, researchers examined fluctuations in body weight in a sample of subjects who switched to vaping. Encouragingly, the results showed no significant weight gain in people who had stopped smoking and began vaping. The lack of weight gain applied equally to smokers who used e-liquids in all nicotine strengths – including those who vaped nicotine free liquids. In fact, many reported that vaping made the quitting process relatively painless. It also may have boosted their confidence in their ability to actually give up the cancer sticks for good.

It is important to note that this particular study was based on a small number of women. More research is needed to better understand the link between vaping and weight gain prevention. In general, women have a tendency to put on more weight than men do when they stop smoking so further studies should focus on men who quit smoking by vaping. Additionally, the researchers cautioned people to avoid using this study to make a sweeping generalization about vaping, but the initial results are encouraging.

For now, it is impossible to say definitively that vaping will reduce weight gain during smoking sensation. However, this new research sheds light on some of the possible benefits of using vapor devices when you’re trying to kick the cigarette habit. If you’ve switched from smoking to vaping, did your weight fluctuate? We’d love to hear how your vaping habits have impacted the scale so share your story in the comments.

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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4 Responses

  1. Shawn Lawson says:

    Since I quit smoking and started vaping 3 years ago I have gained almost 80 pounds but my appetite has not increased. I don’t eat more. I started at 18 nic and now vape 0 nic. I am a 46 year old female. I just recently thought about the vaping being the cause. My doctor has done a lot of tests trying to find out what is causing it with no results. I’m getting less healthy than I was when I smoked but can’t go back now. Trying to wean off.vaping soon.

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      We are sorry to hear that Shawn but it is not the normal we have heard from most people switching. We hope your Dr can figure it out and you can be healthy! We wish you the best and thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Maryse says:

    I now being vaping for two years and I’m only at 2milagram I have gain 15pounds and not sure why I’m very active I watched what I eat so I’m not sure if the vape would do that or not.

  3. Petra says:

    I don’t know if it’s VAping or not but my body has completely changed since stopping smoking I have put on weight

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