Scientists Shocked After Testing Ecig Vapor in the Lab

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Over and over again, we’ve heard public health officials argue that we simply do not have enough scientific data to be certain that electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to tobacco. But the truth is that research is abundant and every month, we have new studies that point to the truth. The latest study to hit the scenes is shaming critics and shocking public health officials with undeniable evidence that vaping is safe and effective.

The new study was published in “Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology” and showed what exactly is hiding in ecig vapor compared to the contents of cigarette smoke. Scientists ran tests on three flavors of Blu ecigs and two flavors of SKYCigs. They also tested Marlboro Golds and Lambert & Butler cigarettes. Finally, they tested the ordinary room air as a baseline to use as they compared the results.

The researchers specifically looked for 8 toxins in this study: carbon monoxide, carbonyls, phenolics, volatiles, metals, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, polyaromatic amines, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. It was no surprise that tobacco cigarette smoke was full of poisonous chemicals. But researchers were shocked to see that the toxins in ecigarette vapor were quite similar to the normal toxins found in regular room air. In fact, there was no major increase in toxins between normal air and ecig vapor.

Instead of deadly toxins, the ecig vapor only contained propylene glycol, water, and small traces of flavoring and nicotine additives. In order to register any degree of toxicity, the scientists had to use 99 puffs of an ecig to get even the tiniest measurement of 0.18 milligrams of HPHC’s. To put that in perspective, a single puff of a Marlboro Gold cigarette measured 30.6 milligrams. In a puff-to-puff comparison, the cigarettes had 2000 times more toxins than the e-cigs.

But researchers were shocked to see that the toxins in ecigarette vapor were quite similar to the normal toxins found in regular room air.

This study makes it clear that ecigs are a far better alternative for smokers. They are now scientifically proven to have harm reduction properties and there is no way that lawmakers can argue that public vaping is harmful after looking at these lab reports. The next time you hear someone complaining that public vaping is dangerous, point them to this study. Science is our number one weapon to stop critics and spread the truth about all the incredible benefits of vaping.

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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133 Responses

  1. RobC says:

    Sadly, the authors of this excellent piece of research are employees of Lorillard, the makers of Blu and tobacco cigarettes and so is void in the eyes of Tobacco Control.
    Only research bought and paid for by Pharma funding is deemed acceptable.

    • Eric says:

      The post above says pharmaceutical companies are the trusted ones. That is really funny. This is a great article, and not much different than other ones I have seen recently. Truth is our best weapon as vapers. Any law passed without just cause should be ignored. It is our duty as American citizens to ignore any law without cause. I for one will vape where and when I want unless a property owner asks me not to. I will always respect the wishes of property owners, but if I am in public, I will vape whenever the heck I want to! 🙂

      • gotsteam says:

        I’m with you on that one.

      • Chris's Norwegen says:

        Thruth is always the best weapon in any academic situation. Usually it wins every dispute.

        • gotsteam says:

          Chris, I have been saying in regard to E-cigs and vapor products lately, the truth can not be on both sides. It’s pretty obvious which side truth is on when it comes to vapor.

        • NoNeedForAName says:

          This is a matter of public policy, not academics. Truth is readily ignored when one is enslaved to the emotive.

      • Rynosaur says:

        You are confused. They aren’t saying that Pharma is most respected in their eyes, but it is the only thing that law makers will accept. If the companies not funding the campaigns of legislators don’t agree with research, then regardless of the validity of the research, law makers will continue to tout them as dangerous.

      • Matt says:

        You’re an idiot Eric and selfish. You’re going to vape around children in non ventilated rooms? You disgusting pig, you’re the reason all these laws and bans are being applied, from ignorant vapers like you, be considerate of other peoples lungs stupid, regardless of the toxicity you shouldn’t be forcing people to inhale your exhaled vapor!

        • Mike says:

          You are the reason. People that have no knowledge of the subject and fail to understand anything about it always speak negatively about the subject. You’re the same person that would have called people witches and warlocks in Salem if they were a bit smarter than you, just like now. There isn’t a logical study out YET that states vaping regularly is bad for ANYONE. The tests they show you to keep you afraid are the ones that can’t be replicated by regular e-devices, using a ridiculous amount of nicotine, and a ridiculous amount of heat. You wouldn’t know what that means cause you like to complain and only know what the media chooses to tell you.

        • jim says:

          I don’t wanna breath the air u exhale u idoit. That is what ur saying. Ur so ignorant

          • NoNeedForAName says:

            I don’t wanna breath the air u exhale u idoit. That is what ur saying. Ur so ignorant
            You do that already.

        • Eric says:

          MATT: I have been vaping around my children for over 5 years and they are hardly ever sick and just as healthy (if not more) than any other child. Do a little research into a subject before you post, otherwise you just look like an idiot. Second hand vapor has been proven to be no more harmful than breathing the air around you. In some cases the air around you is WORSE than second hand vapor. (ie sitting in a traffic jam or drive thru). So you think I am a disgusting pig? How nice of you. Get a clue and maybe you can have an intelligent conversation some day, but I doubt it.

