Should You Be Worried About Nicotine Addiction From Vaping?

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A new study is causing growing concern that electronic cigarettes could lead to stronger nicotine addiction than regular cigarettes. In most cases, people begin using ecigs as a way to reduce the risks of smoking, but are they trading one problem for another?

The alarming study was published earlier this month in the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal. After testing 17 ecig brands, the researchers found that nine contained nicotine in its most addictive form. Najat Salibu, an analytical chemistry professor from American University of Beirut, led the study and he said that nicotine levels were not always consistent with the labels when tested in a lab.

Salibu claimed that ecigs could in fact be more addictive than tobacco cigarettes because the “free-base” nicotine is absorbed directly into the body. “Products with very high nicotine delivery may make quitting e-cigs particularly difficult should users decide to try,” he said.

Not everyone is so convinced that Salibu’s perspective is accurate. Chris Snowdon, director of Lifestyle Economics, said that ecigs are still a good option to reduce health risks associated with smoking. “The whole point of tobacco harm reduction is to give people a substitute for the think they are addicted to,” he said. “Opiates are also addictive, which is why we give people methadone instead of heroin. It is not about addiction, it is about health, and nicotine is not damaging to health.”

Snowdon argued that ecigs are dramatically safer than using tobacco products and nicotine is really not a major concern from a health standpoint. Cigarettes are lethal because they contain tobacco, not because of nicotine. “Not only is nicotine not damaging to health but over a billion people worldwide enjoy using it, and so if a product can deliver nicotine without delivering cancer it should be seen as a very welcome development.”

So far, no studies have proven that ecigs cause any long-term health damage. In fact, current studies have shown that ecigs help smokers quit and they are not a gateway to traditional tobacco use. Despite what the mainstream media is printing in their attempts to draw traffic and create a lot of hype, ecigs are not the enemy. In fact, vaping offers a lot of smokers an escape from decades of tobacco addiction.

Are you concerned about nicotine addiction? Do you feel like you are more addicted to nicotine since you switched to e-cigarettes?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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16 Responses

  1. J Ervin Bates says:

    I was a 28-year smoker, with more than a pack a day habit. I began vaping in the 2nd week of July, 2014 and quit on July 20, 2014. I began vaping at 24 nic, and I now use 6 nic in the tank and 3 nic on the dripper and in my sub tank. This ‘study’ is just more garbage ‘science’, designed to scare people away from vaping. Hmmmm…..wonder if big tobacco or big pharma are involved here????

    • Dee says:

      Probably a little of both, most of society is afraid of what they don’t take the time to understand and the cigarette companies are most definitely worried, I mean if everyone starting vaping, how would they pay for their million dollar homes and fancy cars, lol?

    • Louise says:

      Eeeek I’m sure I’m going wrong somewhere, been off roll ups for nearly 2 Weeks. Got a vapo pen and 3 6mg liquids locally sourced and still got 1 liquid left,having a wine and struggling !!!!!

  2. Jess says:

    I don’t think so, i used to smoke 20 a day. A week after i began vaping my breathing got easier (I was unfit walking up stairs!) and i started to smell how horrible cigarettes were! Now i’m vaping people around me don’t mind the smell and i don’t have the horrible ash breath!

    • Carrie says:

      I agree. I’m now 31 and started smoking around 16. I tried quitting with patches, etc. but couldn’t. I’ve been vaping for 2 weeks now and can easily go without real cigarettes. The hardest part was breaking the routine of smoking cigarettes. Besides the annoying bits of charging a mod I’ve grown to enjoy it and can see my addiction to cigarettes slipping away…. finally! I can also breath again. What skinny girl has trouble taking deep breaths?!? Smoking was starting to tear me apart. I’m starting to feel so much better. Tabacco companies spread a lot of “fears” bc they are now losing money to all the people switching to vaping to lead healthier lives. Hell bc of Tabacco companies you can even sample juices at vape shops! Nuts!

  3. NoNeedForAName says:

    I got here fr .
    It’d be nice if ChurnMag used a taxonomy (a/k/a “tagging”) to make cross-related articles more easily found.

  4. Used to smoke says:

    I used to smoke 20 a day and now vape as a substitute. Even with a nicotine replacement, I have found it very difficult to transfer across to vaping. My belief is that Smoking and the by-product chemicals it produces is more addictive and in addition to a nicotine addiction.

    Once the smoking habit was comfortably broken, I can now stand several hours without nicotine quite comfortably whereas when I smoked Marlboro’s, I couldn’t take an hour.

    This isn’t something that is properly tested but my opinion as an ex-smoker is that smokers are not addicted to nicotine alone.

    • Vape's anonymous says:

      I used to smoke at least a pack a day. I switched to 18 nic on a vape and found that shortness of breath and the need for a cigarette diminished until it was finally gone altogether. As my cig addiction slipped away I started dropping to lower and lower nics until now I am happily vaping at 3 nic. One of the best life changes I’ve made in a while. Cheaper too because now I only vape when I’m driving to satisfy the urge to simply smoke something while driving.

  5. Vista Vapors Inc says:

    A lot of people may not realize the other chemicals that are in cigarettes besides just nicotine. It’s nice to see studies that show that nicotine isn’t as harmful as people think it is!

