Rush Limbaugh Explains Why Politicians are “Hell-Bent” on Wiping Out ECigs

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Rush Limbaugh is well known for his rants about liberals and his stance against big government. This week, he took on the e-cig critics and explained why so many politicians were “hell-bent on wiping them out.” Whether you agree with him on politics or not, you have to admit that his passionate defense of e-cigarettes deserves some credit.

On his March 27 radio show, Rush talked about all the negative press surrounding e-cigs recently. Many American cities are voting to ban ecigs or treat them like tobacco products, despite the fact that they release no secondhand smoke and contain no tobacco. He pointed out that picking on e-cigs is really illogical. Why is everyone working so hard to get rid of vaping while they allow dangerous cigarettes to stay readily available? “How many years have they been talking about cigarettes as killer and ruination for our children?” he said. “They never ban the product. They sell it still.”

Rush decided to look a little deeper at the motives behind ecig bans and he believes it all comes down to money. With thousands of smokers walking away from tobacco products and choosing to vape instead, cigarette sales are declining. As a result, the sales tax revenue is also dwindling and it’s hitting the government where it hurts most. While politicians act like their concern is over ecigs appealing to children, they are really more interested in protecting the tax revenue from cigarettes. If they can give e-cigs enough negative press, perhaps smokers won’t switch and the revenue will pick back up. Until they can find a way to tax e-cigarettes, they are inciting a media frenzy to discourage people from vaping.

Politicians aren’t the only ones playing dirty though. Pharmaceutical companies are also worried about e-cigs because they are completely aware that the nicotine replacement therapies like nicotine gums and Chantix cannot compete with the success rates from vaping. These drug companies have a lot to lose so they are willing to do almost anything to make e-cigs look bad, even if that means paying for biased research or twisting the facts.

Rush also highlighted the recent media arguments that e-liquids are dangerous because people could possibly drink them.  “There’s only one problem,” he said. “There’s not one recorded instance of it, because people do not drink it!” Anyone that has ever tried e-cigs understands that the mere idea of drinking e-liquid is laughable. If you’ve ever had an e-cig overflow and gotten a drop of the e-liquid on your tongue, you know that it is disgusting. People would never intentionally subject themselves to that kind of dreadful experience.

According to Rush, the whole idea of banning e-cigs is hypocritical when you consider how the media deals with other issues concerning today’s youth. “Now, we can give them ‘em condoms all day long and say, ‘Go at it!’ We can give ‘em condoms, we can send ‘em to Planned Parenthood, and that’s cool. But that e-cigarette? No way, Jose! We are gonna ram ‘em down everybody’s throat. We’re gonna cancel ‘em. We’re gonna ban ‘em. We’re gonna do whatever we can to get rid of them.”

After several minutes of railing on the media and liberals in Washington, Rush concluded his thoughts on e-cigs by saying, “This is no crisis! There is just a bunch of biased nanny, namby-pamby liberals that do not want you to enjoy yourself and want to do anything they can to control you… My point is if you want to do it (vape), go ahead! Nobody drinks the stuff. It would never occur to anybody to drink it. Nobody has. There has not even been an accidental instance of this, even among children.”

You can read the full transcript of Rush’s e-cig rant here. Do you think his involvement will help fight back against the negative press for ecigs or will this just demonize the ecig industry further? Do you think his statements about ecig critics are on target?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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