          • Mike LA says:

            Eric,it actually sounds like you’re the unintelligent one here. For one, there are conflicting studies on the topic and you’re simply cherry picking the studies you want to hear while ignoring the ones you don’t like. More importantly however, just because a study hasn’t determined any dangerous health effects of vaping, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t exist. Instead, all it means is that they haven’t found any YET. Considering that vaping is a completely novel activity relating to important bodily organs like lungs, it will take many years to observe long term impact before someone could make such convincing conclusory statements like you did without sounding like an illogical prick. I genuinely feel sorry for your children, they clearly have a bad father.

        • rachel says:

          I think your comment is pretty ignorant! Im sure Eric isnt going to force young children to his vape clouds. I can see it, he puts them in a very small room, ties the kids up. He proceeds to put duct tapeover their little mouths, then blow the vape cloud right in thier faces.
          Do you know how stupid your comment sounds? Grow up. Its people like YOU that makes it difficult for everyone. Eric said he would vape in public. Which im sure he means outside, where he is free to roam about. You are nit-picking.

        • Bob says:

          Matt, that is ridiculous and like bitching about cooking around children in non ventilated rooms. Get over it, it is not smoke. It is heated food stuffs.

        • HIllaryClintonHater says:

          I guess you didn’t read the article you idiot. Vaping is proved to not be harmful scientifically, so yes Eric can vape wherever he likes. It’s stupid people like you that almost got an idiot like Hillary Clinton voted for president. It’s also because of people like you that theirs idiot out there rioting about stupid crap and causing vandalism just because you guys didn’t get your way. Instead of dissing e-cigs think of the benefit it did for those who are hooked on cigarettes and were able to slowly wain their selves off nicotine. When using an e-cig you can lower the levels of nicotine until your vaping with none at all. Isn’t that great. Only people who like to complain like to get online and post their stupid opinions. Most of them being Hillary voters.

        • Jamie says:

          You have to have a good genuine reason to think something is dangerous before you start protecting people from it. Do you shield your kids from cellphone transmition? From radio waves? From exhaust in the city? From food colourings?

          This is superstitious. Proof of harm, then protection. Not protection from anything that might be dangerous (which could be almost anything).

      • 513vaper says:

        What a disrespectufl comment. I dont even bring my vape into most public places or into peoples house. And i say this not due to anything related to whatever toxins it may have. This is COMMON COURTESY! That is a childish hoodlum attitude of “i don’t care, i do what i want”. People may have allergies or not like the smell, or be made to feel uncomfortable by it. Just because you like it doesnt make it ok to put everyone around you into a potentially uncomfortable or dangerous situation. Its attitudes like that that have normal everyday people against vaping anywhere in public. Outdoors and not in a crowd sure whatever. But if you are like the idiots that sit around in places like the mall and blow huge clouds everywhere just because you can, you are simply being rude and disrespectful. It may not be toxic but that doesnt make it right.

        • vaper 5134 says:

          so it’s rude to breathe at all in public places now that may be dangerous to every person on the planet now that was stupid who hates the smell of apples or blueberry even people who have allergies to dose dont get a reaction you know just a bit of an itchy through and thats when vaping it them selfs not the vapor thats already been inhaled so i believe there will be no reaction what so ever.vapor is as harmful as the air around you and there is pleanty of research about it. i doubt a cloud chaser will blow as much smoke as he/she can in a shop or tube there will obviously be people who will complain but the normal tanks that you dont make much more smoke than a normal cig i would smoke it everywhere even shops still refrain from tube though

        • Jamie says:

          And yet people apply deoderant and perfume without considering whether people like the smell or have allergies. What a bunch of a-holes. lol.

      • Gartex says:

        Same Here, Agreed On That Cheers!

      • Mary says:

        Me as well. I was vaping in Kohls at Christmas time and was told I could not vape in store because it was company policy. I then put up my ecig while in store.

      • Lori says:

        As do I.

    • Karthik says:

      But the Surgeon general’s reports are credible and without any conflict of interest although he has received millions of dollars in research funding from big pharma over decades and is on the advisory board of a few?

      Almost all of the research that’s published by the FDA and cited by the lawmakers are funded by either big tobacco or big pharma. Now where’s the absence of conflict of interest in that?

    • SteveR says:

      Totally agree with you, speaking as someone who vapes, i just dont trust these finding, what you will find they are doing is priming the market for when the EU bans all open tank systems and all we are left with are ecigs from big tobacco blu and sky being two of them. They are fixing the findings just like they did with tobacco studies 50 odd years ago to say that was safe too. These findings are bought and paid for by the tobacco industry as they get ready to flood the market with them next year when the EU bans vaping as we know it now. As per usual, money talks and we will all be prisoners to the big tobacco companies, if they cant get us one way, they will get us another, Surely people didnt think they would just roll over. nope they are controlling the ecig industry, or will do eventually.

    • Mr M says:

      ..and right at the end..

      Conflicts of interest
      The company for which the study authors work and the companies that manufacture the e-cigarettes tested for this study are owned by the same parent company.