  6. Steve says:

    Lol I quit tobacco and switched to vaping . Vaping is like crack cocaine. Expectation, sizzle , hit, relief ahhh. Vapers are all in total denial and I don’t believe it’s as harmless as all that. Heated liquid plastic. I don’t trust vaping at all and am done with that shit. Vapers are like fanatics and refuse any criticism of their drug habit. All they ever say is smoking kills blah blah blah. Most Vapers when asked about side effects say “no their aren’t any” ” I had bronchitis pulmonary whooping cough etc insert here” “but it was nothing to do with vaping”. The 95% figure came from a group who work for the Vaping industry. Things I noticed after switching to vaping were, constant tiredness, nose blood, chest pain and breathlessness, bad stomach , constant sore throat, body aches and joint pain, horrific nightmares and general feelings of shittyness. Don’t tell me this is because of smoking cessation because It simply isn’t true. Vaping is causing it no doubt whatsoever.
    Vapers refuse all criticism accusing any negative science finding of being in bed with big tobacco or big pharma, when the ones really in bed with both are vaping companies. Pro vaping youtubers you see them with a collection of 100’s of different devices where they are obsessed with getting the best possible “hit”. Not one of those Vapers could go more than 1 day without their devices. It’s all bullshit. Vaping is a really nasty dangerous drug habit make no mistake, and don’t be tempted to down play the severity of vaping addiction as with any addiction. Addictions are dangerous. It’s all fun and games right now. The technology is young. the habit is new. Their is a lot of good signs that it is largely harmless blah blah blah. Just like the early days of tobacco, heroin and cocaine. All were touted as safe wonder drugs that improved health. In another 20 years when people start growing a extra dick out of their armpit or whatever the fuck vaping will cause from years of breathing a Dow Chemicals plastic polymer they will look back and think sweet Jesus WTF were we thinking.
    I’m not interested in comparable harm either. That argument is bullshit. Just because a bazooka will blow me to bits doesn’t make being shot with the had gun “safe”. After one week of “Vaping” I can happily say “FUCK VAPING” you can keep that shit. I won’t be going back to tobacco either. My future is with Mary and the future is looking bright.

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you and I hope your long message was therapeutic. We’ll stick with the advice of the experts with unbiased studies. Most of our readers understand it is not without risk but they are instead not putting thousands of chemicals in their lungs every drag like with cigarettes. Safer does not mean safe. Please check out the studies on this site if you’d like to learn more.

  7. JHB says:

    When tobacco (treated with God knows what) is ignited and the smoke (which is a suspension, not a vapor) is inhaled, a few thousand carcinogens are immediately delivered to the brain and all organ systems in the body. Growing research is gradually suggesting that it is these nasty chemical compounds which cause all of the myriad health problems for the cigarette smoker – NOT Nicotine. Yes, nicotine in excess is almost certainly not good for you; neither is caffeine . And, yes, nicotine is addictive; so is caffeine, but it is the combustion of treated tobacco (cigarettes) and inhaling it which is the cause of cancer and other serious health problems. How many folks do you know who have successfully quit cigarettes with patches, gums, wellbutrin or other products claiming to break the cigarette habit? Few, if any, I’ll wager! Why – because it’s not nicotine that’s the problem. It’s the delivery system (cigarettes), not nicotine.

  8. Cornell says:

    I do not think vaping is addictive. I smoked for 10 yrs and honestly to change from cigarettes to vaping was hard. For long time i smoked and also vaped. Then i was vaping for a while and started to lower nicotine after few months. Now i am on 0,6% that is the lowest and i have days i do not need to vape at all. I think Vapour2 will make to stop even vape, but probably i will keep it and use it even with nicotine free liquid – just as a hobby:-)

  9. Dawn says:

    I believe vaping is highly addictive. My 14 yr old son is addicted to vaping. He has struggled for over a yr to quit (without my knowledge or insistence.) I feel awful for him, because he is caught in that awful stop, crave, try not to give in, give in and feel like shit cycle of addiction. He never smoked cigarettes. He vapes undetected. None of the nasty smoke. He has cut off the heads of at least 15 apple charge cords in his need to power his vape. He tells me that almost everyone at his high school vapes. Think of all the kids who are now addicted to nicotine and will be. Vape technology is so seductive to kids, so James Bond. Flavored vape? What fun! Then vape with nicotine. Then marijuana. One of his classmates ended up on a stretcher at high school foaming at the mouth because he took several strong hits of marijauna. I think vaping is as addictive as cigarettes. What’s terrible is it came about as a replacement for cigarettes, a healthier way to get a nicotine fix, and that’s good for
    people being harmed by cigarettes. However, we may end up with far more kids addicted to nicotine than would have been if smoking was the only option. It’s highly portable, can be used undetected and it contains the exact same addictive drug as cigs. The concentrations of nicotine can also be mich higher than cigs. My son is in the process of titrating down the dose of nicotine in the hopes of tapering off.

    • Jimmy Hafrey says:

      We’ve been strong supporters that no one should start vaping and no underage kids should vape. This needs to be policed by the parents, shops selling them, and adults in their lives. Vaping is intended for those who smoke to find a better alternative to smoking cigarettes with 4000 chemicals. I also don’t believe it would be just marijuana in the vape that left the kid foaming at the mouth. There has to be more.

  10. Matthew says:

    I don’t understand the fear that the public has about underage vaping, but not underage coffee drinkers. Human bodies are no more designed to breathe smoke or vapor anymore than human bodies are designed for anything more than water.

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