Study Reveals E-Cigs as the Leading Choice For Smoking Cessation

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During the past few years, the ecig industry has experienced explosive growth and now it there is finally scientific data to explain why people love ecigs. According to a brand new ecig study from Kantar Media, smokers prefer ecigs over traditional cessation tools when they want to quit cigarettes.

The latest study looked at which smoking cessation tools were chosen most often among adults that made quit attempts in the past year. E-cigs were the preferred choice by 57 percent of smokers, while prescription drugs like Chantix only appealed to 39 percent. Over-the-counter cessation tools like nicotine patches and gums were the first choice of another 39 percent. After collection 20,000 responses, Kantar Media concluded that e-cigs are definitely the most preferred tool for smoking cessation among adult smokers.

Unfortunately, ecig companies are not allowed to make cessation claims while marketing their products. However, scientists are starting to question if this is wise. Another study in England found that smokers were more likely to succeed in quitting cigarettes if they turned to ecigs rather than nicotine replacement products. With all signs pointing to ecigs as a helpful tool for smokers, it seems strange that these companies are legally barred from promoting the cessation benefits.

Kantar Media ultimately concluded that science didn’t have the final say on ecigs. People will ultimately use them to quit smoking whether they are endorsed for cessation purposes or not. “The fact that there isn’t an industry-wide, definitive proof that e-cigs help all smokers quit for good may be irrelevant to smokers,” said the Kantar Media summary. The survey also revealed that ecigs seem to make adults feel more confident in their health choices. Vapers were 35 percent more likely to say their health had improved from one year ago. Furthermore, the ecig users were more likely to report improved health than those smokers that were using other cessation tools.

In light of these findings, it’s a little easier to see why the ecig industry is growing so rapidly. An estimated 6 million adults in the United States currently use electronic cigarettes and that number is growing each month.

The new study from Kantar Media also gives us a closer look at the average ecig user. Vapers tended to be young men with lower incomes than the national average. Vapers were also more likely to watch reality television programs, play video games, and visit nightclubs and bars. The study also found that vaping is much more prevalent in southern states like Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Ultimately, this latest research is a positive step forward for the ecig industry. As we learn more about the people that prefer ecigs, it will help the industry better cater to the target audience and meet their needs.

What about you… did you use ecigs as a tool to stop smoking? Were you successful?

Jimmy, lover, blogger, vaper and ex-smoker. I’ve been blogging about and supporting Vaping since 2009. They changed my life and I think history will show them as one of the most significant public health invention of the 21st century.

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2 Responses

  1. Linda Erickson says:

    Way to go Jimmy. Four years for me, October 1/14. I’m not a young low income male, don’t play video games, and don’t frequent night clubs, but I love my mod. Spend most of my time on internet, in forums, ecig sites. Love this community, and all that it represents! All of our gov’ts need a kick in their rears. I’m from Canada, 66 years young, and expecting to get many more years, thanks to ecigs. Vape on!

  2. Laeanne says:

    I was a 3 pack a day smoker. Been smoking for 50+ years. My daughter b got me my first vapor set up 10 days ago. I’m now down to 10 or less cigerattes a day. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. PILLS, Chantix. Shots. Hypnotism, and cold turkey. So I wasn’t especially confident in the vapes but to make my daughter happy. And for only $30, what the heck. I find EVERYDAY, im enjoying my vapes more and my cigarettes less. I’m PROUD of myself and my husband (avid non-smoker) and my children and grandchildren are VERY PROUD of me.

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