  2. tammy says:

    @RobC It is customary for the makers of a product or drug to pay for the testing of said product or drug to prove it. It is required for all FDA regulated products. Just because the scientists who did the study get a paycheck to be scientists and do their job (aka, make a living) does not prove their integrity is compromised. In science there is a whole peer review thing going on, that is a bunch of other scientists just dying to prove another’s study wrong. If a study passes peer review, you can be assured it is not false or compromised in any way. That is science.

    in the other hand, this is great news. I quit the stinkies march 2014, my one year being smoke free thanks to vape.

    • Cira says:

      Clearly you’ve never done any research on Aspartame then and the “testing” it received.

      • Bobby says:

        Don’t drink diet coke then. Aspartame is a sugar used in diet coke. Silly people.

        • SteveR says:

          I think you will find that Aspartame is not just in diet coke, but you will find it in most everything, Aspartame is one of the most poisonous substances they allow in our food, and they know it, they try to hide it by changing its name to Amino sweet so if you think its just in diet stuff, think again,

          • vaper 5134 says:

            wow wow wow wait a sec there are different types one that are harmful and ones that are not aspartame in vape is toxic when its a dry hit and people don’t vape dry hits because you cough from them it’s a defensive reaction when it’s normal vaping conditions the wick is saturated in liquid the so called toxic thing is not because it’s in such low levels it’s tocix when it reaches a certain level also it does not stay in your lungs like tar and such you exhale it completely.

  3. Joe says:

    written right in the study (if you had read it)

    “Does this mean e-cigarette vapor is about as safe as air? Not quite, since we don’t know the long-term respiratory effects of inhaling the glycerin or propylene glycol that delivers nicotine into vapers’ lungs. But whatever those effects are, it is safe to say they will not compare to the effects of smoking.”

    Silly sheep!

    • Steve says:

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for at least taking the time to peruse the article and the additional time to comment. However, your statement that we do not know the long term respiratory effects of inhaling propylene glycol is inaccurate.

      “For 73 years we have known the effects of inhaling propylene glycol. – The propylene glycol itself was a potent germicide. One part of glycol in 2,000,000 parts of air would – within a few seconds – kill concentrations of air-suspended pneumococci, streptococci, and other bacteria numbering millions to the cubic foot.”

    • Rod says:

      Hey Joe, do you actually think that is pure air that you are breathing when you are out in public?? And it is a proven fact that the quality of indoor air is far worse than outside. Anytime you are walking around outside in the “fresh air” you are breathing in toxic chemicals from automobiles and businesses.
      Do some research, bro. Propylene Glycol and glycerin have been in a ton of food and products that we have used for decades. Tooth paste, shampoo/conditioner, ice cream, cake icing and the list is 60 miles long. Don’t believe me? Go look it up. Get educated. You are already ingesting these “chemicals” in some form or another.

      • Jordy says:

        Ingesting and inhaling are two totally different things. Cutwood changed their recipe for unicorn milk after realizing this same issue. Some things that are GRAS by the FDA are not necessarily safe for inhalation. However, “Steve” has a good point. We’ve used propylene glycol as an anti-bacterial in hospitals for years, though it is in much fewer parts per million, so in a way, Joe is correct as well.

        • JoeG says:

          Cuttwood changed the recipe for unicorn milk because the idiot was using titanium dioxide (a WELL known inhalation hazard) for coloring purposes.

          That was an egregious lapse in due diligence which even the most superficial of googling would have revealed.

    • George W says:

      actully the affects of inhaling propylene glycol is is known, as well as the long term affects of it. If you know someone with asthma, well they are inhaling PG every time they use their inhaler as PG is the propellant used. That and hospitals for over 70 years use it in their AC units to filter the air, so every time you step into a hospital you are inhaling PG as well. The flavorings, well, if that was going to hurt anyone that would have happened by now since food flavorings used in baking has gone on for at least 40 years. Only leaves the VG to the unknown, unless someone knows other wise. So Joe really does not know what he is talking about.

      • Bill LaRue says:

        VG is the main component used in fog machines used at rock concerts and clubs since the 40’s or 50’s. So most Americans have all ready inhaled it with no known effects.

    • roy bradley says:

      SO Joe how about 2 yrs heavy vaping from a copd patient would you believe what I say and have doctors proof?

      • Herman Forstmann says:

        I would, because I AM a COPD patient, and I vape, too. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to cut the cord with tobacco just yet, but I can swear on it that vaping is MUCH easier on my lungs.

        • Scorched earth says:

          Have you heard of whole tobacco alkaloid , or WtA, eliquid? It might help, Please Google it!

          • Herman Forstmann says:

            I am pleased to say that I have now been tobacco free for almost 10 months! I still vape, but I have no urge to smoke a cigarette anymore. Thank you for your suggestion, though i did not see it before!

    • Garth Haughn says:

      Propylene Glycol was developed in the 1930’s by the American Government. Dr Charles Richard Drew, the man that developed Blood Transfusion and storage during the World Wars did the earliest studies. Lab rats were tested in 100% saturation and the side effect was obesity. It is absorbed in the lings and turned into sugar. Vegetable Glycerin is also turned into sugars. Tests were also done with flu virus. group one got virus alone. Group 2 got virus and pg vapour. All the rats in virus died and the ones in pg and virus lived. Vapourized pg has been used in Barracks, hospitals, Orphanges, Restaurants etc to control upper respiratory diseases ever since. My disabled son had asthma and got bad colds usually twice a year. Since I started vaping at home his asthma cleared up and he hasn’t had a cold or flu. That’s over the last 3 years. Sorry opponents. The research has been done and done by the same governments that are now trying to have it strangled into obscurity. For once in your lives do your own research instead of believing Honest Bob the Politician or CEO.

