Smokers Switching to Vaping See 66% Respiratory Improvements


Confusion and misconceptions exist about vaping. This is especially true for its ability to help those who want to quit smoking cigarettes. Many assume that because nicotine is delivered that is just as bad as smoking cigarettes. While both contain nicotine, they are very different products. Vaping is newer and while it hasn’t been around as long as smoking cigarettes, it has been heavily studied.

Those who are anti-vaping claim more research is needed. They do not understand the technology of the vapes and assume they are just like cigarettes. Some outright ignore the overwhelming scientific studies and expert opinions. To say that it is just as dangerous as smoking tobacco products are utterly false, yet many still do.  Thankfully more studies are coming out to fight these lies.

A recent UK study is debunking previous claims that smoking and vaping causes an increase in lung infections. This study shows that respondents switching from smoking to vaping for two months saw large respiratory improvement by 66%.  This is amazing news for those seeking to stop the damage to their lungs from smoking but struggle to stop and have given up. You can easily see potential this will have for long time smokers who struggle with current respiratory issues.

This will be good for those who wish to avoid long term lung problems and just vape for good.  Smoking also exposes others to its harmful effects through second-hand exposure. Children are a great example of how second-hand cigarette smoke is a health risk. With vaping, there is no risk of second-hand smoke to cause respiratory problems.

If you smoke, you have the risk for respiratory problems and should seriously look at switching after reading this. As you smoke over the years, this risk will only get worse. Even if you quit after smoking 20 years, horrible illnesses like emphysema may come back to haunt you. For those who need to quit it can be one of the hardest things they’ll ever do. It makes sense to make it easy and permanent, vaping provides this option for many.

There is one recent study that overwhelming shows less toxic exposure for those who vape. Dr. Maciej Goniewicz vaping study shows that e-cig vapor has far less carcinogens than the smoke from combustible cigarettes. This study showed that after two weeks of substituting vaping over smoking carcinogenic levels fell by 64%. Knowing how harmful these are to our health it is good to know those who switch will start to see an immediate decrease in carcinogenics in blood levels.  

It is time that the anti-vapors stop and listen to reason and common sense. The time has come to embrace this as a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. In fact it should be encouraged from medical professionals. Those who make the transition should be given support for their efforts and not ashamed. Ignorance is a choice, and it’s time to embrace the overwhelming research.

If you are looking to stop smoking once and for all, then try vaping and don’t look back. You are making a choice your body will thank you for. The decreased carcinogens entering your body matched with having less lung issues is worth making the switch. Continue to do what is right for your body.

While there is a lot of misconceptions and misinformation that doesn’t mean it’s true.  It is important to educate others and promote the science and findings. Most people, when presented with facts that come from reputable research groups, will have a greater understanding and become pro-vaping.  

The health benefits versus smoking are tremendous. The ability to allow the older population alternatives to smoking is important.  Just as encouraging young smokers to make the most healthy choice when doing so. Vaping provides a healthier alternative to smoking and those who make the switch usually don’t go back.

Let’s face it, other methods to replace nicotine, like patches or gum, fail miserably.  At least vaping has great odds of keeping people from going back to smoking.  Encourage others to go this route and enjoy using your lungs for activities you might have given up when you smoked. Remember, results are seen quickly and your body with thank you for it.

Dustin has been vaping for almost a decade. He found e-cigarettes in 2008 and quickly became drawn to them as an early adopter. He's been writing reviews ever since and has established himself as a well-versed authority on the subject.

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