    • Marcia says:

      Propylene glycol is used in asthma inhalers prescribed for children.

    • Jamie says:

      PG is used in asthma respirators. It’s been in peoples lungs for a long time. Glycerin is also added to combustion cigarettes (albiet in smaller volumes). Vaping is essentially a combination of pre-existing things. It’s not entirely novel.

  4. Adam says:

    exhaling any type of smoke or vapor will contain saliva and mucous .

  5. Mark Davis says:

    I smoked cigarettes and pumped high volumes of toxins into the air for fourty years. I heard about ecigs and started vaping instead of smoking in February of 2010. I vaped nicotine for two years and then no nic. for two years. I haven’t really even used any of my ecigs in the last year ( though I still have a large pile of gear and home made liquid)
    Ecigs helped me break my addiction to cigarettes when nothing else I had tried could. If REAL studies were done I’m sure they would find ecigs to be the most effective aid to smoking cessation by far.

  6. Amelia says:

    Here is a real study from the New England Journal of Medicine that found Hidden Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      Hi Amelia… we wrote an article about that at the time it was published… he’s my view on things:

    • chopdoc says:

      Amelia, did you actually read the study? It takes a minimum of 5 volts to get formaldahyde releasing agents to appear. Also they used 50 ml of ejuice to obtain the readings of formaldahyde releasing agents and compared that to a smoker who smoked a pack of cigarette. Now I dont know about you but on average I use around 7 ml of juice a day and never vape at 5 volts. My EGO batteries are 3.8 volts and my mech mods 18650 batteries are 4.2 volts. Maybe a total of half a percent of the vaping community are able to reach 5 volts for vaping so in effect, this study is a moot point for vaping.

    • vaper 5134 says:

      thats bull go on youtube ry4 vaping radio now that is worth hearing out exactly refering to this false testing which normal vapers wont do

  7. Ken Wenman says:

    Left a statement on Facebook, I believe… If this goes to the article support I just read, yes, I’ve done tons of research on ecigs too. I found what all this article says to be accurate too. Minors, stay away from nicotine, and don’t put that or alcohol into a growing body, and mind. When you are 18, and 21, you may then choose! I vape now and have some neat flavors of ejuices, cut back on cigarettes by half, plus save $70.00/month now. I may try to go vaping all the way in the future. Most of all, Americans have the right to freely choose nicotine, or alcohol if they like. Whether it be wine, beer, hard alcohol, cigars, pipes, cigarettes, OR vaping! LEAVE US ALONE, WE ALL HAVE RIGHTS TO CHOOSE AS AMERICANS. LEAVE AMERICA AMERICA!!!

  8. thomas says:

    The end of this article says “spread the truth about the incredible benefits of vaping.” Being that it says benefits, the end of the article implies that there is more than one benefit. Can someone tell me some of the other benefits, besides vaping being an extremely helpful aid to people who want to quit smoking?

    • Eliza Little says:

      I use zero nicotine to help me with obesity . Diet pills that are proscribed have dangerous side effects. Instead of reaching for a sweet I pick up my Vape. In the last 6 months I am down 35 pounds! Safely! Diabetics could possibly also use this device to curb their urge for sweets.

      • thomas says:

        That is a great idea Eliza! Thanks for replying. I have some friends who want to quit smoking and have tried vaping, they liked it, but eventually they put the vape down and went back to smoking. I’m just trying to find more benefits that will give some extra motivation for them to get their vap sticks back out.

        • Gary says:

          E-cigs like blu and cheaper knockoffs didn’t give me feeling of enough smoke. I also went back to smoking. Got a mech mod that I run at 3.8v 20w and now only smoke about 7 cigs a day instead of 2 packs

        • Mike says:

          If they go back to smoking, its cause they failed to do the research. They need to purchase more expensive e-devices to produce the throat hit they are looking for. You can’t buy a $20 ecig and expect results.

          • lullllllllz says:

            ….Really? Anybody that didn’t like vaping over tobacco just didn’t spend enough money? You’re.. You’re seriously saying that? I know that FOR YOU research was apparently all it takes (well, that and pumping money in until you feel fulfilled anyway), but most people will have what’s typically referred to as “Personal Taste”. Being as it’s apparently a foreign concept to you, I’ll break it down real quick. People like things. Different people like different things. People do not get to choose the things they like. And that’s it, that’s the whole concept. So while your personal taste may be influenced by nothing but information and money (though I’m still failing to grasp how those 2 factors could possibly determine what your mind will and will not find enjoyable), most people will just skip to the results. No matter what the research says or what you THINK about it, it won’t change how you FEEL towards tobacco or vaping. I THINK vaping is all but a miracle option for smokers who wish to no longer be smokers, but i don’t FEEL it can fully replace tobacco in my life at this point in time. Do I want it to? Yes. But what I WANT doesn’t mean a god damned thing. It IS what it IS, it FEELS how it FEELS, and those are both independent of what either you or I THINK. Understand?

            Oh, wait, you’re right. CLEARLY I just need to go buy a $250 box mod and read some more articles about why vaping makes me so much better than everybody else. My mistake.

          • Cobbs says:

            yes this is completely false, I bought a mod and an ecig, the mod just produces way to much smoke and burns through way to much juice, like with that I can vape through 30ml a day easily, I dont want to take up vaping as i HATE vape culture, just purely for quitting smoking, and I prefer the e-cigarette pen styles over the hard hitting mods and rda’s. I find with 9mg juice and get either a plain or light tobacco flavor I can smoke it just like a cigarette and it feels/tastes like I am smoking. I find most people dont like it at first because the most important thing is learning how to properly take a hit without it burning or tasting like shit. If someone would oof explained to me how to do it proper I would of probably picked it up quicker, cause I was really turned off of it at first for that reason..

        • vaper 5134 says:

          try taking them a tank and a mod with wattage control that really help the flavour

    • Ron L says:

      Another benefit is your cost of life insurance is substantially better vs being a smoker as companies such as Prudential Life are learning the real truth to the benefits of vaping.

    • Stacey says:

      I work in a vape shop and I have customers come in everyday that tell me that when smoking cigarettes they were on inhalers for asthma and also bronchitis coughs… many have told me that they are off inhalers and coughs are gone after turning to vaping. Health has gone up for many.

    • Mike says:

      Lots of people use it to curb appetite and help with weight loss.

    • NoNeedForAName says:

      Air quality in my city isn’t great. My physician states 1 in 4 individuals have some severity of a post-nasal drip. In my case, the constant flow of mucus down the back of my throat, to my lungs & the endless pressure on my sinuses left me, on some days, to wake w/ what could otherwise be described as a migraine.

      My high PG vaping helps me manage that. No prescriptions required. YMMV.

  9. Josh Adams says:

    It was only a matter of time before a good report like this came out, but the government here in the UK won’t listen, they want to regulate them to get a cut of the revenue.

    • edward says:

      Why u wnt to defend the vapor ? You know tht vapor can cause ur lungs in dangerous. U know tht in our lungs got bronkiol and alveolus. I know tht the vapor got chemical food in it. But it got the thicker smoke in the vapor. Can u just think abt it ? I thnk tht u defend the vapor just bcs u is a smoker. In the vapor it got some nicotine rght?

      • Mike says:

        You need to look up some actual information and stop spewing randomness to people when you have no clue. There is literally NO truth inany sentence you typed. Also, everyone doesn’t use juice with nicotine in it. I have been vaping 0mg juice for 5+ years.

      • 513vaper says:

        There is vapor in the air constantly… You know one major part of the water cycle is eVAPORation. You cant expect such a ridiculously broad statement to have truth. Without vapor (from evaporation of water from streams puddles oceans and whatnot) we would have no clouds or rain.

        You may want to read what your typing as well. Vapor dose not have smoke in it, it has vapor! Smoke comes from combustion, vapor from the evaporation of a liquid.

      • vaper 5134 says:

        you are clearly dumb just from the way you write people can see it mate go back to school and learn english then do some research and come back bye bye

      • Brian says:

        Me thinks this has to be a POE. Something this non-sensical, poking fun at how the average willfully ignorant public may think about hazards of vaping.

  10. Carolyn chamberlain says:

    Finally quit smoking 6 months ago. Thanks vapurs!

  11. Vape Nation says:

    Chopdoc nailed it on the head. The average vaper will never get close to 5 volts, let alone vape anything more than 7-10 ml per day. The thing that the governments don’t seem to realize is as a community, vapers are doing their own research, their own studies, with credible parties involved.

    The planet is full of companies and individuals that want to see big tobacco/main stream cessation products lose some of it’s market share because big tobacco harms and smoking cessation products don’t work.

    Vaping is viable for so many reasons and it’s here to stay!

    • Bobby says:

      Big corporations and government here in the uk and abroad are reeling because if the share price of big tobacco goes down so do the pension etc investments for the future. Same goes for war. Keeps all the investment in weapons rolling in. Can’t stop that now can we.

  12. Grocetti says:

    Just to clarify a few things, voltage is not a quantifiable measurement for toxin release. Resistance is necessary to at least quantify power, which in itself doesn’t map directly to temperature. Toxins are produced relative to temperature, so regulate that. Problem solved.

  13. Tucker says:

    i started vaping about a month ago I use the vape with 18nic. I didn’t start vaping to quit smoking completely but did it so inside my house and vehicle my kids didn’t have to smell it or breathe it in. Now I can’t stand to smoke a stinky cig every time I try and light one I throw it down. So the e cig helped me a lot I don’t just save money but also instead of my kids getting in my vehicle saying it stinks they ask what smell am I using that day. So I believe that a e cig is a great alternative to tobacco instead of walking around and having all or the nasty smells of the real world. When someone is vaping you are really giving everyone a pleasant air freshener lol. Just my opinion …

  14. sarahvapes says:

    I have been vaping for 5 months (163 days). I started vaping because I wanted to quit smoking. I smoked for 19 years. I actually started smoking when I was 9 years old. I was trying to be cool like my older brothers. I tried the patches to quit smoking and found out i am allergic to them and the adhesive. I tried the phone chain but every time I went out with friends I got drunk and started smoking again. I even tried hypnosis. that was a totally waste of money. I went to my doctors and had him proscribe me the medication. I took the welburtin and it worked some what but i was still smoking and still had the urges so bad. I was at work and there was a transferred coworker from California outside standing there vaping. He was cloud chasing and I was expecting the cloud to be smoke so when it floated my way I took a deep breath thinking it would be a nice sneak of smoke. To my surprise it was Marilyn from the juice Pin Up Girls. It was so pleasant I had to ask him what that was. He told me all about vaping and that I should start out small until I got used to it and he pointed me in the direction of the local B&M. I went home that day told my husband and we both said ok we are going down to the B&M “just to look”. That day we went down and bought our first vape mod. We started out on the MVP 2.0 with a bottle of juice each. we also pinned up the rest of our stinky stix to the wall of shame in the B&M. I have not smoked a stinky since. I feel wonderful and I have dropped from 18 nic down to 6nic. I am now cloud chasing like the guy from California. each day I make it my goal to talk at least one person into checking out vaping for themselves. I guess what I am trying to say is if it was as bad as what the big tobacco companies say then why would it work so well and why would it be a threat to the big tobacco companies.
    My 18 year old son has had asthma since birth. He got his first vape for his bday and just last week he went to the doc and they said his asthma is improving and his lungs are healing in a rapid rate. he told the doc that he is now vaping and his doc said well what ever your doing it is healing your lungs and making your asthma almost not existent.

  15. jacob says:

    wheres this famous “study”? I see a link to another page that TALKS about the study, and lists it’s sources as magazines, which also TALK about the study. Who did the study? Where are the stats? How do I know this phantom source is trusted? Ppl believe because it’s blabbed out in big paragraphs by someone with big words. Vaping is a stupid fad, and any time I need to stop what im doing so I can hold a giant flute to my mouth, is a giant inconvenience. Anyway, oh ya, I call BS.

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      Sorry to hear you struggled to find it from our credited sources, I’ve updated the article to point directly to the study this morning:

    • joey z says:

      haha giant flute.

    • JimmyS says:

      Looks like someone is trolling…

    • Joe w says:

      While I agree with you that the studies and data should be readily available. I don’t know how vaping is more of a pain in the butt than smoking. When I started vaping it seemed to be more work than it was worth, but I was very wrong. It’s a lot easier to fill a tank once or twice a day than to go to the store every day and spend 6-7 bucks. Then there was the lighter. I lost a lighter about every week due to “bicing”. Then there was going outside and secluding yourself from people, sometimes having to walk a good ways to get away. Vaping is just the healthier, easier, and more pleasant alternative!

  16. chris says:

    I have tried everything to quit smoking… Vaping works for me, I bodybuild but have noticed my cardio is so much better at the gym which in turn has helped me with lifting.
    I could vape in between sets on the bench, it just wouldn’t look right. Broke personal best last week 150kg for 3 reps.

  17. Alicia says:

    My mom was a heavy smoker for 30+ and found out in January that she has stage 3 cancer. She immediately quit smoking and started vaping and I truly believe it has saved her life. For this reason, I decided to open an online vapor store to help inspire others to quit as well. These studies are absolutely ridiculous and the one thing that stands behind all of the debate is…MONEY! Until the FDA can prove that vapes are deadly and cancer-causing, I will stand behind my products!

  18. Bill says:

    I have no skin in this game. I have never smoked. And I am neutral on eCigs. I would like for them to be safe, because anything that helps people get off of cigarettes is a good thing. My mother was a two pack a day smoker much of her life, and she died in agony of lung cancer over a 6 week period. If someone bombed a cigarette company I would cheer the bomber.

    But this study was funded by the company that makes the Blu. So I would not trust it. Not any more than I trusted the studies put out by the evil cigarette companies in the past that claimed cigarettes were OK. When money is involved, the liars come out. Let’s see some studies put out by neutral sources.

  19. peter roberts says:

    i don’t need officials to tell me vapping is better than smoking my wife and myself have packed up smoking for over 3yrs thanks to vaping and both feel great. its all about money and taxes we are both in our sixtes if we can do it u can good luck

  20. Kim says:

    i smoked cigs for twenty years until I finally quit in 2011 thanks to ecigs! I smoked them for two years with nicotine and gradually weened myself down to zero by year three.. I switched to vape after that and eventually stopped all together. Haven’t craved or had the urge to even look for my ecigs In months. So I’d say it’s a much better alternative to smoking and the best way to quit completely!!

  21. Clark says:

    Of course we all know the long term effect of breathing just air…eventually, you will die.

  22. Kalel says:

    What’s medical journal link? I need this to confirm. It doesn’t matter if if I don’t have a published artical.

  23. Angie says:

    I quit smoking with a vape. All I can say is that it worked for me and my husband! Say what you want, but I feel 100% better now!

  24. Derekpl says:

    Well that’s funny. This peer reviewed article from says the complete opposite. It even states that E cigs are only going to get safer with time and flaw corrections.

  25. Daniel says:

    While e-cig vapors may contain less toxins than traditional cigarette smoke, please keep in mind that if you go with a formulation containing nicotine, that is still a drug proved to be harmful to the body. Then again so is caffeine. So vape at your own risk.
    Personally I quit smoking 4 years ago and I know how difficult it is. So if someone chooses e-cig as a safer alternative, I won’t hold it against them.

  26. KSP says:

    I’d like to see how this compares to the ‘research’ conducted in this link

    Which states the presence of high levels of formaldehyde

    Who do we trust? Not that I’m one to comment, I’m still on real cigarettes. But can anyone blame me when nobody can agree on what a safe alternative is?

    • Mike says:

      I’m laughing so hard at that article. The article has absolutely no credible anything. Its all random speculation.

  27. Elaine says:

    At 67 years old I was diagnosed with COPD and was given 2 years to live if I didn’t quit smoking. That very day I went online and ordered my V2 vaping kit. I have not had a cigarette since then ! I am checked every year and my doctor is amazed! He has stated that my COPD has no cure…but my lungs have improved so much that he now said I now have a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years!! I am going to be 71 in a few weeks and I have never felt so good. Have not missed cigarettes at all since I quit! My V2 e-cigarette has saved my life. I have even dropped down in the amount of nicotine I vape. And for the record…I smoked 1 1/2 packs of cigs all day for over 50 years! No one is in harms way with me vaping. There is no smoke…just vapor.

  28. mike nicholls says:

    I have used e cigs for two years , going off my own experience , yes it gets you off the dreaded cigs , but and this is not from an experiment , my joints are sore , my throat sometimes has difficulty in swallowing food , my eyes are sore and dry , so there is more to e cigs than they are letting on , yes I like using them and would,nt go back to cigs but just take note of your own body and don’t listen to scientists ,

  29. Michael says:

    While on active duty i smoked almost 2 packs a day, once moving back home i was diagnosed with asthma and bronchitis within my first month. I finally kicked it and have never felt better. I havent had to touch my inhaler since i started vaping. And now that im breathing better i can finally start excerising again without problems. Now to lower my mic levels and eventually stop all together, but for now my doctor is content with my vaping to the point that it is not mentioned on a regular basis.

  30. Nadine says:

    I smoked a pack a day for about 10 years. I started vaping a week ago, and already my smokers cough is almost nonexistent and I am not as out of breath as much as I was. I smoked 2 cigarettes the day I started using my vape pen and only one the next day! That is incredible! The only thing that has helped me quit in the past was when I was pregnant with my daughter. I am truly grateful for ecigs!

  31. stuart says:

    Vaping is a real game changer – it is by a massive margin the best way for smokers to quit
    when it really takes off – smoking as we know it will stop completely

  32. Woops says:

    The research study states that normal cigarettes contain “1500 times more harmful and potentially harmful constituents…” but this article says 2000. Not sure if a typo or just rounding up or what? Also, the HPHC intake of cigarettes wasn’t 30.6mg PER puff, but the sum of the 99 puffs. I don’t know if anyone else noticed these discrepancies between the article and the study? I mean, sure, the e-cigs are less harmful than cigarettes, but you don’t need to exaggerate data to prove that if the research is sound.

  33. Rebecca Payne says:

    There will always be propaganda about any kind of smoking. After all it is a nasty habit that I wish I had never picked up. Can’t blame non-smokers for hating it. They just do not and will never understand the addiction. Good for them because I don’t wish the effects of smoking on anyone. They could pipe down a bit though since they just don’t get it.

    This is a journey that is often upset by non-smokers discouragements. They don’t understand how much better e-cigs are than cigarettes. So they make comments not understanding that many of us CAN NOT quit cold turkey. It’s just not going to happen so they should just relax and allow us to continue our journey. If they want a smoke free world it is not going to happen overnight.

    I still cringe when I hear people say “Well e-cigs are not good either”. Well duh! As if we don’t know that. Please do educate us .:( After all, we have been smokers for years and they think we know nothing about the effects. lol. Hello! We smokers live it everyday so we really don’t need your input and shaming. Vaping is our way of stopping the harmful effects of smoking. Harmful or not it is much safer. And I am proof of that.

    The results of swapping to e-cigs has been nothing but positive for me. Since I started using e-cigs I feel better. I HAD copd which is actually getting better. I do not smell like smoke and my lung x-rays are much clearer. I started with 16 percent nicotine juice and now am at 4. I hope to be at zero soon and then quit altogether. This is how I must quit.It is the only thing that has worked. Non-smokers should be grateful we have found a less harmful solution to quitting.

  34. Adam says:

    Everyone’s got there opinions about vaping but I think vaping is better I started doing it 2 months ago and never picked up a cigarette again.

  35. Ray William says:

    E Cig are the best replacements for Cigarettes. I have been using one of them and have never touched the cigarettes again.

  36. Kat Johnson Drippin Duchess says:

    I would love to see more research on other devices that are not owned by tobacco companies and more up to date devices in this industry tested…. It seems that the ones with the biggest wallets gets all the research. How about trying to test whats mostly on my market today? I would be definitely interested in more articles upon those natures as well. I also want to point out that I am not bashing this company and or this article. I think it’s rather decent but, I would like to see a more updated approach… I’ve been through many devices over my 8 years of vaping and learn new things everyday. Never stop learning but also never stop pushing for things to be better..

  37. anita says:

    I started vaping 2 yes ago after my husband constantly complained about the smell of regular cigs. Since then he nor my children have any complaints. They love the smell of my vap. I use mostly cinnamon flavors as that’s what I like. I started out on 14 mg and I’m now down to 4 mg. My dad was a 2 pack a day person for over 30 yrs and I got him into vaping last year. He couldn’t be happier. His lungs have improved and so has his breathing. It has been they only thing I found that made it easy to quit regular cigs. I will never go back.

  38. Jeri Moore says:

    Can you provide any referencing to these studies? Where are the results published? Is it PEER reviewed information you speak of here? What are the journal reference lisings? You barely speak of the researchers, who are they? Where Do They eork? What are their Specialties? Are these researchers accredited?

  39. Eric says:

    I am a child of the 70’s my mom and grandmother both smoked in the car with me in the car and I had severe asthma. I was even hospitalized a few times when I was really young. My mom or grandmother would roll down the window about an inch to vent the smoke, yet somehow I survived and am now almost 45. We are always so worried about the Children, oh the poor children, we must shelter them from every bump, bruise, and protect their ego at all cost, give me a fucking break. All of us managed to survive.

  40. Mike says:

    My farts are more harmful to your health than the “food-grade” vapors I exhale. JS

  41. bix curtis says:

    I am a 1940s boy I didn’t smoke my first cig until I was18 but in my late twenties,thirties and forties I was an hgv lorry driver and was smoking 60 a day,it kept me calm and instead of a meal I had a fag,i was invited to a mans health clinic and as usual the question how many when I told her she nearly had a fit and said you must stop I said ok and she said when so I gave her my cigs and lighter and have not had one for 40 years now,if you are going to pack it up do it not stick something else in your mouth to replace it I don’t knock people for smoking I just cannot understand why they are all walking around with these little tubes in their mouths making much more smoke than I used to,i was amazed the other day and watched a chap walking along with half a pencil in his mouth and puffing on it like a cig,since I packed it up I have been fit and am living to quite an old age,i had an uncle who was a desert rat in the war he started smoking senior service when he was eleven and when he had leukaemia at 93 I asked him if he was going to stop smoking to which he replied bloody hitler could not kill me so these wont,he passed away at 96 so there are fors and against smoking.

  42. Tracy says:

    I trust the New Scientist, doesn’t say, however, which 2 vapes they used for the testing. Interesting, unbiased (?) read. I’ve only been vaping 3 days and haven’t even craved a conventional cigarette (with the hope to give up e-vapes eventually) In my opinion, it can only better. With regards to passive vaping the opinions on here are ridiculous and people should be supporting those who are actively making an effort to make major lifestyle changes instead of denegrating the said efforts.

  43. okenwa ajuluchukwu says:

    I want anti toothpaste vapour taste

  44. Leah says:

    I for one would rather take my chances on vaping and not smoke cigarettes which we know for sure causes Cancer. In comparison I’d rather even catch pneumonia than Cancer. It’s people’s ignorance trying to ban vaping for those who wanna quit smoking safely and there’s a hell of a lot more evidence pointing to vaping being safer than cigs not to mention the fact that I’m sure it is putting a big dent in cigarette sales so sure that pisses them off enough to try and outlaw vaping!

  45. T. says:

    Sadly to say, it’s about the money; and big pharma. If cig sales go down, so does state revenue and money cig companies are required to pay.

    The two main ingredients in E Juice vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. What is being misconstrued by public is that propylene glycol is dangerous to vape, why is it one of the ingredients in respiratory treatments such as Albuterol, in order to reduce respiratory problems?

    I don’t think I’ve had a cold in the last 4 years, since I have been vaping.

    Hello? In the UK it’s considered a safe smoking cessation device.

    I work in clinical medicine, and we are not allowed to either smoke or Vape on the property. But in my car or at home, ivape as I wish.

    And lastly we’re going to vape regardless if you like it or not! You are going to want to either listen or not to, either of the case I don’t really care. I neither seek your approval nor require your validation!

  46. Lily Rich says:

    I went on this website desperate to find evidence that vaping is bad, but right when I clicked on it, there were tons of vaping ads! Like why would you create a website that is talking about how bad vaping is and then buy ads about vaping! Please change this!!!

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      The ads support our site and we provide the true evidence that vaping isn’t bad. If you’re looking for confirmation bias, you should look somewhere else. I’m not sure where you got the impression that we have an agenda against vaping.

  47. manly woman says:


  48. jones leton says:


  49. PJ Brown says:

    From the haze left in the air in my home from my husband’s ecig, I call B.S. on this study. Water vapor is just that … vapor. And vapor dissipates quickly. It doesn’t linger and pour out of the house when the door to the outside is opened. I’m on a mission to find out what exactly I AM breathing in day in and day out.

  50. wwvape says:

    It has been simply incredibly generous with you to provide openly what exactly many individuals would’ve marketed for an ebook to end up making some cash for their end, primarily given that you could have tried it in the event you wanted.

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